International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO



The International Council for Traditional Music is a scholarly organization which aims to further the study, practice, documentation, preservation, and dissemination of traditional music and dance of all countries. To these ends the Council organizes World Conferences, Symposia, and Colloquia, and publishes the Yearbook for Traditional Music and the online Bulletin of the ICTM

As a non-governmental organization in formal consultative relations with UNESCO and by means of its wide international representation and the activities of its Study Groups, the International Council for Traditional Music acts as a bond among peoples of different cultures and thus contributes to the peace of humankind.

In focus

The Yearbook for Traditional Music is moving to Cambridge University Press

The International Council for Traditional Music is happy to announce that from Volume 51 (2019) the Yearbook for Traditional Music will be published on our behalf by Cambridge University Press.

The April 2018 issue of the Bulletin of the ICTM is available for download

It is my great pleasure to inform you that a new issue of the Bulletin of the ICTM (Volume 137, April 2018) is available for download, directly from the following links:

Upcoming Events

5th Symposium of Study Group on Performing Arts of Southeast Asia

Dates: Monday, 16 July 2018 to Sunday, 22 July 2018
Location: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Joint Symposium of ICTM Study Groups on Music and Minorities, Music and Gender

Dates: Sunday, 22 July 2018 to Monday, 30 July 2018
Location: Vienna, Austria

30th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology

Dates: Saturday, 28 July 2018 to Saturday, 4 August 2018
Location: Szeged-Budapest, Hungary

2nd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on African Musics

Dates: Thursday, 9 August 2018 to Sunday, 12 August 2018
Location: Legon, Ghana

6th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Musics of East Asia

Dates: Tuesday, 21 August 2018 to Thursday, 23 August 2018
Location: Seoul, South Korea

Minority Sounds in National Contexts as Seen by ICTM National And Regional Representatives

Dates: Thursday, 23 August 2018 to Saturday, 25 August 2018
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Symposium of Study-Group-In-The-Making on Scientific Approaches in Sound and Movement Research

Dates: Thursday, 20 September 2018 to Sunday, 23 September 2018
Location: Graz, Austria

2nd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Musics of the Slavic World

Dates: Friday, 21 September 2018 to Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Location: Skopje, Macedonia

15th Symposium of Study Group on Iconography of the Performing Arts

Dates: Wednesday, 17 October 2018 to Friday, 19 October 2018
Location: Barcelona, Spain

25th ICTM Colloquium: Double Reeds of the Silk Road: The Interaction of Theory and Practice from Antiquity to Contemporary Performance

Dates: Thursday, 29 November 2018 to Saturday, 1 December 2018
Location: Shanghai, China