International Council for Traditional Music

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Barbara Barnard Smith Travel Award

A fund has been established to provide an award to one or more individuals whose participation in an ICTM World Conference would contribute significantly to both the conference programme and to the recipient’s professional career but who, for financial reasons, would otherwise be unable to participate.

The award is intended to provide funds for (a) transportation to a World Conference site; and (b) food and lodging during the conference. In addition, ICTM will cover the conference registration fees for the awardees.

An applicant for the award may be:

  1. An emerging scholar (advanced graduate student or young scholar with recently awarded doctorate);
  2. A practicing musician without advanced scholarly credentials from a country without an appropriate institution of higher education for such study or without resources for such study in a foreign country;
  3. A senior scholar whose institution does not support conference participation or a retiree who continues to contribute actively to the field.

The awardees will be chosen by the World Conference's Programme Committee in consultation with the Local Arrangements Committee and the President of ICTM.

How to apply

  1. Submit an abstract to the Programme Committee of the World Conference for which you would need financial assistance.
  2. Write to the Secretariat stating your wish to be supported by the award, and briefly detail the reasons for your request.

Applications to the award will be accepted until 15 February of the year of the World Conference. Decisions shall be reached and communicated to the applicants by 1 March of the year of the World Conference.


This award has been made possible by a substantial donation. The original donor has agreed that the Executive Board may invite members to contribute to the fund to ensure its continuation in the future. Donations should be made to the “Barbara Barnard Smith Travel Award Fund” and sent to the Secretariat.