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Report from the sub STG on Dans Revival

Short report from ICTM Study group on Ethnochoreology\'s sub study group on Dans Revival.

Present at the working meeting in Budapest 17-20 august 2001 was Laszlo Felföldi (Hungary), Egil Bakka (Norway) and Mats Nilsson (Sweden). We had very good discussions about our Sub Study group as such and what we realistically can do in future, and about the theoretical concepts we use. At the end we also planned for a short joint fieldwork next year. Three tings seems important for a group like this. One is to know who are there, with persons that are interested in questions concerning Revival. There are a lot of members in the study group that has listed for the sub study group. We tried to collect all different lists and make one, that will be completed with e-mail addresses by Laszlo. 

An other important thing is to know with what words and concepts we are talking about what. We hade long discussions about for instance authenticity, tradition, genre, genuine, folk and how these concepts connects to the concepts and realities of revival and festivals. Those discussions will probably never give an definitive answer, but it is important that we, at least in the group, make us awer how these concepts be used. The \"only\" result of all these work is a short, preliminary working formulation about what constitutes a Folk Dance Festival. The text will be completed by Egil for our next meeting.
The third important thing for a sub study group like this is to meet and confront reality, not just talk about it, and to do something together. So we planned a joint mini-field-research to be held in Hungary next year. We shall follow a few dance groups at the Danube festival, se their performances, ask questions and listen to them, see their workshops and follow their travelling. To structure this in some way we made a list of themes to follow .The idea is that it shall be \"a process\" for creating common experience to discuss around, and the primary goal is not to produce \"a product\", a field report. It is of cause possible that there can be some sort of written conclusions, but the main aim is the seeing, talking, observing and discussions among our self and the festival participants. The concert idea will be distributed among the sub study group members, and anybody can join. There will be a maximum of around ten persons participating .
When these three most important things were done, we used some time to go on with other subjects important for the sub study group. First we went on with the interju series of \"Me and the Revival\" documentation. It was me, Mats Nilsson, that told who I became a part of the revival movement in Sweden and how my life went of after that. Most active members of the sub study group has been documented, and the intervjues are kept at the archive in Budapest. Maybe in future there will bee done something with these material, but for the moment it will rest. An other important issue for ICTM and the study group is the relation to CIOFF. We have tried and go on trying to find the good way to do this. This time we discussed the issue with Eva Hera, and will continue to have the channels open. At the end of the meeting we had a to short time with Ern Passover, who gave us his view of folkways and traditional society.

Göteborg, Sweden, 8 sept 2001

Mats Nilsson

secretary, sub study on revival