International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Meeting July 2007, Vienna

Business meeting held on 9 July 2007, at the 39th ICTM World Conference in Vienna.
The business meeting was held to elect a new chair and discuss future activities of the study group. It was chaired by Stephen Wild and Adje Both and attended by 14 colleagues who expressed their interest in this growing research field.

Zdravko Blazekovic, Bernd Brabec de Mori, Tinaig Clodoré-Tissot, Cornelia Dragusin, Jacqueline Ekgren, Gerlinde Haas, Fang Jianjun, Li Mei, Ivona Opetscheska Tatarchevska, Matthias Stöckli, Pei Ju Tsai, Liu Yong, Guan-Da Yuan
Mirjana Zakic-Belgrade

Adje Both was elected as chair of the Study Group and asked to establish a directory of members, post relevant information on the ICTM website, and organize future meetings and publications.

Directory of members

Currently, the study group is composed of about 20 members. In the contact list are about 60 researchers more, who expressed their interest, but are not necessarily within the ICTM. It is planned to establish the directory and make it accessible online this year.


It is planned to organize future meetings of the study group in the alternate years between the biannual symposia organised by the independent International Study Group on Music Archaeology (ISGMA), which have been held in Germany since 1998, i.e., the next meeting of the ISGMA is scheduled for 2008 (see and the next meeting of the study group for 2009. All researchers within the study group are welcome to attend the symposia of the ISGMA; researchers within the ISGMA must be members of ICTM when attending study group meetings.

Zdravko Blazekovic offered to host the next meeting of the MASTG in September 2009 at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. The proposed conference topic is "Music Iconology and Instrument Making in Music Archaeological Research", which will be attractive for iconologists, musicologists, and archaeologists interested in cross-disciplinary research. Matthias Stöckli and Fang Jianjun offered to host subsequent meetings in Guatemala and China, respectively. Tinaig Clodoré-Tissot suggested proposing a panel on Music Archaeology at the World Archaeology Congress in Dublin (July 2008), to promote the research field among conventional archaeologists.


A selection of the papers given at the 1st study group meeting at UCLA, held in April 2003, was co-edited by Arnd Adje Both and Julia Sanchez and will be published in the forthcoming 2007-2 volume of the journal The World of Music. Zdravko Blazekovic offered to publish a selection of papers of the forthcoming 2009 meeting in the journal Music in Art. A selection of papers on music archaeological and historical ethnomusicological topics is also planned to publish in the 2009 volume of the Yearbook for Traditional Music.


For inclusion in the contact list and any information regarding the study group, please contact

Arnd Adje Both