International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Organizational Plan

“Music of the Turkic Speaking World”

Organizational Plan

Executive members of the Study-Group in-the-Making are:
Dorit Klebe ( Germany) and Razia Sultanova ( UK)

The executive members Dorit Klebe (Germany) and Razia Sultanova ( UK)
will act as liaison to the ICTM Executive Board and its Coordinator of Study Groups as well as to the ICTM Secretariat. They will give reports on the Study Group’s activities to the Coordinator of Study Groups and to the ICTM Secretariat.

In addition, Executive Members of our large org. committee are:

Janos Sipos (Hungary),
Feza Tansuğ (Turkey)
Keith Howard (UK)
Fattah Khalig-Zada ( Azerbaijan),
Saida Elemanova (Kazakhstan)
Irene Markoff ( Canada),
Inna Naroditskaya (U.S.A.)
Hande Sağlam (Austria),
Tom Solomon (Norway),
Galina Sytchenko ( Russia),

The Study Group Conference will be organized every two years.
The next Study Group Conference will take place in the year 2008, presumably in the region of the Caucasus, in Baku/Azerbaijan.
Concerning the exact date for this meeting the executive members will consult the Coordinator of Study Groups and the ICTM Secretariat.

The business meetings will be held once a year; that is a year in the course of a ICTM-World conference and the other year during a Study Group meeting.

The Study Group’s first Board election will be in 2008. Following Board elections will be held every three years. A call for nominations for the three positions on the board (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary) will be sent out 180 days prior to the business meeting.