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DIALOGUES: Towards Decolonizing Music and Dance Studies

The ICTM multimedia publication DIALOGUES: Towards Decolonizing Music and Dance Studies (edited by Tan Sooi Beng and Marcia Ostashewski) was published and launched on 15 October 2022. Featuring transnational debates about decoloniality, praxis, collaborative ethnography, alternative pedagogy, new ways of knowing, and more! Alternative formats such as videos and chats and creative design bring this publication alive. The book has been described as "groundbreaking" and the "most important initiative in our field to date" by some reviewers at the launch.

The book can be accessed directly from its website The video of the launch event, featuring the participation of esteemed speakers Svanibor Pettan, Beverley Diamond, Samuel Araújo, Jean Kidula, Naila Ceribašić, and Anthony Seeger, is included in the publication as a postlude.

The publication is based on a series of scholarly presentations, sponsored by ICTM and held virtually during 2021, collectively known as ICTM Dialogues 2021: Towards Decolonization of Music and Dance Studies. Click on the following links to know more: