International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 5 (1953)

General Editor:  Maud Karpeles

Table of Contents

  • Editorial

Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the International Folk Music Council Held at Cecil Sharp House, London by Invitation of the English Folk Dance and Song Society

  • Conference Time-Table
  • ‘Opening Session Address’ by Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • General Report
  • ‘Folk Music in Africa’ by A. M. Jones
  • ‘Folk Music in the Schools of a Highly Industrialised Society’ by Charles Seeger
  • ‘Le Folklore et L'Enseignement de la Musique au Bresil’ by Renato Almeida
  • ‘L'Enseignement, en France, de la Musique et de la Danse Populaires Françaises’ by Vige Langevin
  • ‘The Educational Element in Folk Music and Dance’ by Douglas Kennedy
  • ‘Folk Songs in East Pakistan’ by M. Mansooruddin
  • ‘Address’ by John Maud
  • ‘The Influence of Folk Music on Modern English Composition’ by Frank Howes
  • ‘La Chanson Folklorique Comme Introduction a la Poesie Etrangere’ by Roger Pinon
  • ‘The Impact of Western Music on the Indian Musical System’ by Arnold Baké
  • ‘Good and Bad in British-American Folk Song’ by Bertrand H. Bronson
  • ‘The Place of Folk Music in the Cultural Life of the Present Day in Japan’ by Genjiro Masu
  • Notes and News


  • ‘William James Entwistle’ by John L. Myres
  • ‘John Murray Gibbon’ by Ethel Bassin

Publications Received

Music, Books and Pamphlets

  • Anthologie des Chants Populaires Français (groupés et présentés par Pays ou Provinces) by Joseph Canteloube. Review by M. K.
  • Serbo-Croatian Folk Songs by Béla Bartók; Albert B. Lord. Review by J. B. and C. R.
  • A Magyar Népzene Tára, I; Gyermekjátékok. (Corpus Musicae Popularis Hungaricae, I; Children's Games) by Béla Bartók; Zoltán Kodály; György Kerényi. Review by J. S. W.
  • English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians by Cecil Sharp; Maud Karpeles. Review by B. H. B.
  • Cancionero Popular de la Provincia de Madrid. Vol. 1 by Manuel Garcia Matos; Marius Schneider; Jose Romeu Figueras. Review by N. F.
  • Traditional Songs from Nova Scotia by Helen Creighton; Doreen H. Senior. Review by E. K. W.
  • Another Sheaf of White Spirituals by George Pullen Jackson. Review by F. H.
  • Native American Balladry by G. Malcolm Laws, Junr.. Review by E. J. N.
  • Bilten Instituta za Proucavanje Folklora u Sarajevu (Bulletin of the Institute for the Study of Folklore in Sarajevo) by Cvjetko Rihtman; Jovan Vukovic. Review by J. B.
  • Jugoslovenski muzički folklor. (Yugoslav Folk Music.) Vol. I by M. A. Vasiljević; Jednoglasni solfedo, zasnovan na narodnom pevanju. (One-Part Solfeggio, Based on Yugoslav Folk Song) by M. A. Vasiljević. Review by E. V. de B.
  • The Ballads by M. J. C. Hodgart. Review by R. P.
  • Das Lochamer Liederbuch by Walter Salmen. Review by L. K. and N. F.
  • Volksliederenbundel by J. H. Gottmer. Review by A. A. B.
  • Det 16. og 17. Arhundredes Verdslige Danske Visesang I-II. (The Secular Popular Song in Denmark in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries) by Nils Schio̵rring. Review by E. D.
  • La Polifonía Popular de Venezuela by Luiṡ Felipe Ramon y Rivera. Review by N. F.
  • Local Diversity in Iroquois Music and Dance by Gertrude P. Kurath; The Feast of the Dead or Ghost Dance, at Six Nations Reserve, Canada by William N. Fenton; Gertrude P. Kurath. Review by W. R.
  • Guía Bibliográfica para el estudio del folklore chileno by Eugenio Pereira Salas. Review by N. F.
  • Folklore de Yamparáez by Jose Felipe Costas Arguedas. Review by N. F.
  • Irish Folk Music and Song by Donal O'Sullivan. Review by A. M. F.
  • Haramoni. Vol. III (In Bengali) by Muhammad Mansur ud Din. Review by A. A. B.
  • The Singing Englishman by A. L. Lloyd. Review by E. K. W.
  • A Catalogue of Recorded Classical and Traditional Indian Music by Alain Danielou. Review by A. A. B.
  • Nasjonalinstrumentet Hardangerfela 1651-1951 by Arne Bjo̵rndal. Review by K. D.
  • Introduction to English Folklore by Violet Alford. Review by M. S.
  • Pennsylvania Songs and Legends by George Korson. Review by S. P. B.
  • Yaouankiz a gan (15 Chants Bretons Harmonisés) by Polig Monjarret. Review by P. S-S.
  • Beleške o našoj narodnoj poeziji (Notes on Our Folk Poetry) by Tihomir R. Djordjević. Review by E. V. De B.
  • Folkedanse. Review by K. D.
  • Narodne igre Bosne i Hercegovine. Prva zbirka. Sarajevsko Polje. Savez kulturno: prosvetnih drustava Bosne i Hercegovine. (Folk Dances of Bosnia and Herzegovina. First Collection. Sarajevo Plain. Union of Cultural-Educational Societies of Bosnia and Herzegovina). Review by J. B.
  • Handbooks of European National Dances:; No. 21. France III: The Pyrenees by Violet Alford; No. 22. Poland by Helen Wolska; No. 23. Rumania by Miron Grindea; Carola Grindea; No. 24. Yugoslavia by Ljubica Janković; Danica Janković. Review by M. K.
  • La Danse Ronde en Léon by H. Guilcher; J. M. Guilcher. Review by H. V. D. A. and N. F.
  • Danze Popolari Italiane by Anton Giulio Bragaglia. Review by H. V. D. A. and N. F.
  • Baile Pastoril no Sertao da Bahia by Jose Nascimento de Almeida Prado. Review by N. F.
  • Let's be Merry. Linksmi Būkim by Vytautas F. Beliajus; Golden Bridge. German Folk Recreation. Review by M. K.
  • Metre, Rhythm, Multi-Part Music by Jaap Kunst. Review by F. H.
  • Fünf und Siebenstellige Centstafeln, zur Berechnung Musikalischer Intervalle by Heinrich Husmann. Review by A. A. B.

Periodicals and Articles

  • Journal of the English Folk Dance Society. Vol. 6, No. 3. Review by B. H. B.
  • Anais, 1 Vol., do 1o Congresso Brasileiro de Folklore; Revista Intercambio; Boletim Trimestral. Nos. 11 and 12; Revista de Estudios Musicales; Tradición; Ricordiana. Review by N. F.
  • Heimatleben (Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Trachtenvereinigung). No. 1; Hausmusik (Bärenreiter-Verlag, Kassel und Basel). Vols. 3, 4-5. Review by E. K. and N. F.
  • Oesterreichische Zeitschrift für Volkskunde. Kongressheft, Vol. 6, Nos. 1 and 2. Review by E. K. and N. F.
  • Southern Folklore Quarterly. Vol. XV, Nos. 3 and 4; Southern Folklore Quarterly. Vol. XVI, Nos. 1 and 2. Review by M. K.
  • Journal of American Folklore. Vol. 64, No. 254; Journal of American Folklore. Vol. 65, Nos. 255 and 256. Review by M. K.
  • Midwest Folklore. Vols. I and II. Review by M. K.
  • Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin. Vol. XVIII, Nos. 1-3 by William J. Griffin. Review by P. S.-S.
  • Newsletter of the New York Folk-Guitar Club by Charles Carlé. Review by M. K.
  • Aevum. No. 3; Il Tesaur. Nos. 4-6; Collezioni di Testi e Manuali fondata da Giulio Bertoni e diretta da Angelo Monteverdi. No. 34; Il Friuli-Sguardo Generale by Gianfranco D'Aronco. Review by T. K.
  • Neerlands Volksleven by Tj. W. R. de Haan; Zeelandia; Bydragen en Mededeelingen. Review by A. A. B.
  • Ar Soner "La Revue du Folklore vivant de Bretagne." Supplément au No. 30 by Polig Monjarret. Review by P. S.-S.
  • Sur la Strophe de la Chanson 'Cleftique' by S. Baud-Bovy. Review by S. M.
  • Catalogue général des instruments de musique du Musée de Caire by Hans Hickmann; La Trompette dans l'Egypte ancienne by Hans Hickmann; La Cliquette, un instrument de percussion égyptien de l'époque copte by Hans Hickmann; Fabrikationsmarken an altägyptischen Blasinstrumenten. vol. 3-4 by Hans Hickmann; Le tambourin rectangulaire du nouvel empire by Hans Hickmann; Abrégé de l'histoire de la musique en Egypte by Hans Hickmann; Le métier de musicien au temps des Pharaons by Hans Hickmann. Review by E. G.-K.
  • Tva Kapitel om Svensk Folkmusik by Carl-Allan Moberg. Review by K. D.
  • Från Kämpevisa till Locklåt: en Översikt Över det Folkmusikaliska Upptecknings Arbetet I Sverige by Carl-Allan Moberg. Review by K. D.
  • Ole Bull og Valestrand by Arne Bjo̵rndal; Edvard Grieg og Folkemusikken by Arne Bjo̵rndal. Review by K. D.
  • Acculturation in North American Indian Music by Willard Rhodes. Review by M. K.

Gramophone Records

  • Collection Universelle de Musique Populaire Enregisirée. Review by C. S.
  • Formosan Folkmusic. Review by A. A. B.
  • Music of the Australian Aborigines by A. P. Elkin. Review by N. F.
  • Gaelic Folksongs from the Island of Barra by J. L. Campbell; Annie Johnston; John MacLean. Review by H. W.
  • Errata: Vol. IV