International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 6 (1954)

General Editor:  Maud Karpeles

Table of Contents

  • Editorial
  • ‘Impressions of the World Festival’ by Devar Surya Sena
  • ‘Dances and Music at the Festival and Conference’ by Richard Wolfram and K. D.

Proceedings of the Sixth Conference of the International Folk Music Council Held at Biarritz (France) and Pamplona (Spain)

  • ‘La Chanson Populaire Française en Amerique du Nord’ by Marius Barbeau
  • ‘Folk Songs of Ceylon’ by Devar Surya Sena
  • ‘Aspects de la Danse Rituelle en Italie (Les Danses des Rites Matrimoniaux)’ by Carmelina Naselli
  • ‘La Danse des "Spadonari" (Porte-glaive) Dans la Province du Piémont (Italie)’ by Bianca Maria Galanti
  • ‘Chanson Populaire: Chanson Folklorique’ by Albert Marinus
  • ‘Les Instruments des Danses Populaires Espagnoles’ by P. Donostia
  • ‘Music of Norwegian Lapland’ by Ragnwald Graff
  • ‘The State of Folk Music in Bantu Africa: A Brief Survey’ by Hugh Tracey
  • ‘La Danse et la Musique en Pays Basque’ by P. Oyhamburu
  • ‘Note: Music and Dances of Japan’ by Genjiro Masu
  • ‘The Transplantation of Folk Music from One Social Environment to Another’ by K. P. Wachsmann
  • ‘Some Historical Folk Songs from Alabama’ by Byron Arnold
  • ‘La Musique Folklorique Dans L'Education’ by Pierre Goron
  • Other Communications
  • ‘Dances and Songs of the Pyrenean Shepherds’ by Amades I Gelati
  • ‘Towards the Exploration of National Idiosyncrasies in Wandering Song-Tunes’ by Walter Salmen and K. D.
  • Notes and News


  • ‘H. Grüner-Nielsen’ by Erik Dal
  • ‘George Pullen Jackson’ by Samuel P. Bayard
  • ‘John Meier’ by Erich Seemann and R. H.

Publications Received

Music, Books and Pamphlets

  • Bulgarian-Macedonian Folk Music by Boris A. Kremenliev. Review by B. L. K.
  • Narodopisje Slovencev. II. del. [Ethnography of the Slovenians. 2nd Volume] by Ivan Grafenauer; Boris Orel. Review by J. B.
  • Tragom srpsko-hrvatske narodne epike: Putovanja u godinama 1930-1932. [In the Footsteps of Serbo-Croatian Folk Epic: The Trips of 1930-1932] by Matija Murko
  • Arany János Nêpdalgyüjteménye (The Folksong-Collection of Janos Arany) by Zoltán Kodály; Ágost Gyulai. Review by J. S. W.
  • Formation de nos chansons folkloriques by Patrice Coirault. Review by R. P.
  • Europäischer Volksgesang by Walter Wiora. Review by J. K.
  • Las Danzas Populares Argentinas. Vol. I by Carlos Vega. Review by A. L. L.
  • Documentario Folclorico Paulista by Alceu Maynard Araujo. Review by A. L. L.
  • Le rythme aksak by Constantin Brailoiu. Review by S. B.-B.
  • Sociologische Bindingen in de Muziek by J. Kunst. Review by A. A. B.
  • Kulturhistorische Beziehungen zwischen dem Balkan und Indonesien by J. Kunst. Review by A. A. B.
  • Islands Künstlerische Anregung by Jón Leifs. Review by K. D.
  • Svensk-Finlands Bygdedräkter by Yngvar Heikel. Review by K. D.
  • La Musica Folkloristica in Italia
  • Four Symposia on Folklore by Stith Thompson. Review by E. K. W.
  • Folklore for Children and Young People by Eloise Ramsey. Review by P. O.
  • Gasslbrauch und Gasslspruch in Österreich by Ilka Peter. Review by R. C. H.
  • La Dansa a Catalunya, Vol. II by Aureli Capmany. Review by L. A.
  • Setesdalsmelodier by O. M. Sandvik. Review by E. D.
  • Chansons populaires des provinces belges. Volksliederen der Belgische provinciën. Vol. II by Ernest Closson. Review by R. P.
  • Les Cent Millors Cançons Populars by Joan Amades. Review by V. K.
  • Anthologie des Chants Populaires Franco-Canadiens by Joseph Canteloube. Review by M. B. d'H.
  • Panayot Pipkov by Andrey Andreev. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Tiszán Innen, Dunán Tul. 150 magyar népdal. ("Near to the Tisza, Far from the Danube." 150 Hungarian Folksongs) by István Borsy; Ernö Rossa; Gyöngyvirág. 92 magyar népdal. (Lily of the Valley. 92 Hungarian Folksongs) by Lajos Bárdos; Rozmaring. 91 magyar népdal. (Rosemary. 91 Hungarian Folksongs) by Lajos Kiss. Review by J. S. W.
  • Bŭlgarski narodni pesni za Rusiya i Sǔvetskiya Sŭyuz (Bulgarian Folk Songs Connected with Russia and the Soviet Union) by I. Kachulev. Review by E. V. de B.
  • A Garland of English Folk Songs, being a Collection of Sixty Folk Songs by Frank Kitson. Review by M. K.
  • Sing Care Away. Book 4. Fifty-Eight English Folk Songs by Cecil J. Sharp; Maud Karples. Review by D. N. K.
  • Ten Indian Folktunes for Solo Descant Recorder by Prabhakar Chinchore; Imogen Holst. Review by A. A. B.
  • Collection Phonothèque Nationale, Paris by Ciap; Collection Musée de l'Homme, Paris by Ciap. Review by M. S.
  • Narodne igre (Folk Dances), Vol. VII by Lj. Janković; D. Janković; Dvadecet narodnih igara (20 Folk Dances) by Lj. Janković; D. Janković; "Neke Karakteristike orskih igara u Srbiji" (Some Characteristics of kolo dances in Serbia) by Lj. Janković; D. Janković. Review by E. V. de B.

Periodicals and Articles

  • Toyo angaku Kenyu. No. 10-11; The Musical Bow of the Vunun Tribe in Formosa and Suggestion as to the Origin of the Pentatonic Scale by Takatoma Kurosawa; Japanese Music by Hideao Taname; Genjiro Masu. Review by A. A. B.
  • The African Music Society Newsletter. Vol. 1, No. 5. Review by A. M. J.
  • Revista de Folklore. Segunda epoca, No. 1; Revista Musical Chilena. No. 43; Nuestra Musica. Revista Trimestral. No. 26. Review by A. L. L.
  • Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Vol. VII, No. 1. Review by E. K. W.
  • Jahrbuch des Österreichischen Volksliedwerkes. Bd. 1 by Leopold Nowak; Leopold Schmidt; Raimund Zoder; Jahrbuch des Österreichischen Volksliedwerkes. Bd. 2 by Leopold Nowak; Leopold Schmidt; Raimund Zoder. Review by W. S.
  • Annuaire III (1949-1950) de la Commission Nationale Belge de Folklore; Jaarboek IV (1951) der Nationale Commissie voor Folklore. Review by J. K.
  • Ar Soner. Review by R. P.
  • Bulletin Folklorique d'Ile-de-France (Paris), XV, 1953, no let 2. Review by R. P.
  • Izvestiya na Instituta za Muzika (Journal of the Institute of Music), Vol. 1. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Journal of American Folklore. Vol. 65, Nos. 257, 258 and 259; Journal of American Folklore. Vol. 66, Nos. 260 and 261. Review by M. K.
  • Midwest Folklore. Vol. II, No. 4; Midwest Folklore. Vol. III, No. 1. Review by M. K.
  • The Country Dancer; Rosin the Bow. Review by M. K.
  • Caribbean Quarterly. Vol. 3, No. 1. Review by M. K.
  • Nederlands Volksleven, 2e Jaargang No. 4. Review by A. A. B.
  • La Daraboukkah; The Egyptian 'Uffatah Flute; Quelques observations sur la musique liturgique des Coptes d'Egypte; La musique polyphonique dans l'Egypte ancienne. Review by E. G.-K.
  • Strumenti da suono e strumenti da musica del popolo siciliano by Carmelina Naselli. Review by E. G.-K.
  • Volkslied by Erich Seemann; Walter Wiora. Review by K. D.
  • "Grundschichten der deutschen Musik" (Frühgeschichte und Volksmusik) by Walter Wiora. Review by E. K. and K. D.
  • Neue Funde zu den Morisken und Morristänzen by Richard Wolfram. Review by M. P.
  • On the Union of Words and Music in the 'Child' Ballads by Bertrand H. Bronson. Review by E. K. W.
  • "La Nouvelle Lyre Malmédienne ou la vie en Wallonie malmédienne reflétée dans la chanson folklorique." Fourth Part by Roger Pinon. Review by A. M.
  • Méthodes et résultats du Folklore by Roger Pinon. Review by A. M.
  • Lares. Organo della Società di Etnografia Italiana. 18th Year. Nr. 1-2. Review by T. K.
  • Proposals towards the Cataloguing of Gramophone Records in a Library of National Scope by Margaret Dean-Smith. Review by M. S.