International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 53 (2021)

The Yearbook for Traditional Music is a refereed scholarly journal which carries essays, reviews, and reports in the area of traditional music and dance research.

General Editor:  Tong Soon Lee

Table of Contents


  • ‘The Act of Singing: Women, Music, and the Politics of Truth and Reconciliation in Indonesia’ by Andrew N. Weintraub
  • ‘“That is Why I am Telling this Story”: Musical Analysis as Insight into the Transmission of Knowledge and Performance Practice of a Wapurtarli Song by Warlpiri Women fromYuendumu, Central Australia’ by Georgia Curran and Calista Yeoh
  • ‘An Unorthodox Voice: The Rise of Female Qinshi, Their Challenges, and Their Pursuits’ by Li Huan
  • ‘Music Research and the Sound Archive: A Meditation on Ethnomusicological Engagement with Collection-Oriented Research and Re(p)(m)atriation’ by Monique Giroux
  • ‘Musicking and Dancing Imbalu at Namasho: Enacting Indigenous Education Among the Bagisu, Uganda’ by Dominic D.B. Makwa

Book Reviews

  • Roos, Hilde. The La Traviata Affair: Opera in the Age of Apartheid. Review by Lee Watkins
  • McConnell, Bonnie B. Music, Health, and Power Singing the Unsayable in The Gambia. Review by Catherine M. Appert
  • Slominski, Tes. Trad Nation: Gender, Sexuality and Race in Irish Traditional Music. Review by Kathryn Alexander
  • Guesnet, François, Benjamin Matis, and Antony Polonsky, eds. Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 32: Jews and Music-Making in the Polish Lands. Review by Mark Kligman
  • Fügedi, János, Colin Quigley, Vivien Szőnyi, and Varga Sándor. Foundations of Hungarian Ethnochoreology: Selected Papers of György Martin. Review by Egil Bakka
  • Klenke, Kerstin. The Sound State of Uzbekistan: Popular Music and Politics in the Karimov Era. Review by Tanya Merchant
  • Tsai, Eva, Tung-Hung Ho, and Miao-Ju Jian, eds. Made in Taiwan: Studies in Popular Music. Review by Meredith Schweig
  • Chanda, Subhas. The Imdadkhani Baj: India’s Premier Sitar Gharana. Review by Sagnik Atarthi
  • Yang, Yuan Zheng. Dragon’s Roar: Chinese Literati Musical Instruments in the Freer and Sackler Collections. Review by Bell Yung
  • Wang, Jing. Half Sound, Half Philosophy: Aesthetics, Politics, and History of China’s Sound Art. Review by G. Douglas Barrett

Audio Reviews

  • The Cairo Congress of Arab Music 1932. Review by Hélène Secheyaye
  • Songs of the Solomon Islands. Review by Jodie Kell and Steven Gagau
  • Shin Kwaedong-ryu Geomungo Pungnyu Jeonbatang [Full Repertoire of Shin Kwaedong Style Geomungo Pungnyu]. Review by Jongchan Park

Film/Video Reviews

  • Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story. Review by José Vicente Neglia
  • Cuban Chinese, Havana Divas. Review by Ho Chak Law
  • Andrea Motis. La trompeta silenciosa. Una història sobre el tromf de la senzillesa. Review by Marco Cosci
  • Yuesheng Shengnian 樂生聲年 / Those Days @ THE Confucius Temple. Review by Joys H.Y. Cheung
  • Pala’wan Highlanders Verbal Arts: A Living Memory in South-East Asia / Les arts de la parole des montagnards Pala’wan: une mémoire vivante en Asie du Sud-Est. Review by José S Buenconsejo

Multimedia Reviews

  • Dialogue on Multimedia Resources, Music Education, and My People Tell Stories. Review by Danielle Brown and Lonán Ó Briain
  • Ethnomusicology Today. Review by Lea Hagmann
  • Stephen Jones: a blog. Review by Wan Yueng