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Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 51 (2019)

This is the first issue of the Yearbook for Traditional Music which was published by Cambridge University Press.

General Editor:  Tong Soon Lee

Table of Contents

  • General Editor's Preface by Lee Tong Soon


  • ‘Exploring Creativity in Traditional Music’ by Bell Yung
  • ‘Sustainability and Indigenous Aesthetics: Musical Resilience in Sámi and Indigenous Canadian Theatre’ by Klisala Harrison
  • ‘When K-Pop and Kugak Meet: Popularising P’ansori in Modern Korea’ by Anna Yates-Lu
  • Ratoeh Jaroe: Islam, Youth, and Popular Dance in Jakarta, Indonesia’ by Maho A. Ishiguro
  • ‘Ancient Sounds in the New World: Syro-Maronite Chant in Lebanese Maronite Communities in the United States’ by Guilnard Moufarrej
  • ‘On Diasporic Generation and Syrian-Argentine Musicking in Buenos Aires, Argentina’ by Andrea Shaheen Espinosa
  • ‘“Nothing Happened Without Music”: Teaching and Learning the Anatolian Bağlama in Berlin’ by Michael O’Toole
  • ‘Contraculture: Bird Names and the Degendering of Contra Dance’ by Andrew Snyder
  • ‘Subjunctive Masculinities: Making Men Through Music and Ritual in Northern Ghana’ by Karl J. Haas
  • ‘Policing Space and Defying the Mainstream: Gender and the Creation of a Traditional Music Public Sphere in Twentieth-Century Ireland’ by Tes Slominski

Book Reviews

  • Harris, Rachel, and Rowan Pease, eds. Pieces of the Musical World: Sounds and Cultures. Review by Daniel Avorgbedor
  • Freedman, Jean R. Peggy Seeger: A Life of Music, Love, and Politics. Review by Christa Anne Bentley
  • Davis, Ruth F., ed. The Oriental Music Broadcasts, 1936–1937: A Musical Ethnography of Mandatory Palestine. Review by
    Beau Bothwell
    Castelo-Branco, Salwa El-Shawan, and Susana Moreno Fernández. Music in Portugal and Spain. Review by Katherine Brucher
  • Baym, Nancy K. Playing to the Crowd: Musicians, Audiences and the Intimate Work of Connection. Review by Raquel Campos
  • Wise, Timothy E. Yodeling and Meaning in American Music. Review by Helen Hahmann
  • Kafumbe, Damascus. Tuning the Kingdom: Kawuugulu Musical Performance, Politics, and Storytelling in Buganda. Review by Pete Hoesing
  • O’Connell, John Morgan. Commemorating Gallipoli Through Music: Remembering and Forgetting. Review by Keith Howard
  • Hahmann, Helen. Wir singen nicht, wir sind die Jodler: Ethnologische Perspektiven auf das Jodeln im Harz. Review by Ricarda Kopal
  • Lundberg, Dan. Singing Through the Bars: Prison Songs as Identity Markers and as Cultural Heritage. Review by Anna Papaeti
  • Chávez, Alex E. Sounds of Crossing: Music, Migration, and the Aural Poetics of Huapango Arribeño. Review by Brenda M. Romero
  • Maliangkay, Roald. Broken Voices: Postcolonial Entanglements and the Preservation of Korea’s Central Folksong Traditions. Review by Ivanna Yi

Audio Reviews

  • Ethiopian Urban and Tribal Music. Review by Andrew Alter
  • Salamander: Como La Rosa. Review by Katerina García
  • Soothing Songs for Babies / Berceuses du Monde. Review by Kirsty Gillespie
  • The Liturgy of Beta Israel: Music of the Ethiopian Jewish Prayer. Review by Steven Kaplan
  • Transmisión en la eritá meta. Review by Ruthie Meadows
  • Music of Morocco. Review by Miriam Rovsing Olsen
  • Aromanian Songs from Drenova / Këngë Arumune të Drenovës. Review by Eckehard Pistrick
  • Yurntumu-wardingki Juju-ngaliya-kurlangu Yawulyu: Warlpiri Women’s Songs from Yuendumu. Review by Sally Treloyn

Film/Video Reviews

  • Crossing over the Arirang Pass. Review by Soo-Hye Han
  • Polyphonic Lullabies of Kakheti. Review by Caroline Bithell
  • Music in the Life of a Balbalasang Village, Northern PhilippinesSounds of Bliss, Echoes of Victory: A Kalinga Wedding in the Northern Philippines; Kulintang Gong Music from Mindanao in the Southern PhilippinesMaranao Culture at Home and in Diaspora. Review by Fredeliza Campos
  • Griot; The Voice of the Kora. Review by Leonardo D’amico
  • Ballad on the Shore. Review by Chen Chih-Ting Timmy
  • The Owners of the Land: Culture and the Spectre of Mining in the Andes. Review by María Mercedes Vázquez Vázquez and Adriana Martínez Falcón

Multimedia Reviews

  • “Start the Forgetting Machine! A Review of Online Sound Archives of European Traditional Music”. Review by Tom Western
  • Folkstreams. Review by Michael B. Macdonald
  • “Unreserved”. Review by Liz Przybylski

Book Notes

Download the “Book Notes” section of the Yearbook for Traditional Music, Vol. 51 (2019) in PDF format.