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Fourth symposium will be dedicated to the work of Danica and Ljubica Janković

The Fourth symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe, which will be held in Serbia in 2014, will be dedicated to the work of Danica and Ljubica Janković. The Janković sisters were pioneers in dance research in Serbia.  Their analytical-descriptive methodology of choreological investigation was appreciated and highly regarded by the wider community of scholars. In addition to intensive field research, publishing many papers and other public activities in promoting traditional dances of all over the region (primarily Serbia and Macedonia), they prepared a total of eight volumes in the series “Folk Dances” [Narodne igre] from 1934 to 1964.

2014 marks their multiple anniversaries: eighty years since publishing their first book (1934), and fifty years since publishing their eight volumes of “Folk dances” (1964), one hundred and twenty years since the birth (1894) and forty years since the death (1974) of Ljubica Janković and, finally, forty years since Ljubica, as a dance scholar, was proclaimed a member of the Serbian Academy of Science and Art.

We especially welcome abstracts that simultaneously refer to the issues raised in the work of Janković sisters and to the wider frame of proposed symposium topics.