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PROCEEDINGs of StG-Meetings

Proceeding of Symposium 2021 Uppsala/Shweden


Music and Marginalisation: Beyond the Minority-Majority Paradigm. (Proceedings of the Study Group Meeting in Osaka 2014)
Edited by Ursula Hemetek, Inna Naroditskaya and Terada Yoshitaka
Senri Ethnological Studies 105. Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology, 2021


Voicing the unheard: music as windows for minorities (Proceedings of the Rennes Symposium of the ICTM Study Group Music and Minorities, 4-8 July 2016)
Edited by Yves de France, Publisher: L'Harmattan, 2019.

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Music and Minorities from Around the World: Research, Documentation and Interdisciplinary Study
Edited by Ursula Hemetek, Essica Marks, Adelaida Reyes. Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2014

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Music and Minorities in Ethnomusicology: Challenges and Discourses from Three Continents (klanglese 7) 

Edited by Ursula Hemetek
ISBN 978-3-902153-06-7
Wien: Institut für Volksmusikforschung und Ethnomusikologie 2012
Online Publication:

Voices of the Weak: Music and Minorities. 

Edited by Zuzana Jurková and Lee Bidgood
ISBN 978-80-254-4095-7
Praha: Slovo21 + Faculty of Humanities of Charles University Prague, 2009
250 pages, accompanying CD.

The Human World and Musical Diversity: Proceedings from the Fourth Meeting of the ICTM Study Group “Music and Minorities” in Varna, Bulgaria 2006

Edited by Rosemary Statelova, Angela Rodel, Lozanka Peycheva, Ivanka Vlaeva and Ventsislav Dimov
ISBN 978-954-8594-11-0
Sofija: Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2008
407 pages

Shared Musics and Minority Identities: Papers from the Third Meeting of the “Music and Minorities” Study Group of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM)

Edited by Naila Ceribašić and Erica Haskell
ISBN 953-6020-32-7
Zagreb – Roč: Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research – Cultural-Artistic Society “Istarski željezničar”, 2006, xxvi +
372 pages

Manifold Identities. Studies of Music and Minorities

Edited by Ursula Hemetek, Gerda Lechleitner, Inna Naroditskaya and Anna Czekanowska.
ISBN 190-4303-37-4
Cambridge Scholars Press, London 2004
353 pages, CD included


Edited by Svanibor Pettan, Adelaida Reyes and Maša Komavec
ISBN 961-6358-47-2
Ljubljana: ZRC Publishing and Institute of Ethnomusicology SRC SASA, 2001, 331 pages


Online Publications of the Study Group Members on Music and Minorities

Liz Przybylski. 2023. Sonic Sovereignty: Hip Hop, Indigeneity, and Shifting Popular Music Mainstreams. The link is here:

Marks, E. 2023. "Music and Gender as expressed in the Lives of Two Women Who Belong to an Arab-Christian Minority." Min-Ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online, Vol. 21.


Marks, E. 2023. The Spanish-Portuguese Jewish Liturgy. Jerusalem: YUVAL music series 13, The Hebrew University.


Santaella, Mayco, vol. ed. 2023. Performing Arts and the Royal Court of Southeast Asia, Volume One. Pusaka as Documented Heritage. Brill's Southeast Asian Library, 11. Leiden: Brill Academic Pub. (second volume will be out in 2024)



Christidis, Ioannis. 2022. "Singing and Dancing for Freedom of Movement – Enacting Citizenship and Resisting Forced Confinement in 'Hotspot' refugee Camps in Thessaloniki, Greece 2016." In: Internment Refugee Camps Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, edited by Gabriele Anderl, Linda Erker, and Christoph Reinprecht, 177–91. Bielefeld: transcript.


Caruso, Fulvia. 2022. “Emerging Thoughts from Fieldwork about Music and Migration in Cremona and its Surroundings.” In: Music of Twenty-first CenturyDiasporas: Research and Methods, edited by Serena Facci and Giovanni Giuriati, P. 128 - 135


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Marks, E. 2021. "Music, History and Culture in Sephardi Jewish Prayer Chanting." Religions 


Ozaki, Yuto & Patrick Savage:

Globally, songs and instrumental melodies are slower, higher, and use more stable pitches than speech (in press). Peer Community in Registered Reports. Preprint version:


Music, Migration and Minorities, Musicological Annual, LV  Volume, Ljubljana 2019

Music and Ethnic Minorities: (Trans)Cultural Dynamics in Slovenia after the Year 1991

Klanglese 11 – Performing Sexual Identities. Nationalities on the Eurovision Stage. Eds. Magdalena Fürnkranz and Ursula Hemetek

Klanglese 7 -  Music and Minorities in Ethnomusicology - Challenges and Discourses from Three Continents. Ed. Ursula Hemetek

Musik Traditionen Bd. 1 (ehemals Schriften zur Volksmusik 1–25),   Ethnomusicology Matters. Influencing Social and Political Realities. Eds. Hemetek, Ursula, Kölbl, Marko, Sağlam, Hande.

Music media multiculture: Changing Music Spaces. Dan Lundberg, Krister Malm & Owe Ronström. Stockholm, Svenskt visarkiv, 2003,Publications issued by Svenskt visarkiv 18

Sounds of Migration. Music and Migration in the Nordic countries. Eds.  Owe Ronström & Dan Lundberg, Uppsala/Stockholm: Academy for Swedish Folk Culture, 2021

Singing_through_the_bars_Lundberg.pdf (

Jasmina Talam. 2019. Bosnians in Sweden – Music and Identity. Reports from the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research, 52, Svenskt visarkiv/Musikverket, Kungl. Gustav Adolfs Akademien