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14th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Music Archaeology (17-21 August 2015, Biskupin, Poland)

The forthcoming symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Music Archaeology will be held at the conference center and archaeological museum of Biskupin, Poland (near Poznań). This wonderful venue is located in the nearby of Lake Biskupin close to the excavated and partly reconstructed Bronze Age site of the same name.

The symposium will focus on past music cultures across the European continent from the earliest evidence of music in the Palaeolithic period to early Medieval times, and how these cultures were related with each other in terms of organological and musical knowledge. The second part of the conference explores the mutual relations of past music cultures of the European continent with music cultures of Asia, Africa, and the Americas, which existed at certain periods of time. The conference topic is related to the research questions discussed in the European Music Archaeology Project (EMAP).  

If you are interested to join the symposium and propose a panel (composed of three to four selected papers) or a paper related to the above mentioned topics, please visit the websites indicated below, and get in contact with Arnd Adje Both (adje[at] or Dorota Popławska (dorpop42[at]

Further information will be posted on the website of the symposium.