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General Editor of the Yearbook for Traditional Music

Don Niles, the General Editor of the Yearbook for Traditional Music, has informed the Executive Board that he will be stepping down after publication of the 2013 Yearbook. The Executive Board has established a committee to find a new General Editor. This committee consists of Adrienne Kaeppler, Stephen Wild, Svanibor Pettan, and Don Niles.

Work of the General Editor

The General Editor is responsible for all aspects of the preparation of the Yearbook for Traditional Music for publication. These include:

  • Communicate with authors regarding submissions to the Yearbook
  • Initially evaluate all submissions
  • Solicit referees’ reports on submissions
  • Work with authors on revisions to their articles to prepare them for publication
  • Appoint and supervise the work of the review editors
  • Liaise with any guest editors regarding requirements for publication and oversee their editing of articles
  • Copyedit articles and reviews to ensure they conform to Yearbook standards
  • Apply Yearbook styles to final text
  • Liaise with the ICTM Secretariat regarding the layout of each volume and the preparation of PDF files for printing
  • Check printer proofs and give final approval for printing in November
  • Prepare PDF files according to JSTOR specifications and upload to their site

Requirements for the General Editor

A General Editor should have the following experience and qualifications:

  • Be a member of ICTM in good standing
  • Be fluent in spoken and written English, the language of the Yearbook
  • Have prior experience in academic editing
  • Display intimate familiarity with Microsoft Word, particularly its use for editing
  • Have good communication skills and the ability to meet and enforce deadlines
  • Have a reliable communications infrastructure, involving email, Internet access, fax, telephone, and courier services; most communications are through email
  • Have software and hardware as necessary to do the required work
  • Although not essential, it is highly desirable that the General Editor have familiarity with:
    • Adobe Photoshop or similar software, for preparation of bitmap images
    • Adobe Illustrator or similar software, for preparation of vector graphics
    • Microsoft Excel or similar software, for preparation of charts
    • Finale or similar software, for preparation of musical examples
    • Adobe InDesign or similar software, for page layout and the preparation of PDF files
    • Adobe Acrobat or similar software, for modification of PDF files

The General Editor is appointed by and is responsible to the Executive Board. The initial appointment is for a period of three years, which may be extended. A written report to the Board is required of the General Editor at every Board meeting (annual) summarising the contents of the previous volume, progress on the current volume, and plans for next year's volume (including appointment of guest editors). If not a member of the Executive Board, the General Editor may attend and participate in Board meetings, but not as a voting member.

Further Information and Submissions of 

Interested members should contact the present General Editor, Don Niles (, for further details about this work. Formal applications must be submitted to the ICTM Secretariat no later than 15 March 2013 and labelled “YTM Editor’s position”. The Committee will make recommendations to the Board, which will then make an appointment.