International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 1 (1969)

General Editor:  Alexander L Ringer

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Introduction’ by A. L. R..


  • ‘Louise Witzig’ by W. D. Scheepers.
  • ‘Marius Barbeau’ by Graham George.


  • ‘The International Folk Music Council: Twenty-One Years’ by Maud Karpeles.
  • ‘The Value of Music in Human Experience’ by John Blacking.
  • ‘The Use of Folk Music among Some Bemba Church Congregations in Zambia’ by Isaiah Mwesa Mapoma.
  • ‘"Alte Töne" und Volksmusik in Kompositionen Paul Hindemiths’ by Walter Salmen.
  • ‘An Analysis of 651 Maori Scales’ by Mervyn McLean.
  • ‘The Russian Protiazhnaia "Prolonged" Folk Song’ by Viktor M. Beliaev and Barbara Krader.
  • ‘On Rhythm in Rumanian Folk Dance’ by Vera Proca-Ciortea.
  • ‘Formaciones Escalísticas en la Etnomúsica Latinoamericana’ by Luis Felipe Ramón y Rivera .
  • ‘Research Films in Ethnomusicology: Aims and Achievements’ by A. M. Dauer.
  • ‘Remarks on the Big Arġūl’ by Jürgen Elsner.

Book Reviews

  • Musica vulgaris, Lebensgesetze der instrumentalen Volksmusik by Felix Hoerburger. Review by B. Sárosi.
  • Kinaaldá: A Study of the Navaho Girl's Puberty Ceremony by Charlotte Johnson Frisbie; Michigan Indian Festivals by Gertrude Prokosch Kurath; Ethnomusicology of the Flathead Indians by Alan P. Merriam. Review by Willard Rhodes.
  • Venda Children's Songs: A Study in Ethnomusicological Analysis by John Blacking. Review by David Rycroft.
  • Musikleben in Japan in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Berichte, Statistiken und Anschriften by Siegfried Borris. Review by Wolfgang Laade.
  • Rumanian Folk Music by Béla Bartók; Benjamin Suchoff. Review by John S. Weissmann.
  • Publications Received