International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 10 (1978)

General Editor:  Israel J Katz

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Preface’ by Israel J. Katz
  • Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Conference of the I. F. M. C. Held at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 13-18, 1977
  • ‘Malbrough s'en va-t-en guerre: Seven Canadian Versions of a French Folksong’ by Mieczyslaw Kolinski
  • ‘The Distribution of a Melodic Formula: Diffusion or Polygenesis?’ by George List
  • ‘Accentuation in Qur'ānic Chant: A Study in Musical Tawāzun’ by Lois Ibsen al Faruqi
  • ‘Javanese Pélog Tunings Reconsidered’ by Jay Rahn
  • ‘A Quarter-Century in the Life of a Falasha Prayer’ by Kay Kaufman Shelemay
  • ‘Aspects psycho-sociologiques du chant lapon’ by Yves Delaporte

Book Reviews


  • African Music and Oral Data, a Catalog of Field Recordings, 1902-1975 by Ruth M. Stone; Frank J. Gillis. Review by Peter R. Cooke

Studies - Monographs

  • The Kachamba Brothers' Band: A Study in Neo-Traditional Music in Malawi by G. Kubik. Review by Peter R. Cooke
  • Caneuon Llafar Gwlad ('Songs from Oral Tradition') by D. Roy Saer. Review by Esther R. Warkov
  • Folclor musical din Bihor. Schita̧ monografica ['Folk Music from Bihor. A Monographic Sketch'] by Traian Mîrza. Review by Gottfried Habenicht
  • Muzica populara româ neasca ['Rumanian Folk Music'] by Tiberiu Alexandru. Review by Gottfried Habenicht
  • Folclor muzical aromân ['Aromunian Folk Music'] by George Marcu. Review by Gottfried Habenicht
  • Melodii de joc din Dobrogea ['Dance Tunes from Dobrudja'] by Emilia Cernea. Review by Gottfried Habenicht

Collected Writings

  • Folcloristica-Organologie-Muzicologie. Studii by Tiberiu Alexandru. Review by Gottfried Habenicht


  • Revisita de etnografie si folclor. Review by Gottfried Habenicht

Record Reviews

  • Panji in Bali 1 by Tilman Seebass. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Panji in Lombok 2 by Tilman Seebass. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Anthologie du Folklore Wallon: Fêtes de l'année. Review by Jacques Cheyronnaud
  • Ladakh, musique de monastère et de village by Mireille Helffer. Review by Ricardo O. Lanzio
  • Polyphonies des Iles Salomon (Guadalcanal & Savo) by Hugo Zemp. Review by Pierre Sallee
  • Kashmir Traditional Songs and Dances, Vol. I & II; Festivals of the Himalaya; Music in the Karakorams of Central Asia; And Ladakh, Songs and Dances from the Highlands of Western Tibet by David Lewiston. Review by Mireille Helffer
  • Da si od srebra, da si od zlata. Iz vorni glazbeni folklor Hrvatske ('Were You of Silver, Were You of Gold. Original Music Folklore of Croatia') by Ivan Ivančan; Jerko Bezić; Branko Brusar. Review by Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • Cameroun, la musique des Pygmées Baka by Simha Arom. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Anthologie de la musique des Pygmées Aka Empire Centrafricain by Simha Arom; David Stevens. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Vocal Music from Mongolia; And Instrumental Music from Mongolia by Jean Jenkins. Review by Mireille Helffer
  • Asian Musics in an Asian Perspective by Koizumi Fumio; Tokumaru Yoshihiko; Yamaguchi Osamu. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Publications Received
  • Errata: Innovations in Waiata Style
  • Errata: Some Aspects of Musical Perception