International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 2 (1970)

General Editor:  Alexander L Ringer

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Introduction’ by A. L. R..

In Memoriam

  • ‘Sabin V. Dragoi (1894-1968)’ by Josif Herțea.


  • ‘Gypsy Musicians and Hungarian Peasant Music’ by Bálint Sárosi.
  • ‘Hear These Beautiful Sacred Selections’ by Archie Green.
  • ‘Le Recherche Ethnomusicologique et la Musique du Vingtième Siècle’ by Diego Carpitella.
  • ‘Stick Dances’ by Arnold Baké.
  • ‘Some Aspects of Formal Expression in Serbian Folk Songs’ by Radmila Petrović.
  • ‘The Akyns Sing of Lenin’ by V. Vinogradov.
  • ‘New Idioms of Music-Drama among the Yoruba: An Introductory Study’ by Akin Euba.
  • ‘Ndebele-Soli Bi-Musicality in Zambia’ by Atta Annan Mensah.
  • ‘A Formal Model of Syncretism in Scales’ by Michio Kitahara.
  • ‘The Neutral Tone as a Function of Folk-Song Text’ by George W. Boswell.
  • ‘Kinetic Language and Vocabulary’ by Vera Proca-Ciortea.
  • ‘Folk Music in the Caste System of Nepal’ by Felix Hoerburger.
  • ‘Folk Music in Soviet Russia: Some Recent Publications’ by Barbara Krader.


  • Slåttar for the Harding Fiddle, IV-V, Springarar in 3/4 Time by Olav Gurvin. Review by Morten Levy.
  • Die Volksmusikinstrumente Ungarns by Bálint Sárosi. Review by Jan Ling.
  • Die Sammlung von Tänzen und Liedern der Anna Szirmay-Keczer by Jozef Kresánek. Review by Oskár Elschek.
  • Anfänge der slawischen Musik by L. Mokrý. Review by Oskár Elschek.
  • Annuaire des Archives de Folklore de l'Académie d'Athènes, XVII. Review by Solon Michaelides.
  • Anthologie des chansons populaires grecques by Jean-Luc Leclanche. Review by Solon Michaelides.
  • The Bluesmen by Samuel Charters. Review by D. K. Wilgus.
  • "Betrachtungen zur afro-amerikanischen Folklore, dargestellt an einem Blues von Lightnin' Hopkins" by Alfons Michael Dauer. Review by Fritz Bose.
  • The American Folk Scene: Dimensions of the Folksong Revival by David A. DeTurk; A. Poulin,. Review by B. H. Bronson.
  • Drums in the Americas: The History and Development of Drums in the New World from the Pre-Columbian Era to Modern Times by Joseph H. Howard. Review by Jeremy Montagu.
  • Revista Musical Chilena, XXI. Review by Norman Fraser.
  • Cadernos Brasileiros, IX, no. 2 by Vicente Baretto. Review by Norman Fraser.
  • Arts et Traditions Populaires, XIV, nos. 1-4, et XV, no. 1. Review by Roger Pinon.
  • Music in New Guinea: Three Studies by Jaap Kunst; Jeune Scott-Kemball. Review by Dieter Christensen.
  • Musikethnologische Jahresbibliographie Europas. Annual Bibliography of European Ethnomusicology. I. Review by Erik Dal.