International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 3 (1971)

General Editor:  Charles Haywood

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Introduction’ by C. H.
  • ‘Proceedings of the Twenty-First Conference of the I. F. M. C., in Association with the Third Inter-American Conference on Ethnomusicology and the Sixth General Assembly C. I. D. E. M. Held on the Mona Campus of the University of West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, August 27 - September 3, 1971’
  • ‘Welcoming Address at the Conference’ by Edward P. G. Seaga
  • ‘Jamaica's Folk Music’ by Olive Lewin
  • ‘Reflections on the Problem: How Old Is the Concept Folksong?’ by Walter Wiora
  • ‘Scottish Folkmusic: An Historical Survey’ by Francis Collinson
  • ‘A Simplified Mode Classification for Traditional Anglo-American Song Tunes’ by Norman Cazden
  • ‘"Ludaya". A Transverse Flute from Eastern Uganda’ by Peter R. Cooke
  • ‘Deep and Surface Structures in Venda Music’ by John Blacking
  • ‘Singing Traditions of a Bilingual Parish in North-West Ireland’ by Hugh Shields
  • ‘Chansons d'Epire du Nord et du Pont’ by Samuel Baud-Bovy
  • ‘The Diffusion of Musical Instruments as an Interethnic Process of Communication’ by Erich Stockmann

Brief Contributions

  • ‘"Cantus Vulgi"’ by Walter Wiora
  • ‘Comments on Wouter Swet's Review of "Music of the Mevlevî"’ by Karl Signell
  • ‘"Réponse à une attaque..."’ by Benjamin Suchoff
  • ‘An Account of the Teaching Methods of Some Folk Instruments in Romania: The Panpipe’ by Tiberiu Alexandru


Studies and Monographs

  • The Ethnomusicologist by Mantle Hood. Review by Mieczyslaw Kolinski
  • Einführung in die Musikethnologie by Kurt Reinhard. Review by Mieczyslaw Kolinski
  • The Music of Africa: An Introduction by Fred Warren; Lee Warren. Review by Hewitt Pantaleoni
  • Musicology and the Computer by Barry S. Brook. Review by Benjamin Suchoff

Song Collections

  • Folk Songs from Newfoundland by Maud Karpeles. Review by Norman Cazden
  • Songs of the Doukhobors: An Introductory Outline by Kenneth Peacock. Review by Helen Martens
  • Melodiji ukrajins'kyx narodnyx dum ['Melodies of the Ukranian Folk Epics'] by Filiaret Kolessa; Filaret Myxajlovyc Kolessa; Muzykoznavci praci ['Musicological Works'] by Filaret Myxajlovyc Kolessa; Filiaret Kolessa. Review by Robert B. Klymasz
  • Hungarian Folk Songs by Sing Out-Go; Julianna Campbell Toth. Review by Stephen Erdely
  • Cancionero Andino Sur. 30 Canciones Tradicionales by Consuelo Pagaza Galdo; Music of the Makuschi, Taulipang and Yekuana by Erich M. von Hornbostel; Marcia Herndon. Review by Gerard Béhague
  • Cánticos y Danzas de Navidad y Año Nuevo en el Peru, 24 Villancicos by Rodolfo Holzmann. Review by Gertrude Kurath
  • Folk Songs in Settings by Master Composers by Herbert Haufrecht. Review by Bertrand H. Bronson


  • Ethnomusicology, Vol. XI, No. 3 - Vol. XIV by Frank Gillis; Israel J. Katz. Review by Jeremy Montagu
  • Yuval: Studies of the Jewish Music Research Centre, Vol. I by Israel Adler; Hanoch Avenary; Bathja Bayer. Review by Laurence D. Loeb
  • Studia Musicologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Vol. IX, Nos. 1-4. Review by Stephen Erdely
  • Slovenski Etnograf, Vol. XX
  • Glasnik Slovenskega Etnografskega Društva, Vol. IX - Vol. XII, No. 1 Bulletin of the Slovenian Ethnographic Society, Vol. IX - Vol. XII, No. 1. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Asian Music, Vol. I, Nos. 1-2 - Vol. II, Nos. 1-2. Review by Willard Rhodes


  • English Ritual Drama: A Geographical Index by E. C. Cawte; Alex Helm; N. Peacock. Review by Francis Lee Utley

Discography and Recordings

  • African Music on LP: An Annotated Bibliography by Alan P. Merriam. Review by Willard Rhodes
  • Jojk/Yoik by Matts Arnberg; Israel Ruong; Hakan Unsgaard. Review by Robert Austerlitz
  • Ethiopia: Vol. 1, Music of the Central Highlands; Ethiopia: Vol. 2, Music of the Desert Nomads; Ethiopia: Vol. 3, Music of Eritrea by Jean Jenkins. Review by Ashenafi Kebede
  • Publications Received