International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 5 (1973)

General Editor:  Charles Haywood

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Introduction: Pablo Casals and Catalan Folk Music’ by C. H.
  • ‘Postcript’ by C. H.
  • ‘Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Conference of the I. F. M. C. Held at the Musée Basque, Bayonne, France, July 26 - August 1, 1973’
  • ‘Taqsim Nahawand: A Study of Sixteen Performances by Jihad Racy’ by Bruno Nettl and Ronald Riddle
  • ‘Traditional Singing Style of the Lapps’ by György Szomjas-Schiffert
  • ‘Supplementary Syllables in Anglo-Irish Folk Singing’ by Hugh Shields
  • ‘A Comparison of Certain Aspects of Colombian and Spanish Folksong’ by George List
  • ‘Échelles Equiheptaphoniques des Flutes de Pan chez les 'Are' Are (Malaita, Iles Salomon)’ by Hugo Zemp and Jean Schwarz
  • ‘Polyphony in Touloum Playing by the Pontic Greeks’ by Christian Ahrens
  • ‘The Cultural Role of Tsonga Beer-Drink Music’ by Thomas F. Johnston
  • ‘Ritual Intonation of Yoruba Praise-Poetry (Oríkì)’ by David Welch
  • ‘African Dance: The Continuity of Change’ by Judith Lynne Hanna
  • ‘La Danse comme objet sémiotique’ by Anca Giurchescu

In Memoriam

  • ‘Donal O'Sullivan (1893-1973)’ by Maud Karpeles and Aloys Fleischmann
  • ‘Ladislav Leng (1930-1973)’ by Barbara Krader


Studies and Monographs

  • Judeo-Spanish Traditional Ballads from Jerusalem: An Ethnomusicological Study by Israel J. Katz. Review by Alfred Sendrey
  • Kirgizskie instrumental'nye p'esy i napevy by A. V. Zataevich; V. S. Vinogradov. Review by Mark Slobin
  • Ethiopian Music: An Introduction by Michael Powne. Review by Arthur A. Moorefield
  • Chopi Musicians; Their Music, Poetry and Instruments by Hugh Tracey. Review by Darius L. Thieme
  • Folk Songs of Japan by Donald P. Berger. Review by Elizabeth May
  • Latviesu muzikas folkloras materiali by Emilis Melngailis. Review by Andrejs Jansons
  • How Musical Is Man? by John Blacking. Review by Elizabeth May
  • An Introduction to English Folk Song by Maud Karpeles. Review by Norman Cazden
  • Heaven on Horseback: Revivalist Songs and Verse in the Cowboy Idiom by Austin Fife; Alta Fife. Review by Norman Cazden

Encyclopaedias -- Journals

  • Encyclopaedia Judaica by Geoffrey Wigoder. Review by Israel J. Katz
  • Ethnomusicology, Vol. XV, Nos. 1, 2 & 3; Vol. XVI, Nos. 1, 2 & 3; Vol. XVII, Nos. 1 & 2 by Israel J. Katz; Norma McLeod. Review by Jeremy Montagu
  • Studia instrumentorum musicae populairis, Vol. I (1969) and Vol. II (1972) by Erich Stockmann; Ernst Emsheimer. Review by Jeremy Montagu

Bibliography - Discography

  • The International Folk Directory of Ethnic Music and Related Traditions by Beryl Kennedy; Peter Kennedy. Review by Frank J. Gillis
  • Neue Musik in Afrika, Asien und Ozenien: Diskographie und historiisch-stilistischer Überblick by Wolfgang Laade. Review by Elise P. Barnett


  • Musique Malinké / [Mandinka Music] by Gilbert Rouget. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Musique d'Afrique occidentale / [Music from West Africa] by Gilbert Rouget. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Musique Toma -- Guinée / [Music of the Toma -- Guinea] by Pierre D. Gaisseau; Jean Fichter; Tony Saulnier. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Musique Dayak / [Music of the Dayak]. Bornéo (Kalimantan) by Pierre Ivanoff. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Polynesian Traditional Music of Ontong Java (Solomon Islands) / [Musique polynésienne traditionnelle d'Ontong Java (Iles Salomon)] by Hugo Zemp. Review by Jane Mink Rossen
  • Musique mélanésienne 'Are 'are. vol. 3 Malaita, Iles Salomon by Hugo Zemp. Review by Jane Mink Rossen
  • Ankole, West-Uganda: Volksmuziek: Musique populaire / Volkmusik / Folk music. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Bafia -- Muziek, Kameroen by Benoit Quersin. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Arménie, chants liturgiques du Moyen-âge by Robert Ataian; Arménie, musique instrumentale by Robert Ataian. Review by Halûk Tarcan
  • Turquie: chants sacrés d'Anatolie par Ashik Feyzullah Tchinar. Review by Halûk Tarcan
  • Musique populaire traditionnelle d'Iraq by Vaclav Kubica. Review by Halûk Tarcan
  • Inde du Nord par Pandit Ram Narayan. Sarangi. Review by Mireille Helffer
  • Gambie: Mandinka Kora par Jali Nyama Suso. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Musique du Viêt-Nam, tradition du Sud par Nguyên Vinh Bao et Trân van Khê. Review by Trân Quang Hái
  • Unesco Collection. Musical Sources. Religious Psalmody IV -- I. Jewish Music by Amnon Shiloah. Review by Avner Bahat
  • [Ivory Coast: Baule Vocal Music] / Côte d'Ivoire: Musique vocale Baoulé / Costa d'Avorio: Musica vocale bauli by Hugo Zemp. Review by René Ménard
  • Chants Maronites, chants de Noël. Review by René Ménard
  • Music from South New Guinea by Wolfgang Laade. Review by Hugo Zemp
  • Bali, Musique sacrée; Le Tibet, rituel boudhique; L'Inde, musique réligieuse; Le Bhakti Yoga; Iran, le ney. Review by Mireille Helffer
  • Music from Bangladesh by Deben Bhattacharya. Review by Mireille Helffer
  • Constantin Brǎiloiou: Melodii populare Românesti, cîntece pe versuri Franceze by Constantin Brǎiloiou. Review by Halûk Tarcan
  • Tiêńg Hát sông Hủong / Le chant de la rivière des parfums by Trân Quang Hai; Trủỏng Tǎng. Review by André-Marie Despringre
  • The Folk Songs of Britain: Vol. 4. The Child Ballads 1; The Folk Songs of Britain: Vol. 5 The Child Ballads 2. Review by Trân Quang Hải
  • Folk Music of Albania by A. L. Lloyd. Review by André-Marie Despringre
  • Willie Clancy, the Minstrel from Clare by Bill Leader. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • Princess of the Thistle. Lizzie Higgins. Scots Songs and Ballads by Bill Leader. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • John Burgess. King of Highland Pipers. Dance Tunes, Marches, Airs and Pibrock Played on the Highland Bagpipe. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • Billy Pigg the Border Minstrel by Forster Charlton. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • North Carolina Boys by Janet Kerr. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • Charlie Wills by Bill Leader. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • Unto Brigg Fair by Joseph Taylor; Percy Grainger. Review by Brigitte Werner and Trân Quant Hải
  • Folk Ballads from Donegal and Derry. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • Seamus Ennis by Bill Leader. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • Martin Byrnes by Bill Leader. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • Seamus Tansey with Eddie Corcoran. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • Jack Elliott of Birtley. The Songs and Stories of a Durham Miner. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Field Trip by Janet Kerr. Review by Brigitte Werner and Trân Quang Hải
  • Publications Received