International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 6 (1974)

General Editor: 

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Preface’ by Bruno Nettl

In Memoriam

  • ‘Frank Howes (1889-1974)’ by Maud Karpeles
  • ‘Ljubica S. Janković (1894-1974)’ by Barbara Krader


  • ‘Die vergleichende Musikwissenschaft in Österreich seit 1896’ by Walter Graf
  • ‘On Differences between the Rural and the Urban: Traditional Polish Peasant Dancing’ by Roderyk Lange
  • ‘Le Poète-Musicien et la Création Poético-Musicale au Moyen Orient’ by Amnon Shiloah
  • ‘The Traditional Folk Music of Spain: Explorations and Perspectives’ by Israel J. Katz
  • ‘Persian Folksong in Meshhed (Iran), 1969’ by Stephen Blum
  • ‘Foundations for the Analysis of the Structure and Form of Folk Dance: A Syllabus’ by William C. Reynolds



  • The Music of Africa by J. H. Kwabena Nketia. Review by Alan P. Merriam
  • Analyse und Klassifikation von Volksmelodien by Doris Stockmann; Jan Steszewski. Review by Arthur C. Edwards
  • Music and Society by Paul Honigsheim; K. Peter Etzkorn. Review by Siegmund Levarie
  • Epitiris tou Kendrou Erevnis tis Ellinikis Laographias by Academy of Athens. Review by Sotirios Chianis
  • The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Catalogue of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Review by Ruth Noyes
  • Catalogue: The Sound of Africa Series. 210 Long Playing Records of Music and Songs from Central, Eastern and Southern Africa by Hugh Tracey. Review by David Rycroft
  • The Wind Cried by Paul Hecht. Review by Martha Ellen Davis
  • Cheremis Folksongs by László Vikár; Gábor Bereczky. Review by Bruno Nettl
  • Folk and Traditional Music of the Western Continents by Bruno Nettl. Review by Peter Crossley-Holland


  • Bali South by Gertrude Rivers Robinson. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Yaka-Muzick / Musique Yaka by G. Ciparisse; J. Rouwez. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Musique Mnong Gar du Vietnam by Georges Condominas. Review by Trân Van Khê
  • Inde, Rajasthan: Musiciens professionnels populaires by Komal Kothari. Review by Mireille Helffer
  • Musica Sarda / [Music of Sardinia] by D. Carpitella; P. Sassu; L. Sole. Review by E. Episcopo and J. Cheyronnaud
  • The Hammons Family by Carl Fleischhauer; Alan Jabbour. Review by Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • Musique de Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands by Hugo Zemp; Fataleka and Baegu Music, Malaita, Solomon Islands by Hugo Zemp. Review by Wolfgang Laade
  • Musique Kabiyé (Togo) by R. Verdier; A-M de Lavilleon. Review by René Ménard
  • Musiques éthiopiennes. Review by René Ménard
  • Music of Zaïre: Peoples of the Ngiri River by Jacques Jangoux. Review by René Ménard
  • Music of Sulawesi: Célèbes Indonesia by Catherine Crystal; Eric Crystal. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Uncle Wade. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • P'ansori: Korea's Epic Vocal Art and Instrumental Music. Review by Bang-Song Song
  • Best O' T' Bunch. The Oldham Tinkers. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • Folk Musik of Greece by Wolf Dietrich. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • The Wild Hills O'Wannie. The Small Pipes of Northumbria by Bill Leader; Tony Engle. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • The Streets of Glasgow by Dick Swettenham. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • A Lancashire Mon by Tony Engle. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • The Lark in the Clear Air. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • English Country Music from East Anglia by Tony Engle. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • Bonny North Tyne. Review by Brigitte Werner
  • ‘Letter to the Editor’ by Israel J. Katz
  • Publications Received