International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 7 (1975)

General Editor: 

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Preface’ by B. N.
  • ‘The Question of Definition’ by R. P. Elbourne
  • ‘Volksmusik und Musica Humana’ by Walter Wiora
  • ‘Shoden: A Study in Tokyo Festival Music. When Is Variation an Improvisation?’ by William P. Malm
  • ‘The Brothers Tihomir and Vladimir Djordjević: Pioneers of Ethnomusicology in Serbia’ by Ljubica S. Janković
  • ‘The Double-Reed Aerophone in India’ by B. C. Deva
  • ‘Origin and Construction of the Melodies in Baul Songs of Bengal’ by Josef Kuckertz
  • ‘The Formalization of English Decoration Patterns’ by Brian Bebbington
  • ‘Improvisation dans la musique des peuples de la Moyenne Volga’ by László Vikár
  • ‘Method and Theory in Dance Research: An Anthropological Approach’ by Suzanne Youngerman
  • ‘Two-Part Singing from the Razlog District of Southwestern Bulgaria’ by Irene Markoff



  • Chamulas in the World of the Sun: Time and Space in a Maya Oral Tradition by Gary H. Gossen. Review by E. Thomas Stanford
  • Cigányzene... [Gipsy Music...] by Bálint Sárosi. Review by Robert Austerlitz
  • The Social Harp, a Collection of Tunes, Odes, Anthems, and Set Pieces, Selected from Various Authors: Together with Much New Music Never before Published by John G. McCurry. Review by June Lord-Wood
  • Shaker Music: A Manifestation of American Folk Culture by Harold E. Cook. Review by Doris J. Dyen
  • María Sabina and Her Mazatec Mushroom Velada by R. Gordon Wasson. Review by Charles L. Boilés
  • Glossary of Hausa Music and Its Social Contexts by David W. Ames; Anthony V. King. Review by Charlotte J. Frisbie
  • Form und Melodiebildung der karnatischen Musik Südindiens, im Umkreis der vorderorientalischen und der nordindischen Kunstmusik by Josef Kuckertz. Review by Regula Qureshi
  • Indian Musical Traditions: An Aesthetic Study of the Gharanas in Hindustani Music by Vmanrao H. Deshpande; S. H. Deshpande. Review by Elise B. Barnett
  • A Discography of the Art Music of India by Elise B. Barnett. Review by Josef Kuckertz
  • Empirische Kunstsoziologie: Eine Einführung mit kommentierter Bibliographie by Alphons Silbermann. Review by K. Peter Etzkorn
  • The Nature of Dance: An Anthropological Perspective by Roderyck Lange. Review by Douglas N. Kennedy
  • Finlands Svenska Folkdiktning VI. Folkdans. A 2. Yngre Danss Melodier by Otto Andersson; Greta Dahlstrom. Review by Pat Shuldan Shaw
  • Narodna Umjetnost by Maja Bosković-Stulli. Review by Barbara Krader


  • Algeria-Sahara: Music of Gourara. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Gabon. Musiques des Mitsogho et des Batéké. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Possession et poésie à Madagascar (Sud-ouest). Musique Vezo, Mahafaly, Masikoro. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Humbi en Handa. Angola, n°9. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Lunda Zaïre, n° 10. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Anthologie du Folklore Wallon: Fêtes de l'année. Vol. 2: juillet à décembre. Review by Andre-Marie Despringre
  • Java Vocal, II. n° 22 by Jacques Brunet. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Sunda - Wayang Golek. n° 25 by Jacques Brunet. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan by John Levy; Tibetan and Bhutanese Instrumental and Folk Music by John Levy. Review by Mireille Helffer
  • Surya Sena Sings Songs of Sri Lanka by Devar Surya Sena. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Louis Beaudoin. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Jean Carignan. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Fred Jordan. When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • Shirley Collins. Adieu to Old England. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • The Clutha. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • Bob Hart, Percy Webb, Ernest Austin, Flash Company. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • John Lyons. The May Morning Dew. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau
  • Boscastle Breakdown. Review by Marie-Jeanne Raveneau

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