International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 8 (1976)

General Editor: 

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Preface’ by Bruno Nettl

In Memoriam

  • ‘Maud Karpeles (1885-1976)’ by Klaus Wachsmann
  • ‘O. M. Sandvik (1875-1976)’ by Erik Dal


  • ‘The Study Group on Folk Musical Instruments: Its Achievements in Fifteen Years of Activity’ by Erich Stockmann and Barbara Krader
  • ‘Tayil as Category and Communication among the Argentine Mapuche: A Methodological Suggestion’ by Carol E. Robertson-DeCarbo
  • ‘Les instruments de musique chez les Yezidi de l'Irak’ by Scheherezade Q. Hassan
  • ‘Prolegomenon to the Study of Song Texts’ by Bonnie C. Wade
  • ‘Text-Tune Relationships in the Hora Lunga Versions Collected by Bartók’ by Jay Rahn
  • ‘Les implications psychologiques dans la structure du processus de l'improvisation: Concernant le folklore musical roumain’ by Ghizela Sulițeanu and Rodica Mirsescu
  • ‘On the Theory and Definition of Melodic Type’ by Anna Czekanowska
  • ‘Research on Folk Music in Austria since 1800’ by Wolfgang Suppan and Eva Borneman



  • A Life in Folklore, Helen Creighton by Helen Creighton. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • Hornbostel Opera Omnia by Klaus Wachsmann; Dieter Christensen; Hans-Peter Reinecke. Review by Mieczyslaw Kolinski
  • Music in Java; Its History, Its Theory and Its Technique by Jaap Kunst; E. L. Heins. Review by Mantle Hood
  • Problèmes d'ethnomusicologie by Constantin Brăiloiu. Review by Boris Kremenliev
  • Folk Musical Instruments of Turkey by Laurence Picken. Review by Kurt Reinhard
  • Form in Performance by Marcia Herndon; Roger Brunyate. Review by Charlotte J. Frisbie
  • Early Percussion Instruments from the Middle Ages to the Baroque by James Blades; Jeremy Montagu; Making Early Percussion Instruments by Jeremy Montagu. Review by Caldwell Titcomb
  • Kolo u Južnih Slovena [The Kolo Dance among the South Slavs] by Olivera Mladenović. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Narodni plesovi Dalmacije. I. Dio. Od Knovala do Korčule [Folk Dances of Dalmatia. Part I. From Konavli to the Island of Korcula] by Ivan Ivančan. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Ethnomusicology by Norma McLeod; Gerard Béhague; Portia K. Maultsby. Review by Jeremy Montagu


  • An Anthology of North Indian Classical Music by Manfred Junius. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Cantos Costẽnos. Folksongs of the Atlantic Coastal Region of Colombia by George List. Review by Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • Musique des Indiens Bora et Witoto d'Amazonie Colombienne: Musica de Los Boras y Witotos selva Colombiana by Mireille Guyot; Jürg Gasche. Review by Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • Inde su Sud. Concert de Vina par E. S. Sastry by Jacques Brunet. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Bali. Joged Bumbung by Jacques Brunet. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Sunda. Musique et chants traditionnels by Jacques Brunet. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Documenti dell'archivio etnico linguistico-musicale della Discoteca di Stato. Review by Jacques Cheyronnaud
  • Musiques classiques et populaires d'Afghanistan by Bernard Dupaigne. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Musique du Cambodge des forêts by Bernard Dupaigne. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Musique du Vietnam: Tradition du Sud by Trân Quang Hai; Hoâng Mông Thuy. Review by André-Marie Despringre
  • Regione Lombardia, Documenti della cultura popolare. Review by Jacques Cheyronnaud
  • Polynesian Songs and Games from Bellona (Mungiki), Solomon Islands by Jane Mink Rossen. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • La Bolduc. Review by Maguy P. Andral
  • Jeanne d'Arc Charlebois et Jean Carignan rendent hommage à Madame Bolduc, avec Gilles Losier by David Green; Carol Dunlop-Hebert. Review by Maguy P. Andral
  • McGreevy & Cooley; Bodie Wagner, Hobo; Margaret MacArthur, the Old Songs; Mary McCaslin, Prairie in the Sky; Rosalie Sorrels, Always a Lady; Bill Vanaver, Livia Drapkin, Landfall II; The Boys of the Lough, Lochaber No More. Review by Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • Glen Neaves & the Virginia Mountain Boys, Country Blue Grass from South-West Virginia by Eric H. Davidson; Paul Newman; Lyn Davidson; Jane Rigg; Caleb E. Finch. Review by Trân Quang Hai
  • Pete Seeger, Banks of Marble. Review by Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • Musique traditionnelle du Vietnam by Trân Quang Hai; Hoâng Mông Thuy. Review by Pham Xuan Hong

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