International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 9 (1977)

General Editor:  Israel J Katz

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Preface’ by Israel J. Katz
  • ‘Some Problems of Theory and Method in the Study of Musical Change’ by John Blacking
  • ‘Innovations in Waiata Style’ by Mervyn McLean
  • ‘Musical Creativity of Hausa Children’ by Willard Rhodes
  • ‘Music in Western Rajasthan: Stability and Change’ by Nazir A. Jairazbhoy
  • ‘Some Aspects of Musical Perception’ by Doris Stockmann
  • ‘Pitch: Musical and Verbal in Folksong’ by George W. Boswell
  • ‘The New Edition of Danmarks gamle Folkviser’ by Samuel G. Armistead and Israel J. Katz

In Memoriam

  • ‘Hugh Travers Tracey (1903-1977)’ by A. M. Jones

Brief Communication

  • ‘To the Book Review Editor’ by Daniel W. Patterson

Book Reviews


  • The Crystal Spring: English Folk Songs Collected by Cecil Sharp by Maud Karpeles. Review by Hugh Shields

Reference Works

  • Handbuch des Volksliedes by Rolf Wilhelm Brednich; Lutz Röhrich; Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Walter Wiora
  • An Annotated Bibliography of Oceanic Dance and Music by Mervyn McLean. Review by Raymond F. Kennedy
  • The Folk Music Sourcebook by Larry Sandberg; Dick Weissman. Review by Jay Rahn
  • A Regional Discography of Newfoundland and Labrador 1904-1972 by Michael Taft. Review by Edith Fowke

Studies - Monographs

  • Ergebnisse und Aufgaben vergleichender Musikforschung [Achievements and Tasks of Comparative Musicology] by Walter Wiora. Review by Katharina Schaller
  • Musikwissenschaft und Kulturkreislehre. Zur Methodik und Geschichte der Vergleichenden Musikwissenschaft by Albrecht Schneider. Review by Oskár Elschek
  • Strefowa teoria czasu i jej znaczenie dlja antropologii muzycznej [Zonal Theory of Time and Its Significance for Musical Anthropology] by Ludwik Bielawski. Review by Oskár Elschek.
  • Musikfolklore und Musikfolklorismus. Eine ethnomusikologische Untersuchung zum Funktionswandel des Jodels by Max Peter Baumann. Review by Dieter Christensen
  • U pramenů lidové hudby Slovanů; studie z hudební slavistiky [At the Sources of Slavic Folk Music; Studies in Musical Slavistics] by Volodymyr Hošovskyj. Review by Dušan Holý
  • Popular Music in Mexico by Claes af Geijerstam. Review by David K. Stigberg

Collections of Papers

  • Essays for a Humanist: An Offering to Klaus Wachsmann. Review by Willard Rhodes
  • The Folk Arts of Bulagria. Papers Presented at a Symposium. Review by Irene Markoff
  • Srpska Muzika Kroz Vekove--La Musique serbe à travers les siècles. Review by Miloš Velimirovič
  • Soome-ugri rahvaste muusikapärandist [The Musical Heritage of the Finno-Ugric Peoples] by Ingrid Rüütel. Review by László Vikár
  • Die Geige in der europäischen Volksmusik, Bericht über das 1. Seminar für europäische Musikethnologie, St. Pölten 1971 by Walter Deutsch; Gerlinde Haid. Review by Christian Ahrens
  • Lungau Report 1975. Ein Volksmusikalischer Bericht by Walter Deutsch. Review by Helen Martens
  • Die musikalische Volkskultur in Niederösterreich by Helmut Fielhauer; Gerlinde Haid. Review by Helen Martens
  • Zur Praxis und Theorie gegenwärtiger Volksmusikpflege by Walter Brandsch. Review by Rudolf Maria Brandl
  • Musikethnolgoische Sammelbände. Band I: Vorträge Graz und Seggau 1973-1977 by Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Rudolf Maria Brandl


  • Revista Musical Chilena, Nos. 131-137 by Luis Merino M.. Review by E. Thomas Stanford
  • Jahrbuch des Österreichischen Volksliedwerkes, Vol. XXV by Leopold Nowak; Leopold Schmidt; Karl Horak. Review by Helen Martens
  • Národopisné aktuality, Vols. XII-XIII by Josef Tomes. Review by Dušan Holý
  • Ethnographia, Vols. LXXXVI-LXXXVII, Nos. 1-3 by Tamás Hofer. Review by Bálint Sárosi
  • Magyar Zene, Vols. XVI-XVIII by János Breuer. Review by Bálint Sárosi
  • Revista INIDEF, No. 1 by Isabel Aretz. Review by E. Thomas Stanford


  • Regione Lombardia, Documenti della Cultura popolare. Review by Jacques Cheyronnaud
  • Les Musiques de Célèbes. Indonésie/Musique Toradja et Bugis by Jeannine Koubi; Christian Pelras. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Panji in Lombok I by Tiluan Seebass. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Music of the Senoi of Malacca by Hans Oesch. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Flûtes du Rajasthan by Geneviève Dournon-Taurelle. Review by Tran Quang Hal
  • Ethiopie. Polyphonies des Dorzé by Bernard Lortat-Jacob. Review by Monique Brandily
  • Bedouin Music of Southern Sinai by Amnon Shiloah. Review by Edith Gerson-Kiwi
  • Da si od Srebra, da si od Zlata: Were You of Silver, Were You of Gold. Original Music Folklore of Croatia. Review by Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • Musique du Mali. Review by Claude Morice
  • Première anthologie de la musique malienne by Boubacar Traore; André Cormillot. Review by Bernard Surugue
  • Tshokwe-Zaïre, n° 11. Review by Claude Morice
  • Gabon. Musique des Pygmées Bibayak by Pierre Sallée; David Stevens. Review by Jean-Michel Delobeau and Claude Morice
  • Papua New Guinea (Manus, Bougainville) by Charles Duvelle. Review by Hugo Zemp
  • Iran-Baxtyâri: Nomades de la montagne by Jean-Pierre Digard. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Râga Kirvani, Râga Gunkali by Bernard Surugue. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • South Vietnam. Entertainment Music by Hubert de Frayssaix. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Publications Received