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Published proceedings by ICTM Study Group on Maqām

1989, Maqām - Rāga - Zeilenmelodik, Konzeptionen und Prinzipien der Musikproduktion, Materialien der 1. Arbeitstagung der Study Group "maqām" beim International Council for Traditional Music vom 28. Juni bis 2. Juli 1988 in Berlin (Hrg.), Berlin 1989, 344 p.( can be ordered with: Jürgen Elsner, e-mail:

1992, Regionale maqām-Traditionen in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Materialien der 2. Arbeitstagung der Study Group "maqām" des International Council for Traditional Music vom 23. bis 28.März 1992 in Gosen bei Berlin (Hrg. gemeinsam mit G.Jähnichen), Berlin 1992, 593 p. (can be ordered with: Jürgen Elsner, e-mail:

1997, The Structure and Idea of Maqām, Historical Approaches, Proceedings of the Third Meeting of the ICTM Maqām Study Group Tampere - Virrat, 2 - 5 October 1995, J.Elsner and R.P.Pennanen, Department of Folk Tradition Publication Vol. 24, University of Tampere, Tampere 1997, 202 p. (can be ordered with: University of Tampere/Sales Office, P.O. Box 607, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland),  ISBN  951-44-4232-6

2006, Jürgen Elsner – Gisa Jähnichen, in coll. with Th. Ogger and I. Kharissov, Maqām Traditions of Turkic Peoples, Proceedings of the Fourth Meeting of the ICTM Study Group “maqām” Istanbul, 18-24 October 1998, trafo verlag Dr. Wolfgang Weist Berlin, 278 p.  ISBN  3-89626-657-8

2008, Jürgen Elsner – Gisa Jähnichen (Hg.), Intercultural Comparison of  Maqām and Related Phenomena, Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting of the ICTM Study Group “maqām” Samarkand, 26-30 August 2001, trafo Verlagsgruppe  Dr. Wolfgang Weist Berlin, 222 p.  ISBN  978-3-89626-783-2

2009, Jürgen Elsner - Gisa Jähnichen (ed.), Muqam in and outside of Xinjiang/China, Proceedings of the 6th Meeting of the ICTM Study Group “maqām”, Urumqi 2006 (chines.; English version 2008), ed. by Jürgen Elsner and Gisa Jähnichen. Xinjiang Art Photography Publishing House Urumqi 2009, 453 p. ISBN 978-7-80744-996-6, (Chinese edition  ISBN  978-7-81096-214-8)

2011, The mugam of Azerbaijan and related traditions in Middle East, Proceedings of the 7th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group “maqām” within the framework of the International Festival “Space of Mugam”, Baku 15-17 March 2011, ed. by Frangis Ali-Sade and Suraya Agaeva, Şərq-Qərb Baku, 191 p. ISBN 978-9952-34-285-7

2012, Maqām: Historical Traces and Present Practice in South European Music Traditions, Proceedings of the 8th Aymposium of the ICTM Study Group “maqām” Sarayevo 8-11. November 2012, ed. by Jürgen Elsner, Gisa Jähnichen and Jasmina Talam. To be published 2015 by Cambridge Scholars Publishing Ltd.