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Minutes of Business Meeting, Izmir, Turkey 10 April 2010

Minutes of Business Meeting of ICTM Study Group on
Music and Dance in south-eastern Europe
Izmir, Turkey, 10 April 2010

The meeting commenced at 11.00

Board members: Velika Stojkova (Chair), Ocal Ozbilgin (Vice Chair), Elsie Dunin (Secretary), Selena Rakocevic (dance liaison), Lozanka Peycheva (music liaison).

Plus members of ICTM Study group who were attending the Izmir Symposium.

Apologies for absence - None

The agenda for the meeting was shown on powerpoint.

1. Report for the ICTM Bulletin
The report of the first meeting in Struga, 2008 was submitted by Lozanka Peycheva.
Selena Rakocević will write the report of this meeting.

2. Membership applications

a) Membership in the Study Group is open to all members of the ICTM who are involved in the fields of music and dance in southeastern Europe, either as specialists in this field or in related fields. A Study Group may, however, invite experts or others who are not members of the ICTM to participate on a temporary basis in its activities.
b) Rights of active Study Group members are to participate in business meeting discussions and to vote.
c) Persons who have not attended Study Group meetings or have not contributed to Study Group activities at least via correspondence for a period of four consecutive years shall be considered inactive members.

3. Elections of board members
The posts of secretary and one of the vice-presidents were due for re-election. The other Board members have agreed to continue.

4. Nominations and elections for Vice-president and Secretary
The following nominations were taken from the floor:
1. Jane Sugerman – Vice president
2. Speranţa Rădulescu - Vice president

1. Iva Niemćic – secretary
2. Liz Mellish – secretary
3. Gergana Panova – secretary

A paper vote was undertaken and the following were appointed:
1. Jane Sugarman – vice president
2. Liz Mellish – secretary

5. Future study group meetings - Proposals for location and timing for 2012 meeting
a) Place
The following offers were received:
1. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Cyprus
3. Istanbul, Turkey

b) Date
The Sarajevo meeting would be held at same time as Musical Autumn.
Jane Sugarman commented that the SEM (Society for Ethnomusicology in the U.S.) meeting is held at the end of October every 2 years and may coincide with this. As she is trying to encourage liaison between SEM and ICTM it would be better not to exclude SEM members.

c) Proposals for the meetings in 2014 and 2016
1. Bucharest – Museum of Romanian Peasant
2. Belgrade – anniversary for Janković sisters (early members of IFMC) and the possibility of a joint meeting with Ethnochoreology Study Group.

Possible to choose one of the locations proposed above!

6. Themes:
The following themes were suggested and voted on by those present:

1. Organizational aspect of dance and music events
2. Terminology and theoretical approaches
3. Minorities policy within national policy
4. Text and contexts in the 21st century.
5. Media
6. Crossing national boundaries
7. Intercultural communication
8. Oriental versus occidental features in the pan Balkan music and dance

The following were chosen:
1. Terminology and theoretical approaches
2. Crossing national boundaries/Intercultural communication

7. Sub-study group proposals
Proposals for setting up sub study groups were discussed. These are smaller groups of those members working on similar research who will meet between main meeting to discuss a particular topic. The sub-study groups would report back to the symposium meetings. Each group would have goals and produce publications.

The following were proposed:
a) Military connections proposed by Elsie Dunin who is willing to co-ordinate this group
b) Gypsy music and dance in south east Europe - proposed by Carol Silverman and Anca Giurchescu and Speranţa Rădulescu.

8. Proceedings

Velika reported that the proceedings from Struga, 2008 were ready and copies were handed to those who had contributed a paper. She will send a copy of the Struga proceedings and program books from both meetings to the ICTM Secretary office in Australia

Ocal gave the dead-line for papers for inclusion in the proceedings of this symposium. This will be 1st June 2010.

9. Announcement of a standard reference format – DdA

Elsie announced that information about the DdA reference format for dance (revised edition 2010) would soon be available on the new CCDR (Cross-Cultural Dance Resources) website at Arizona State University. The reference format is internationally user friendly and is being recommended for use in future Study Group publications.

10. Any other business

a) Web site & email list for the Group
The setting up of a web site and email list for the Study Group was discussed. It was agreed that Nick Green would investigate this. The following were suggested for inclusion:
1. Creating an on-line forum with calendar of events to include local events, festivals, fieldwork etc
2. Links to other ICTM Study Groups and similar organizations
3. A page for announcements such as publication or events of interest to Study Group members

b) Nominations
It was suggested that the agenda was circulated before meeting in future and proposals for officers submitted in advance with the person concerned written approval.

The meeting closed at approx. 14.00.