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The 7th Musicological Meeting of the Université Antonine (4 June 2014, Lebanon)

The Université Antonine (UA) - Higher Institute of Music (ISM ), in collaboration with The Arab Academy of Music (League of Arab States) & The Université Paris-Sorbonne, presents  The 7th Musicological Meeting of The Université Antonine: “Which Music Education for Lebanon? (2)” Monday the 2nd, Tuesday the 3rd & Wednesday the 4th of June, 2014 Father Louis Rohban Hall, Main Campus of the Université Antonine, Hadath-Baabda, Lebanon


Ten years after the organization of the symposium entitled “Which Music Education for Lebanon? (1)”, a reassessment of the music education in Lebanon and the Arab world, especially in the context of basic school education, becomes imperative. This is the main purpose of this meeting, where a statement in reference to criteria related to both science of music education, musicology and anthropology will be drawn up. The aim is to reflect on the pertinence of contemporary approaches in music teaching which use significant elements from the scheme of aural initiation, specific to musical traditions of the Mašriq, and integrate them into the modern educational school context of Lebanon and the Arab world, in parallel to the discovery of world music including Western art music.

Using efficiently traditional music inputs within the educational process constitutes the core questioning of this forum. This issue is tackled from a multidisciplinary approach, combining cognitive, psycho-educational, didactical and musicological perspectives, and that according to the development of children’s musical cultural identity.

Research Questions

This conference proposes five major concerns to be discussed:

1)    Problems inherent to the dialectic between innate universals and acquired cultural particularities in music education;

2)    Problem related to the epistemic contrast between musical tradition and science of music education;

3)    Problems linked to the assessment of the efficiency of music education within schools, as for developing the cultural identity in multicultural environments;

4)    Problems associated with the societal decision-making process regarding the content of music education, taking into consideration the roles of the governing bodies, directors of educational institutions, civil society agents, etc.;

5)    Problems corresponding to the audiovisual and electronic media power in shaping the children’s musical cultural identity.

Scientific Council (in alphabetical order):

Jean During, Professor, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) - Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre (France);

Kifah Fakhouri, Professor, Arab Academy of Music (Jordan);

François Madurell, Professor, Université Paris-Sorbonne (France).

Director of the Symposium

Nidaa Abou Mrad, Professor, Université Antonine (Lebanon).

Rapporteurs of the Symposium

Bouchra Béchéalany, Associate Professor, Université Antonine (Lebanon);

Hayaf Yassine, Assistant Professor, Université Antonine (Lebanon).

Submission guidelines:

Abstracts of no more than 200 words (saved as MS Word or pdf file) should be sent by February 28, 2014 (by email) to accompanied by a short biographical note of no more than 100 words. Please add the following information: Name, surname, affiliation, institutional email, title of proposal, and abstract. A feedback will be communicated by March 15, 2014.

Communications can be written in Arabic, French or English.