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Joint Symposium of the Study Groups on Maqām and Music in the Arab World (Ankara, Turkey, 17-21 December 2014)

We are glad to announce that by invitation of the General Directorate of Fine Arts of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Yildirim Beyazit University State Conservatory for urkish Music  of Ankara a Joint Symposium of the ICTM Study Groups  on Maqām and on Music in the Arab World will be held in Ankara, Turkey, 17-21 December 2014.

More information about local arrangement issues  will be given  by the host as early as possible, and will be published on the webpages of both Study Groups.

The general topic of the symposium reads “Maqām traditions between theory and contemporary music making”.

A variety of possible approaches to this extended field of research appear in the following: 

  1. Concepts, interpretations and practice of maqām in space and time (ideas, conceptions, metaphysics, roots and theoretical models, maqām in performance).
  2. Relationship of maqām and music making (description and analysis of art music from various regional traditions).
  3. Reproduction and creativity in traditional music making (the position of the musician in the network of maqām traditions; repertories, performance, renewal and development).
  4. Ottoman influence on traditional regional repertoires.
  5. Modern teaching and interpretation of traditional music (modern musical thinking and the impact of western music, its theory and the influence of its performance models).
  6. Current contexts of music making (nation-state policies in matter of representation, transnational circulation of traditions, and issues of identity in the context of wars and migration).

Herewith we call for papers, abstracts of which up to 250 words plus up to 200 words of biographical data should be submitted via email to Prof. Dr. Jürgen Elsner or to Dr. Scheherazade Hassan. The deadline for abstracts will be 15 of April 2014. Early submissions are highly appreciated. Please, indicate the kind of technical support you may need.

Confirmation of accepted papers will be announced latest by 15 May 2014, so that you will have enough time to organise your trip and eventual funding. Please, do not hesitate in case of any questions to contact the local organiser or the programme committee.

Presentation formats

  • Individual paper (standard 20 Min + 10 Min Q&A).
  • Panel of three consecutive papers on a joint theme being presented within one hour with 30 Min Q&A.

Programme Committee

Jürgen Elsner
Scheherazade Q. Hassan
Cenk Guray
Gisa Jähnichen
Okan Murat Öztürk
Virginia Danielson