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Report on activities 2005-2006

Report on activities in 2005 and 2006
of the Study-Group in-the-Making on
“Music of the Turkic Speaking World”

1. The 1st business meeting had a place on the 9th August 2005 at the ICTM conference in Sheffield when a large number of participants were attracted by the unity of thought and approach applied to neighbouring areas of research. The idea expressed by Janos Sipos was shared by many colleagues.
In this meeting it was considered important to build a new ICTM Study Group, at first with the general title “Music and Dance in Turkic Cultures“. Preliminary topics for further meetings were discussed: Past and present; Musical Aereas; Migration; Religion; Children and Music; Epic, Poetry and Narrative. In this context, Dr. Razia Sultanova proposed to focus on “Music of the Turkic Speaking World” to pool efforts to discover key issues of cultural phenomena of oral traditions for the first meeting which had been appreciated and accepted by the members.
The agreement was reached to set up the first meeting as a Workshop /Conference in February 2006 at SOAS, University of London with Razia Sultanova as a chair.

Participants: Janos Sipos (chair),
Dorit Klebe, Razia Sultanova, Inna Naroditskaya, Hande Sağlam, Tom Solomon and others.

2. The International Workshop and Conference “Music of the Turkic-Speaking World, performance and the Master-Apprentice system of oral transmission” was advertised in autumn 2005 and organised on the 3-4th February 2006 by Razia Sultanova (SOAS) and scientific board: Dorit Klebe (University of the Arts Berlin, Germany); Janos Sipos (National Academy of Art, Hungary); Keith Howard, Alexander Knapp and Rachel Harris (all from SOAS). The event
was sponsored by SOAS, University of London in collaboration with the AHRC Research Centre for Cross-Cultural Music and Dance Performance, the British Council and the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in UK.

Conference Convener: Razia Sultanova (SOAS)

Programme Committee:

Razia Sultanova, Dorit Klebe (Germany), Janos Sipos
(Hungary), and Keith Howard, Rachel Harris, Alexander Knapp from SOAS. Report on the conference by Razia Sultanova is attached.

3. A 2nd business meeting of the Study-Group in-the-Making took place on the 4th February 2006, at the Lancaster Hotel, London


Razia Sultanova, UK(Chair);
Dorit Klebe (Germany); Janos Sipos (Hungary ); Feza Tansuğ ( Turkey); Giovanni De Zorzi ( Italy); Fattah Khalig-Zada (Azerbaijan).

- brief conclusion to the Conference
- Feza Tansuğ, Turkey, invited members of the new Study-Group in-the-Making to participate at “The International Congress on Musical Culture in Turkey and the Museum of Music”, May 29-30-31, 2006.
- discussing the chances of publication of the conference papers, under the leadership of Razia Sultanova
- discussing plans for the presentation of the Study-Group-In-the-Making at the ICTM-World Conference at Vienna.

4.A 3rd business meeting of the Study-Group in-the-Making took place on 29th May 2006, at the Hotel Grand Star, Istanbul during the “International Congress on Musical Culture in Turkey throughout History and the Museum of Music”, (May 29-31, 2006, at Harbiye Military Museum and Culture Site, İstanbul ) where many future ICTM study group participants took a part.

Business meeting participants:

Feza Tansuğ (Chair),
Dorit Klebe, Razia Sultanova, John O’Connell, Janos Sipos, a large number of Turkish scholars, perspective members of the ICTM.

- discussing various models for creating a Study Group within the ICTM;
- discussing possibilities of financial support for the activities of the Study Group;
-discussing an option of creating a subgroup of ISTM Study group to function on Turkish language for Turkish musicologists;
- discussing planes for ICTM study group future.

5.A 4th business meeting of the Study-Group in-the-Making took place on the 30th August 2006, at the Hotel Horizont, Varna/Bulgaria
Dorit Klebe (chair),
Ayhan Erol ( Turkey;); Irene Markoff (Canada); Hande Sağlam (Turkey/Austria); Tom Solomon ( Norway) .

- discussing plans for the presentation of the Study-Group-In-the-Making at the ICTM-World Conference at Vienna 2007;
- discussing plans for a panel given by the participants of this meeting at the ICTM-World Conference in Vienna 2007.

6. The activity of our first Conference for the Study-Group in-the-Making was reflected in several publications:
1) SOAS/ Arts and Humanities Research Council for cross-cultural music and dance performance Newsletter 7, April 2006, pp 13-19;
2) ESEMPoint (the Europena Seminar in Ethnomusicology) 2006 has published Giovanni De Zorzi’s account on our first Workshop /Conference at SOAS;
3) the website was set up for the Workshop/Conference report which included some photographs:

7. Further activities in 2007: participation in one or two specially prepared panels at the ICTM-World Conference in Vienna 2007.

8. Further activities in 2008: 1st Study Group meeting, presumably organized in Baku/Azerbaijan.

Dorit Klebe, Razia Sultanova
Berlin 12.09.2006 London, 16.09.2006