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Scholarship Award dedicated to the memory of Professor Tullia Magrini


DEADLINE: November 20 2015

Call for applications no. 1 Award dedicated to the memory of Professor Tullia Magrini
 (D.D. di istituzione n 1541 del 23/04/2015)

ART. 1 – The University of Bologna, with a view to commemorating the life of Professor Tullia Magrini, with funds allocated by the School of Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Heritage and with the contribution of family members, has set up no.1 Award, of the value of 5,000.00 Euros gross, to be assigned to a young graduate who presents the best research project focused on the topic “Anthropology of Music and Mediterranean Cultures”. The research project can be written in Italian or English.

ART. 2 – The participants may be European Union as well as non-European Union citizens, holding a degree in Humanities (master's degree) or equivalent qualification or degree, obtained no more than five years ago.
The equivalence of the qualification, only with a view to the admission to the competition, will be declared by the Examining Commission during the meeting for the evaluation of the qualifications.

ART. 3 – The award will be paid to the assignee directly by the University Administration in two instalments:
- the first instalment of 3.000 Euros at the moment of the assignment;
- the second instalment of 2.000 Euros at the end of the research, two years after the conferral and following presentation to the Examining Commission of a written report on the results achieved.
At the end of the first year the assignee shall present to the Examining Commission a short written report concerning the progress of the research.

ART. 4 – The award shall be assigned by means of public competition on the basis of qualifications.

ART. 5 – The Examining Commission shall comprise:
- The President of the School of Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Heritage, or representative;
- The President of the "Study Group on Mediterranean Music Studies" (International Council for Traditional Music-UNESCO), or representative;
- A family representative.
The Commission’s decision is not subject to appeal.

ART. 6 – The application for the competition, on plain paper, addressed to the Magnificent Rector of the University of Bologna, Ufficio Premi e Borse di Studio, Via Belle Arti, 42 - 40126 Bologna, and signed in a clearly legible manner, shall be handed in or delivered by the deadline set for the competition. In the case of postal delivery, the receipt stamp of the dedicated office Premi e Borse di Studio (Awards and Scholarships) or of the relevant administrative offices is considered valid. Applications delivered or handed in after the deadline shall not be taken into consideration.

In the application each candidate shall specify:
- Surname and name, date and place of birth, residence and nationality;
- degree, grade, date and place of degree award;
- Address for mailing correspondence referred to the competition, and telephone number;
- That he/she has not had any criminal convictions, otherwise stating which convictions have been passed against him/her.

The personal data sent by the candidates in their applications, pursuant to art. 13 of the decree law no. 196 dated June 30th 2003, shall be processed only with a view to managing the competition procedure. The following documents must be enclosed in the application:
a) The research project on "Anthropology of Music and Mediterranean Cultures" in Italian or English, in paper format (hard copy) or on digital medium (CD or
USB flash drive or pendrive);
b) The degree dissertation and, if applicable, the PhD thesis, and any relevant publications;
c) CV;
d) Photocopy of a valid identity document.
Italian citizens and European Union citizens may declare their academic and professional qualifications, etc, according to the concessions of arts. 46 and 47 of decree law no. 445/2000.
Citizens of Countries not belonging to the European Union, regularly staying in Italy or authorized to stay in the territory of the Country, must abide by the requirements of sections 2 and 3 of art.3 of the decree law 445/2000.
Beyond the cases as per the sections above- mentioned, the Countries, the personal qualities and facts are documented by means of certificates or declarations issued by the competent authorities of the foreign Country, complete with translation into Italian certified by the Italian Consular Authority stating its congruence with the original, after having warned the applicant of the criminal liability incurred in producing untruthful deeds or documents.
The Administration reserves the right to check the truthfulness of the declarations made. Notwithstanding the criminal sanctions laid down by art. 76 of the decree law no. 445/2000, should the untruthfulness of the contents of the declaration emerge during the check, the applicant will lose the scholarship right.

ART. 7 – The Commission, with a motivated report, will draft and send to the Rector a list indicating the successful applicants in order of merit.

ART. 8 – The award shall be conferred with a Rector’s Decree according to the list prepared by the Examining Commission.

ART. 9 – Within the deadline of 10 (ten) days from the receipt of the letter informing of the assignment of the award, the assignee shall send to the University Administration, a declaration of unconditional acceptance, of the award therein, on the terms and conditions set by the competition regulations. Failure to send in the declaration above shall mean waiver of the award. The declarations of acceptance sent by registered mail with confirmation of delivery shall be considered to have been presented in good time i.e. within the term specified above. For this purpose, the stamp and the date of the post office where the dispatch is made shall be considered official.

ART. 10 - In case of waiver by the assignee, with the final decision of the Examining Commission, the award will be available to the other successful candidates, in the order set down in the list.
ART. 11 – The scholarship does not give any entitlement to pension/health insurance and does not integrate any employment contract. It is also subject to the fiscal regime established by the applicable law.

Bologna, 23/04/2015