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Minutes of the Business Meeting in Bangkok 2019

13.07.2019 Business Meeting of the Study Group for Audiovisual Ethnomusicology at the ICTM World Conference in Bangkok
Leading the meeting: Yves De France

  1.        Publishing for the 2019 proceedings: Etnografie Sonore – Sound Ethnographies. Peer Reviewed Journal where short film can be published similar to papers.


  1.        Next conference: September in Bologna

Format for proposals: Papers and Film
Other formats: Workshop, Roundtable (topic: “film by the actors” could also be a roundtable)
Film: short – medium – long      + a specific topic?
Suggestions for the proposed films: narrowing down to a theme/abstract/trailer
Theme suggestions for the next conference:
Cultural migration
Music & Religion
Films made by the actors
Sounding architecture
Old & New, gender
Ecology / Music & Environment
Open Topic
Scientific Committee for Film: Domenico Staiti, Nepomuk Riva, Jennie Gubner (would you like to be part of the scientific committee again?)
Scientific Committee for Papers: (who else has agreed in Lisbon?) Sonja Kieser
Who would like to be part of the next Scientific Committee for selecting the Paper proposals for the next conference in Bologna?

  1.        Website:

Hsin-Wen Hsu (National Taiwan Normal University) proposed an information platform to list audiovisual films and negotiates with his University