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The Encyclopaedia of Music Realities of Turkic-Speaking Peoples

Dear colleagues,

we would like to announce a new project entitled  “The Encyclopaedia of Music Realities of Turkic-Speaking Peoples”. The project in collaboration with Turksoy was initiated by the ICTM Study Group on Music of the Turkic-Speaking World and introduced/ approved  on 13th July 2019 at the SG business meeting during the 45th ICTM World Conference in Bangkok. We have a preliminary agreement with “Medina Publishing House” (Nizhny Novgorod-Moscow, Russia) to publish the Encyclopaedia in Russian, English and Turkish languages.

The Senior Editors for this publication are:

 Razia Sultanova (UK),  

 Dusen Kasseinov (TURKSOY, Turkey), 

 Zilia Imamutdinova (Moscow, Russia).


The Editorial Board will consist of:

Violetta Yunusova (Russia), Aiza Reshetnikova (Russia), Valentina Suzukei (Russia),  Galina Sytchenko (Russia), Suraya Agaeva (Azerbaijan), Fattakh Khalidzade (Azerbaijan),  Saida Elemanova (Kazakhstan), Saule Utegalieva (Kazakhstan), Valeria Nedlin (Kazakhstan), Kanykei Mukhtarova (Kyrgyzstan),  Rezeda Hurmatulina (Russia),  Gennadyi Makarov (Russia), Alexander Djumaev (Uzbekistan), Ralf Martin Jäger (Germany),  Gulai Mirzaoglu (Turkey), Emin Soydaş (Turkey), Abdullah Akat (Turkey), Dave Fossum (USA), Jennifer  Post (USA), Anna Oldfield (USA),  Tanya Merchant (USA), Megan Rancier (USA), Martin  Stokes (UK), Janos Sipos (Hungary), Svanibor Pettan (Slovenia).

The project is to start in 2019 and to conclude in 2025.

The Encyclopaedia will have three volumes:

Volume I: “Musical Culture and Religious traditions of the Turkic-Speaking Peoples”

Volume 2: “Regional classical and folk music traditions”

Volume 3:“Composer Music of the Turkic-Speaking Peoples”

We invite all interested scholars to contribute to this unique project!

Contacts:  Razia Sultanova;

Zilya Imammutdinova