International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

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Winners of the 2023 ICTM Prizes

The International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance is pleased to announce the 2023 prizes for Best Article, Best BookBest Documentary Film or Video, and Best Student Paper. Details on each of the winning submissions are followed by comments from the members of the respective subcommittees.

Prize Committee: Brian Diettrich (Chair), Lee Tong Soon (ex-officio), Marcia Ostashewski, Razia Sultanova, Sean Williams, J. Lawrence Witzleben, Louise Wrazen

Article Prize Subcommittee: Marcia Ostashewski (Chair), Olcay Muslu, J. Lawrence Witzleben

Book Prize Subcommittee: Sean Williams (Chair), Clare Chan, Nili Belkind

Documentary Film or Video Prize Subcommittee: Nicola Scaldaferri (Chair), Andotnio Baldassarre, Quintina Carter-Enyi, Mariko Kanemitsu, George Murer

Student Paper Prize Subcommittee: Brian Diettrich (Chair), Marcia Ostashewski, Lónan Ó Briain

Best Article


Heather MacLachlan. 2022. “Music and Incitement to Violence: Anti-Muslim Hate Music in Burma/Myanmar.” Ethnomusicology 66/3:410-42

Richard K. Wolf. 2021. “The Musical Poetry of Endangered Languages: Kota and Wakhi Poem-Songs in South and Central Asia.” Oral Tradition 35/1:103-66

Honourable Mentions

Ying-Fen Wang. 2021. “Resounding Colonial Taiwan through Historical Recordings: Some Methodological Reflections.” In Resounding Taiwan: Musical Reverberations Across a Vibrant Island, edited by Nancy Guy

Sean Williams. 2022. “Poetry Writing as Transgressive Ethnography.” Ethnomusicology 66/3:361-77

Best Book


Jessica Bissett Perea. 2021. Sound Relations: Native Ways of Doing Music History in Alaska. Oxford University Press. 

Honourable Mention

Kay Kaufman Shelemay. 2022. Sing and Sing On: Sentinel Musicians and the Making of the Ethiopian American Diaspora. University of Chicago Press. 

Best Documentary Film or Video


Patrick AlcedoA Will To Dream (2021), 1h35m

Honourable Mentions

Lea Hagmann and Rahel von GuntenBeyond Tradition of Yodelling and Yoiking (2023), 1h46m

Daniele Zappatore. Carang Pring Wulung: The Journey of a Bamboo Gamelan Maestro (2022), 63m

Best Student Paper