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ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance of Oceania

The Study Group on Music and Dance of Oceania (SGMDO) is an informal association of scholars within the ICTM who share interests in the study of music and dance of Oceania. They meet when opportunities arise to discuss their research and periodically exchange information through an internal newsletter. Special meetings have been held in Australia in 1988, 1995, 2001 and 2010; Germany in 1993; Japan in 1999; Palau in 2004; Hawai'i in 2006, Papua New Guinea in 2014, and Guam in 2016. Informal gatherings have been held on other occasions, such as the Festivals of Pacific Arts and the Melanesian Arts Festivals, and in conjunction with meetings of other scholarly societies in which SGMDO members participated. In 2001 members of the Study Group published the book Traditionalism and Modernity in the Music and Dance of Oceania in honour of study group founder Barbara Smith, in 2007 the book Oceanic Music Encounters: the Print Resource and the Human Resource: Essays in Honour of Mervyn McLean, and in 2017 the book A Distinctive Voice in the Antipodes: Essays in Honour of Stephen A. Wild.

The Study Group offers contributions toward travel to its symposia for Pacific Islanders and Indigenous Australians through the Music and Dance of Oceania Travel Award. This fund is managed by the Study Group and provides opportunities to participate in symposia, and on special occasions, a World Conference. The award is also aimed at encouraging more participation from currently under-represented areas of Oceania within ICTM activities. The establishment of the award was generously funded by Barbara B. Smith. For further information, contact the Chair .


Dr. Georgia Curran Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
University of Syndey

Approved 2021 SGMDO meeting notes

Please find here the 2021 SGMDO meeting notes which the group approved in Lisbon.

September 2022 Newsletter

Please find here a copy of our September 2022 newsletter.


Genevieve Campbell Presentation on 26 May 2022

Seminar 1. ‘The interconnection between Tiwi song culture and death in the context of artistic creativity, cultural maintenance and community health, presented by Genevieve Campbell on 26th May 2022. Please click on this YouTube Link to view this video.

April 2022 newsletter

Please find here a copy of our April 2022 newsletter.

September 2021 Group Newsletter

 Please find here a copy of our September 2021 newsletter.

10th Symposium of the Oceania Study Group

10th Symposium of the Oceania Study Group: "Connecting Oceania through Music and Dance"

Video Links and Programme

9-12 April 2021, Online (Hawaiʻi Standard Time)

Watch the Recorded Symposium, Days 1-4: