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Appendix to Greece country report, Bulletin of the ICTM 136 (January 2018)

Below is an appendix to the country report for Greece found in the Bulletin of the ICTM 136, written by Irene Loutzaki.

Audio publications by Athena Katsanevaki

  1. A CD production by colophonrecords. This CD includes polyphonic, heterophonic, and homophonic songs from different areas in Greece, sung by four members of the vocal female ensemble “Echo,” initiated within the courses of traditional singing at the University of Macedonia, Department of Music Science and Art, and which continues to work as a professional group.
  2. A printed on demand edition: Vlach-speaking and Greek-speaking songs of the Northern Pindus mountain-range: A historical-ethnomusicological approach. Doctoral dissertation at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, including 126 fieldwork musical examples, one video, and maps. In Greek and English, Athens, 1998-2014. For more information, contact the editor.
  3. The Vertiskos project, now available at the SEM Student Union’s blog

Publications by Maria Hnaraki


a.    Environmental awareness through Greek music

2011. “Souls of Soil: Island Identity through Song.” Invited Book Chapter in G. Baldacchino (ed.) Island Songs. Lanham MD: Scarecrow Press: 171-186.

b.    Homeric balladry & oral formulaic theory in Greek folk poetry

10/2011. “From Homeric Poetry to Cretan Balladry: The Daskaloyannis Song.” American Folklore Society Annual Meeting, Bloomington-Indiana. October 13.

c.    Identity and aesthetics of Greek music/dance

2017. Cretan Music. Vienna Series in Ethnomusicology-University of Vienna & Musical Editions Seistron-Aerakis Cretan Musical Workshop: 11-156.

d.    Mediterranean performance: Global & glocal soundscapes

7/2010. “Bridging the Local with the Glocal: Ross Daly and the Cretan Lyra.” 8th Meeting of the Study Group “Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures” Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta. July 2.

e.    Cretan dance as physical, emotional & psychosocial wellbeing

2016. “Moving Bodies & Souls: Cretan Dancing Your Way To Physical, Social & Emotional Fitness”, with Agisilaos Aligizakis. In Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe: New Scopes of Research and Action: Fourth Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe, Held at Petnica Science Centre, Republic of Serbia, 24 September-1 October 2014: 273-280.

Literature & Music

f.     Nikos Kazantzakis work set to music

Performance: “Nikos Kazantzakis and music”, 3rd Festival “Crete, One History, Five plus One Cultures”, September 11 2017.

g.    The walled-up wife & sacrifice motif (e.g. at Iphigenia &The Bridge of Arta)

2010. “From Iphigenia to The Bridge of Arta: Daily Sacrifice as Speech and Event.” International Conference on “Folk Culture and Artistic Speech (Poetry, Prose, Theater)”: Hellenic Folklore Research Centre of the Academy of Athens-Greece. December 9.

h.    Greek composers (e.g. Giorgos Koumendakis)

2013. “Traditional Cretan rhyming couplets at Greek, artistic compositions: From D. Mitropoulos’ Cretan Feast (1919) to G. Koumendakis’ Amor Fati (2007).” Edited by Evi Nika-Sampson, Giorgos Sakallieros, Maria Alexandru, Giorgos Kitsios & Emmanouil Giannopoulos. E-Book design & editing: Giorgos Sakallieros. Electronically published by the School of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: 435-447.

Taxonomy, digitization and preservation of music archives

2016. “Prelude”, “The Mystery of Cretan Music” & “Efstrations Kalogeridis”, in the book (--accompanied by 8 CDs) Oh, Crete! Speak to me through the Past: Historical Recordings 1907-1955. Published by I Istoria tis Ellinikis Mousikis (Orpheum Phonograph), Athens-Greece: 21-22, 25-42 & 102-108.

2 Books

2013           “Sing In Me, Muse, and Through Me Tell the Story…”: Greek Culture Performed. Zorba Press. Ithaca: New York.

2007           Unraveling Ariadne’s Thread: Cretan Music. Kerkyra/Economia Publications. Athens: Greece. (2011 E-book/Digital edition.)