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Conference of the ICTM Italy National Committee 2013


Cagliari - Sardinia, September 26-29, 2013

The 2013 Conference of the ICTM Italy National Committee was held during 26-29 September in Cagliari and Orgosolo (venue: the Department History, Cultural and Territorial Heritage of the University of Cagliari for the first two days; the Auditorium of the Municipality of Orgosolo for the last ones). The main theme of the Conference - Current Perspectives of Ethnomusicological Research in Italy - was dealt with in five sessions  by Giorgio Adamo, Sergio Bonanzinga, Paolo Bravi, Vincenzo Ciminello, Alessandro Cosentino, Vanna Crupi, Raffaele Di Mauro,  Serena Facci, Giuliana Fugazzotto, Flavia Gervasi, Giuseppe Giordano, Marco Lutzu, Grazia Magazù, Emiliano Migliorini, Claudio Rizzoni, and Paolo Vinati. 

A special session on the controversial topic of the patrimonialization processes and the Unesco ICH program was organized by Fulvia Caruso, with papers by Grazia Tuzi, Mauro Balma and Cristina Ghirardini. Another special session about current researches in Sardinia was held in Orgosolo, chaired by Ignazio Macchiarella with papers of  Valentina Onnis, Chiara Chierroni, Roberto Milleddu, Ignazio Murru and Sebastiano Pilosu.

Again in Orgosolo, Giovanni Giuriati held a lecture about the relevance of sound sources of the Archivi Nazionali di Santa Cecilia (Rome) for the contermporary research. Furthermore, Renato Morelli screened a documentary on the field researches of Pietro Sassu in Sardinia and Marco Lutzu presented the 16 volumes of the Enciclopedia della Musica Sarda (Encyclopedia of Sardinian Music) that he and Francesco Casu have recently edited.

The final act of the conference was an open round table on the matter of the relationships between scholars and local music makers, chaired by Ignazio Macchiarella and Sebastiano Pilosu, with speeches by variuous professional scholars, Sardinian A tenore singers and amateur scholars of different provenance. All the sections had interesting final discussions, with the participation also of other ICTM members, including Placida Staro, Carmela Stella, Alessandro Faralli.

During the two days in Cagliari, the Italian Commettee General Assembly took place, to discuss the current state of the Commettee and future initiatives.The two days in Orgosolo were organized with the collaboration of the Associazione Tenores Sardigna (an association that gathers together almost all the groups of A Tenore Song from Sardinia) and by the A Tenore Group Supramonte from Orgosolo, that have carried out musical events along the streets of the village, for almost a whole night. (I.M.)


 Orgosolo September 29, after the final round table.