International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 10 (1958)

General Editor:  Maud Karpeles

Table of Contents

  • Editorial

Proceedings of the Tenth Conference, Copenhagen

  • Programme
  • ‘Opening Address’ by Nils Schio̵rring
  • ‘Structures Premodales et Pseudo-Gregoriennes dans les Melodies des Ballades Danoises’ by Thorkild Knudsen
  • ‘On the Problem of Pre-Pentatonic Scales: Particularly the Third-Second Nucleus’ by Kurt Reinhard
  • ‘The Tonal and Modal Structure of Yugoslav Folk Music’ by Vinko Žganec
  • ‘Some Parallels of Rare Modal Structures in Western and Eastern Europe’ by Lajos Vargyas
  • ‘Law and Freedom in the Interpretation of European Folk Epics’ by Fritz Bose and K. D.
  • ‘The Linked Stanza in Danish Ballads: Its Age and Its Analogues’ by Erik Dal
  • ‘Some Linguistic Approaches to Musical Analysis’ by Bruno Nettl
  • ‘A Study of Musical Diffusion Based on the Wandering of the Opening Peyote Song’ by Willard Rhodes
  • ‘Nepalese Folk Music’ by Arnold Bake
  • ‘Norwegian Folk Music Records’ by Rolf Myklebust
  • ‘A Century of Change in the Folk Music of an African Tribe’ by Klaus Wachsmann
  • ‘The Scales of Some Central Australian Songs’ by Catherine Caughie and C. J. C.
  • ‘Dance Notation and Folk Dance Research’ by Felix Hoerburger and K. D.


  • ‘Ludvík Kuba’ by Josef Brožek
  • ‘Charles-Arnold Kurr van Gennep (Luisbourg, 23 avril 1873. Epernay, 7 mai 1957)’ by Roger Pinon
  • ‘Johannes Koepp’ by Walter Salmen
  • ‘Albert Smijers’ by Jaap Kunst

Publications Received

Books, Music, Pamphlets

  • Chansons folkloriques françaises au Canada by Marguerite d'Harcourt; Raoul d'Harcourt. Review by C. M.-D.
  • Corpus di Musiche Popolari Siciliane by Ottavio Tiby. Review by L. C.
  • Slovenske L'udové Piesne (Slovak Folk Songs). Vol. III by F. Poloczek. Review by A. L. L.
  • Oudkempische Volksliederen en Dansen. Vols. I-IV by Theophiel Peeters. Review by A. A. B.
  • Nihon Minyō Taikan, Chūbu-hen (A Comprehensive Treatise on Japanese Folk Songs: Chubu Region, Hokuriku District) by The Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation); Tōhoku Minyōshu, Aomori-ken (Folk Songs of the Tōhoku Area, Aomori Prefecture) by The Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai. Review by L. E. R. P.
  • Songs of Ceylon by Surya Sena. Review by A. A. B.
  • Canta Brasil! by V. Aricó Junior; Alceu Maynard Araujo. Review by N. F.
  • Europäische Volksmusik und abendländische Tonkunst by Walter Wiora. Review by E. D.
  • Music in Primitive Culture by Bruno Nettl. Review by P. C.-H.
  • Chinesische Musik by Kurt Reinhard. Review by B. S.
  • Panorama de la Musica Tradicional de Mexico by Vicente T. Mendoza. Review by A. L. L.
  • Nordisk folkeviseforskning siden 1800. Omrids af text- og melodi-studiets historie og problemer især i Danmark by Erik Dal. Review by C.-A. M. and K. D.
  • Selma Nielsens viser. Et repertoire af folkelige sange fra det 19. århundredes slutning udgivet af by Nils Schio̵rring. Review by E. D.
  • Ludolf Parisius und seine altmärkischen Volkslieder by Ingeborg Weber-Kellermann; Das Erbe des ostdeutschen Volksgesanges by Walter Salmen; Tonale Verhältnisse und Melodiestruktur im ostslawischen Volkslied by Gust. William Meyer. Review by B. N.
  • Das Totenwacht-Singen im Burgenland by Karl M. Klier; Volkstümliche Musikinstrumente in den Alpen by Karl M. Klier. Review by J. S. W.
  • Moldvai Csángó Népdalok és Népballadák (Csángó Folk Songs and Ballads from Moldavia) by Jozsef Faragó; Janos Jagamas; Csángó Népzene I (Csángó Folk Music) by Pal Peter Domokos; Benjamin Rajeczky. Review by L. L.
  • Die Zwiefachen, Gestaltung und Umgestaltung der Tanzmelodien im nördlichen Altbayern by Felix Hoerburger. Review by R. W.
  • Manual de Danças Gaúchas by J. C. Paixão Cortes; L. C. Barbosa Lessa. Review by L. A.
  • A Selection of European Folk Dances. Review by E. J. N.
  • Um folguedo do povo: o Bumba-meu-Boi by Abelardo Duarte. Review by N. F.
  • Woodwind Instruments and Their Hisiory by Anthony Baines. Review by L. E. R. P.
  • Relacao dos Discos Gravados no Estado de Minas Gerais. Review by A. L. L.


  • Les Colloques de Wégimont by Paul Collaer. Review by K. P. W.
  • Acta Musicologica. Vol. XXVIII, Fsc. 3. Review by J. S. W.
  • Revue de Psychologie des Peuples. 11me Année, No. 4. Review by P. C.-H.
  • Revista de Folclor, Vols. I and II. Review by A. L. L.
  • Slovenský Národopis (Slovak Ethnography), Vols. IV and V. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Slovenski Etnograf (The Slovenian Ethnographer), Vol. IX by Boris Orel; Milko Matičetov. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Glasnik Inštituta za slovensko narodopisje (Bulletin of the Institute of Slovenian Ethnography). Vol. I, Nos. 1-4. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Bilten Instituta za proučavanje folklora (Bulletin of the Institute of Folklore Research), No. 3 by Cvjetko Rihtman. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Deutsches Jahrbuch für Volkskunde, I and II. Review by J. S. W.
  • Pro Musica. Review by J. S. W.
  • Hausmusik. Vol. XX, Nos. 4/5 and 6. Review by J. S. W.
  • Jahrbuch des Österreichischen Volksliedwerkes. Vol. V. Review by J. S. W.
  • Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Vol. VIII, No. 1. Review by E J. N.
  • Commission Nationale Belge de Folklore, Section Wallonne. Annuaire VI
  • Cahiers de la Danse. Bulletin international de recherches et d'esthétique. Nos. 3 and 4. Review by M. K.
  • The Folk Dancer. Vol. 3, Nos. 5-6; The Folklorist. Vol. 4, Nos. 1-3. Review by M. K.
  • Anuario Musical. Vol. II; Anuario Musical. Vol. III; Anuario Musical. Vol. IV; Anuario Musical. Vol. V; Anuario Musical. Vol. VII; Anuario Musical. Vol. IX; Anuario Musical. Vol. X
  • African Music. Review by D. K. R.
North America
  • Ethnomusicology Newsletter. Nos. 8, 9, 10 and 11 by Alan P. Merriam. Review by P. C.-H.
  • Journal of American Folklore. Vol. 70, No. 276 by Thomas A. Sebeok. Review by K. P. W. and M. K.
South America
  • Archivos Venezolanos de Folklore. Año IV-V Tomo III Núm. 4. Review by N. F.
  • Boletin del Instituto de Folklore. Vol. II, No. 5; Boletin del Instituto de Folklore. Vol. II, No. 6; Boletin del Instituto de Folklore. Vol. II, No. 7. Review by V. K.
  • Sodre. No. 4. Review by N. F.
  • I. B. E. C. C. Nos. 107-116. Review by V. K.

Articles from Periodicals

  • Les origines préhistoriques de la danse by Maurice L. A. Louis; Les danses macabres en France et en Italie by Maurice L. A. Louis. Review by K. P. W.
  • Deux Danses du Lavedan by Jean-Michel Guilcher. Review by V. A.
  • La Danza Durante le Colonia de Mexico by Vicente T. Mendoza. Review by L. A.
  • Pour le Folklore by Vige Langevin. Review by V. A.
  • Die Tanzschrift als wissenschaftliches Hilfsmittel by Walter Graf; Musikethnologie und Quellenkritik by Walter Graf; Musikethnologische Notizen zum Orpheus von Enns-Larch by Walter Graf. Review by F. H.
  • Une technique de transcription de la musique exotique (Expériences Pratiques) by Z. Estreicher. Review by K. P. W.
  • Sul rapporto tra il canto sinagogale in Italia e le origine del canto liturgico cristiano by Leo Levi. Review by N. F.
  • Instrumentos musicales folklóricos de España. 1: Las 'xeremies' de la Isla de Ibiza by M. Garcia Matos; El Folklore en la 'Suite Española' de Perez Cases by M. Garcia Matos; Folklore en Falla. I and II by M. Garcia Matos. Review by N. F.
  • Recitativul Epic al Baladei by Emilia Comişel. Review by A. L. L.
  • Naiul-Contributie la Cunoasterea Instrumentelor Populare by Vasile Nicolescu. Review by A. L. L.
  • >Lionel Budden, and English Collector of Our Melodies by Danica S. Janković; Vladimir Đorđevic and Folk Dances by Ljubica Janković; "Prilog proučavanju ostataka orskih obrednih igara u Jugoslaviji." (A Contribution to the Study of the Survival of Ritual Dances in Jugoslavia) by Ljubica Janković; Danica Janković
  • Ascoltate, le colline cantano! by Alan Lomax. Review by D. K. R.
  • Notes on Scottish Gaelic Waulking Songs by J. L. Campbell. Review by A. M. F.
  • What Kind of Music for China? by Ho Lu-Ting; Chinese Music: Its Past and Its Present by Yin Fa-Lu; Yang Yin-Liu; Chinese Folk Song by Ma Ko. Review by M. K.
  • La flûte de Pan dans l'Egypte ancienne by H. Hickmann. Review by A. A. B.
  • Die rheinischen Fassungen des Liedes von den 12 heiligen Zahlen im Zusammenhang der europäischen Überlieferung by Ernst Klusen. Review by E. D.

Gramophone Records

  • Songs and Dances of Great Lakes Indians by Gertrude Prokosch Kurath; Indian Music of the Southwest by Laura Boulton. Review by A. P. M.
  • Music of the Ituri Forest by Colin M. Turnbull; Francis S. Chapman; Music of Africa Series by Hugh Tracey. Review by K. P. W.
  • Cajun Songs from Louisiana by I. Bonstein; Negro Prison Camp Work Songs by T. Seeger; P. Seeger; J. Lomax,; C. Bower; F. Hellerman; Wolf River Songs by Sidney Robertson Cowell; Songs of Aran by Sidney Robertson Cowell; The Big Drum Dance of Carriacou by Andrew C. Pearse; Folk Dances of Greece by James A. Notopoulos. Review by A. L. L.
  • Arabic and Druse Music by Sam Eskin. Review by P. C.-H.
  • Rhythmes et Mélodies de Turquie by Blaise Calame. Review by P. C.-H.
  • Muzićki Folklor Hrvatskog Primorja i Istre. (Musical Folklore of Istria and the Croatian Littoral) by Nedjelko Karabajić. Review by C. R.
  • An Anthology of Cante Flamenco by Tomás Andrade de Silva. Review by V. K.
  • Folk Music from Nova Scotia by Helen Creighton; Nova Scotia Folk Music from Cape Breton by Diane Hamilton. Review by E. K. W.
  • John Langstaff Sings American and British Folksongs and Ballads by John Langstaff; The Ballad Record by Ed McCurdy; Kenneth Goldstein; O Lovely Appearance of Death by Hally Wood; Folk Songs of Courting and Complaint Sung by Peggy Seeger by Peggy Seeger; Jean Ritchie Sings by Jean Ritchie; Kentucky Mountain Songs Sung by Jean Ritchie by Jean Ritchie. Review by M. K.
  • Folk Song To-Day by Peter Kennedy; Philip Tanner by Philip Tanner. Review by M. K.
  • Folk Music Lecture. Review by M. K.
  • My Life in Recording Canadian-Indian Folk-Lore by Dr. Marius C. Barbeau by Marius C. Barbeau. Review by A. L. L.