International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 2 (1950)

General Editor:  Maud Karpeles

Table of Contents

  • Editorial: Some Reflections on the Venice Festival and Congress
  • ‘The Venice Festival: Some Impressions of a Visitor’ by Tola Korian
  • ‘Dances and Music at the International Folk Music Congress and Festival’ by Violet Alford

Proceedings of the Congress Held in Venice September 7th to 11th, 1949

  • Introductory Addresses
  • ‘England's Ritual Dances’ by Douglas Kennedy
  • ‘Des Danses D'anatolie et de Leur Caractère Rituel’ by Ahmed Adnan Saygun
  • ‘Forms and Aspects of the Ballo Tondo Sardo’ by Bianca Maria Galanti and N. F
  • ‘Wedding Dances and Songs of the Jews of Bokhara’ by Edith Gerson-Kiwi
  • ‘A Question about the Tarantella’ by Paolo Toschi and N. F
  • ‘Lanternette and Trallalero in the Genoese Popular Tradition’ by Giuseppe Piersantelli and N. F
  • ‘Les Problemes Generaux de la Musique Populaire en Afrique Noire’ by Herbert Pepper
  • ‘Le Style de la Danse Populaire en France’ by Vige Langevin
  • ‘Regional Committees for the Comparative Study of Folk Music’ by Solon Michaelides
  • ‘Scottish Country Dancing’ by Jean Milligan
  • ‘Innviertler Landla Dance’ by Hans Commenda
  • ‘Irish Dances and Songs’ by Donal O'Sullivan
  • ‘Some Particulars of Indonesian Dancing’ by Sugeng Notohadinegoro
  • ‘Quelques Problemes Touchant la Chanson Populaire en Suisse’ by A. Geering
  • ‘The Canzoni di Alettali Matrice of the Court Dances and of the Filastrocca during the Fifteenth Century and Earlier’ by Fausto Torrefranca and N. F
  • ‘Some Hobby-Horses in South India’ by Arnold Baké
  • ‘Chansons D'accompagnement’ by Francois Brassard
  • ‘Folk Music and Italian Broadcasting’ by Giulio Razzi and N. F
  • Other Communications
  • ‘La Chanson Populaire en Belgique’ by Ernest Closson
  • Notes and News


  • ‘Giulio Fara’ by Luigi Colacicchi and N. F
  • Mr. Richard Callender
  • Reports from Correspondents and National Organisations

Publications Received

Music, Books and Pamphlets

  • Music in Java: Its Theory, Its History and Its Technique by Jaap Kunst; Emile van Loo. Review by A. A. B
  • The Music Makers by A. M. Jones; Ngoma by Hugh T. Tracey; Chopi Musicians by Hugh Tracey; Lalela Zulu, 100 Zulu Lyrics by Hugh Tracey. Review by K. P. W
  • African Folk Songs-Book I by H. C. N. Williams; J. N. Maselwa. Review by P. S.-S
  • Folkemusikk i Gudbrandsdalen (Folk Music in the Gulbrandsdal) by D. M. Sandvik. Review by C. A. M
  • La Voz del Pasado by Maria Luisa Sepúlveda; Cancionero Chileno by Maria Luisa Sepúlveda. Review by N. F
  • Como se Baîla la Cueca Chilena by Chilote Campos. Review by N. F
  • Nuestra Señora de las Peñas by Carlos Lavin. Review by N. F
  • Cinq Chansons Rustiques Iraniennes by Roubik Grigorian; Recueil de Chansons Rustiques Iraniennes by Roubik Grigorian. Review by P. S.-S
  • Viva la musica by S. Fisch; W. S. Huber; J. Zentner. Review by A.-E. C
  • Hill Country Tunes by Samuel Preston Bayard. Review by M. K
  • American Folk Songs for Children by Ruth Crawford Seeger. Review by M. K
  • Du-li, du-li-gaida by R. Katzarova; A. Raxvetnikov; P. Kassabova. Review by M. K
  • England's Dances; Folk Dancing To-Day and Yesterday by Douglas Kennedy. Review by R. U. S
  • Handbooks of European National Dances: by Violet Alford; Czechoslovakia by Mila Lubinová; The Netherlands by E. van der Ven-Ten Bensel; Sweden by Erik Salvén; Switzerland by Louise Witzig. Review by D. N. K
  • El Ball i la Dansa Popular a Catalunya by Aureli Capmany. Review by St. G. H. P
  • La danza de espadas y la tarantela by Marius Schneider. Review by N. F
  • Lo Ball de Bastons en Lérida by Fernando Tarrago Pleyán. Review by V. A
  • Danças Regionais by Armando Leça. Review by L. A
  • Narodne Igre (Folk Dances). Vol. IV by Ljubica Janković; Danica Janković. Review by E. V. de B
  • 45 Folkdanser Utgivna av Brage. Review by K. D
  • Finlandssvenska Musikfester by Otto Andersson. Review by K. D
  • Österreichische Volkstänze by Raimund Zoder. Review by J. S. W
  • La Phonothèque Nationale by Roger Dévigne. Review by M. K

Periodicals and Articles

  • Ricreazione. Year 1, Nos. 7-8. Review by N. F
  • Miroir des Lettres Hongroises, No. 6; Corvina, A Hungarian Digest, No. 6. Review by J. S. W
  • Commissao Nacional de Folclore do I. B. E. C. C. Semana Folclórica. Review by N. F
  • Volkslied Volkstanz-Volksmusik. Vol. 49, Nos. 1-2, 3-4. Review by J. S. W
  • Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Vol. V, No. 3. Review by M. K
  • The Proceedings of the Scottish Anthropological and Folklore Society. Vol. IV, No. 1. Review by M. K
  • The Editor's Page by S. P. Bayard; Mechanical Help in the Study of Folk Song by Bertrand H. Bronson. Review by M. K
  • Southern Folklore Quarterly. Vol. XII, No. 1. Review by M. K
  • Viltis by V. F. Beliajus. Review by P. S.-S
  • African Music Society Newsletter. Vol I, No. 2. Review by M. K
  • Ar Soner: Revue mensuelle bilingue de "Bodadeg Ar Sonerion," No. 2. Review by P. S.-S
  • Le Folklore Musical by Constantin Brailoiu. Review by S. B.-B
  • Ancora sulla Moresca by Bianca Maria Galanti. Review by St. G. H. P
  • Some Aspects of Irish Music and Poetry by Donal O'Sullivan. Review by A. M. F
  • Belle Aelis et sa Postérité Folklorique by Patrice Coirault. Review by P. S.-S

Recent German Publications: New Works on European Folk Song from the German Folk Song Archives (Freiburg)

  • Archiv für Literatur und Volksdichtung by John Meier; Erich Seeman; Werner Kohlschmidt
  • Jahrbuch für Volksliedforschung by John Meier
  • Angebinde, John Meier zum 85 Geburtstag am 14 Juni, 1949, dargeboten. (A Birthday Present for John Meier on His 85th Bithday on 14th June, 1949, Offered by His Friends and Colleagues from Basle and Freiburg) by Friedrich Maurer
  • Zur Frühgeschichte der Musik in den Alpenländern. (On the Early History of the Music of the Alps) by Walter Wiora
  • Further Publications
  • New Song Books
  • Gramophone Records
  • Errata: Le Recueil et la Notation de la Musique Folklorique
  • Errata: The Lament of the Maidens (Pianto delli Zitelle)