International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 8 (1956)

General Editor:  Maud Karpeles

Table of Contents

  • [Illustrations]: Lei Tambourinaire de Sant Sumian, Provence, in "Les Jardinières." Musicians of the Group, Jasenka, from Eastern Moravia (Valašsko)
  • Editorial
  • ‘Impressions of Oslo, 1955’ by Victoria Kingsley
  • ‘Third International Folk Dance Festival’ by Edward J. Nicol

Proceedings of the Eighth Conference of the International Folk Music Council Held at Oslo, Norway

  • Opening of the Conference
  • ‘Scandinavian Folk Music: A Survey’ by Erik Dal and Lis Pihl
  • ‘Scandinavian Folk Music on British Soil’ by Patrick Shuldham Shaw
  • ‘The Hardanger Fiddle: The Tradition, Music Forms and Style’ by Arne Bjo̵rndal
  • ‘Some Folk Fiddlers' Habits and Styles in Western Pennsylvania’ by Samuel P. Bayard
  • ‘Folklore Elements in the Yugoslav Orthodox and Roman Catholic Liturgical Chant’ by Vinko Žganec
  • ‘Harp Songs from Uganda’ by K. P. Wachsmann
  • ‘Singing Contests in Central Asia’ by E. Emsheimer
  • ‘Songs of the Slovak Mountains’ by Karel Plicka
  • ‘European Song-Dance Forms’ by Richard Wolfram
  • ‘Swiss Dancing Songs’ by W. S. Huber
  • ‘Greek Song-Dance’ by Solon Michaelides}
  • ‘'Rondes' from French Canada’ by Marius Barbeau
  • ‘Problemes et Methodes de L'Adaption Scenique des Danses Populaires’ by Olga Skovran and Olivera Mladenović
  • Other Communications and Demonstrations
  • Closing Addresses and Discussions
  • ‘Folk Song Style: Notes on a Systematic Approach to the Study of Folk Song’ by Alan Lomax
  • ‘Report of the Radio Commission’ by H. J. Dahmen, Andreas Reischek, Ernst Klusen, G. Brenta and Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • Notes and News


  • ‘Hans von der Au’ by Richard Wolfram and K. D.
  • ‘Eduardo Martinez Torner’ by J. B. Trend
  • ‘Capmany et Farrés (Aurelio)’ by P. de Donostia


  • ‘Ethno-Musicology by Jaap Kunst’ by Jaap Kunst
  • ‘Articles by Dr. Hickmann’ by H. Hickmann and L. E. R. Picken

Publications Received

Music, Books and Pamphlets

  • Ethno-Musicology by Jaap Kunst. Review by F. H.
  • The Nuclear Theme as a Determinant of Paṭet in Javanese Music by Mantle Hood. Review by L. E. R. P.
  • Dicionário do Folclore Brasileiro by Luís Da Câmara Cascudo. Review by A. L. L.
  • Los Instrumentos de la Musica Afrocubana, Vol. III (Los tambores xilofonicos y Los membranofonos abiertos, A a N) by Fernando Ortiz. Review by A. L. L.
  • Candomblés da Bahia by Edison Carneiro. Review by V. K.
  • Cantos de Trabajo del Pueblo Venezolano by Luis Felipe Ramon Y Rivera. Review by V. K.
  • Serbocroatian Heroic Songs. Volume I, Novi Pazar: English Translations, with Musical Transcriptions by Milman Parry; Albert Bates Lord; Bela Bartók; Serbocroatian Heroic Songs. Volume II, Novi Pazar: Serbocroatian Texts by Milman Parry; Albert Bates Lord. Review by C. R.
  • Ötödfélszáz Énekek. Pálóczi Horváth Ádám Dalgyüjteménye az 1813. Évből. (Four-and-a-Half Hundred Songs. The Collection of Ádám Horváth de Pálócz in the Year 1813) by Dénes Bartha; József Kiss; Ádám Pálóczi Horváth. Review by J. S. W.
  • Emlékkönyv Kodály Zoltán 70. Születésnapjára. ("Festschrift" for Zoltán Kodály's 70th Birthday) by Bence Szabolcsi; Dénes Bartha. Review by J. S. W.
  • Bartók Béla Levelei (Letters of Béla Bartók) by János Demény; Béla Bartók. Review by C. M.
  • Moldvai Csángó Népdalok és Népballadák. (Folksongs and Folkballads of the Moldavian Csángós) by József Faragó; János Jagamas; Júlia Szegő; Röpülj Páva Röpülj. Magyar Népballadák és Balladás Dalok. (Fly, Peacock, Fly. Hungarian Folkballads and Ballad-Songs) by Imre Csanádi; Lajos Vargyas. Review by J. S. W.
  • A Magyar Népzene Tára. II. Jeles Napok (Corpus Musicae Popularis Hungaricae. II. Notable Days) by Béla Bartók; Zoltán Kodály; György Kerényi. Review by J. S. W.
  • Régi Népdalok Kiskunhalasról. (Old Folksongs from Kiskunhalas) by László Nagy Czirok; Lajos Vargyas. Review by J. S. W.
  • Széki gyüjtés (Collection of Szék) by László Lajtha. Review by J. S. W.
  • A Magyar Zenetörténet Kézikönyve (Handbook of the History of Hungarian Music) by Bence Szabolcsi. Review by C. M.
  • Népzene és Történelem. (Folk Music and History) by Bence Szabolcsi. Review by J. S. W.
  • Přiručka za Serbskich Ludowĕdnikow (Handbook for Lusatian Folklorists) by P. Nedo; B. Nawka; Lĕtopis Instituta za Serbski Ludospyt. (Year Book of the Institute for Lusatian Folklore) by P. Nowotny. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Česká ethnografie a folkloristika v letech 1945-1952. (Czech ethnography and folkloristics in the Years 1945-1952) by Ludvik Kunz. Review by J. B.
  • Folksongs and Folklore of South Uist by Margaret Fay Shaw. Review by A. M. F.
  • Cecil Sharp by A. H. Fox Strangways; Maud Karpeles. Review by E. J. N.
  • Der Stammescharakter in den Weisen neuerer deutscher Volkslieder by Ernst Klusen. Review by I. F. F.
  • Deutsche Volkslieder demokratischen Charakters aus sechs Jahrhunderten, Bd. I by Wolfgang Steinitz. Review by R. H.
  • Norsk Folkemusikk by Arne Bjo̵rndal. Review by K. D.
  • Slåtter og Folketonar frå Bo̵ i Telemark by G. O. Nordbo̵. Review by E. D.
  • The Correspondence of Thomas Percy and David Dalrymple, Lord Hailes by A. F. Falconer; Thomas Percy; David Dalrymple; Lord Hailes. Review by M. D.-S.
  • Negro Slave Songs by Miles Mark Fisher. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Music in Canada by Ernest MacMillan. Review by M. S. C.
  • Ballads Migrant in New England by Helen Hartness Flanders; Marguerite Olney. Review by E. K. W.

Anthologies and Arrangements

  • Canti Ceremissi (Cheremiss/Mari/Folksongs) for Voice and Piano by Sándor Veress. Review by C. M.
  • 99 Cigány Népdal (99 Gypsy Folksongs) by Imre Csenki; Miklós Pászti; 96 Csángómagyar Népdal (96 Csángó-Hungarian Folksongs) by Pál Péter Domokos. Review by C. M.
  • Slovenské Ludové Piesne (Slovak Folk Songs). Vol. II by F. Poloczek. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Kytice lidových písní by Bartoš; Janáček; Boskovicý zpêvníček by O. Sirovátka. Review by E. V. de B.
  • The Ballad Book by MacEdward Leach. Review by M. D.-S.
  • All Round My Hat, English Folk Songs and Dances. Engelsk Språkkurs i radio våren by Tom Fletcher. Review by M. D.-S.
  • Naš Spêw (Our Song) by Turij Winar; Frog went a'courting by John Langstaff; Rojankovsky. Review by E. V. de B.

Folk Dance

  • Dances of Argentina by A. L. Lloyd; Dances of Mexico by Guillermina Dickins; Traditional Dances of Latin-America by W. O. Galbraith; Scotland's Dances by H. A. Thurston. Review by D. N. K.
  • Three Nantgarw Dances by W. S. Gwynn Williams; The Llangadfan Dances by Lois Blake; W. S. Gwynn Williams. Review by K. B. C.
  • Somogyi Táncok. (Dances of Somogy) by Péter Morvay; Ernő Pesovár. Review by J. S. W.
  • Slovenské L'udové Tance vo Vojvodine by Milica Ilijin; Madarske Narodne Igre iz Vojvodine by Margarita Debeljak; Milica Ilijin. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Les danses folkloriques Haïtiennes by Michel Lamartiniere Honorat. Review by R. P.


  • African Music, Vol. I, No. 1. Review by F. B.
  • Tōyō Ongaku Kenkyū. Vols. XII and XIII by The Society for Research in Asiatic Music. Review by L. E. R. P.
Latin America
  • Anuario de la Sociedad Folklorica de Mexico. No. IX; Anuario de la Sociedad Folklorica de Mexico. No. X
  • Revista de Estudios Musicales. Ano III, No. 7
  • Boletin del Instituto de Folklore. Vol. II, No. 1. Review by A. L. L.
  • Boletin de la Asociacion Tucumana de Folklore. Vol. I; Boletin de la Asociacion Tucumana de Folklore. Vol. II. Review by R. P.
North America
  • Journal of American Folklore. Vol. LXVIII, No. 268 by Thomas A. Sebeok
  • Southern Folklore Quarterly. Vol. XVIII, No. 3 by Alton C. Morris
  • Midwest Folklore. Vol. V, No. 2 by W. Edson Richmond
  • Arts et Traditions Pópulaires by Marie-Louise Teneze. Review by R. P.
  • Evocations. Bulletin mensuel du Groupe d'Etudes historiques et Géographiques du Bas Dauphiné. No. 59-60. Review by R. P.
  • Bulletin Folklorique d'Ile-de-France. Review by R. P.
  • Ar Soner, la Revue du Folklore Vivant de Bretagne. No 59 à 79. Review by R. P.
  • Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Vol. VII, No. 3 by Sara E. Jackson. Review by V. A.
  • Néprajzi Értesitő. Vol. XXXVI by Iván Balassa. Review by C. M.
  • Slovenske narodopisne študije (Slovene Folkloristic Studies). Vol. III. Gibno-zvočni obraz Slovencev (The Image of the Slovenes in Tone and Movement) by France Marolt; Slovenske narodopisne študije (Slovene Folkloristic Studies). Vol. IV. Slovenski Glasbeni folklor (Slovene Musical Folklore) by France Marolt. Review by: J. B.
  • Československá Ethnografie (Czechoslovak Ethnography). Vol. I, No. 1-4; Československá Ethnografie (Czechoslovak Ethnography). Vol. II, No. 1-4; Český Lid (Czech Folk). Vol. XLI, No. 1-6. Review by J. B.
  • Jahrbuch des Österreichischen Volksliedwerkes, Vol. III. Review by J. K.
  • Jaarboek, Vol. V. Review by J. K.
  • Heimatleben. Vol. XXVII, No. 3 by Louise Witzig; Heimatleben. Vol. XXVIII, No. 2 by Louise Witzig
  • Hausmusik. No. 6; Hausmusik. No. 1
  • Mens en Melodie. Vol. IX, No. 10; Mens en Melodie. Vol. X, No. 1
  • La Lapa. Argomenti de Storia e Letteratura popolare. I-III by Eugenio Cirese; Alberto Cirese. Review by R. P.
  • Folklore. Review by B. M. G.
  • Il Tesaur. a. V, n. 4-6. Review by B. M. G.
  • The Unesco Courier. No. 8-9. Review by M. K.

Folk Dance

  • Spelemannsbladet, Nos. 9-10. Review by K. D.
  • Storpolskan: Medlemsblad för Södermanlands Spelman förbund. No. 2 by J. M. Johansson. Review by K. D.
  • The Folk Dancer. Vol. I, No. 6 by Hugh A. Thurston; The Folk Dancer. Vol. II, Nos. 1 to 3 by Hugh A. Thurston. Review by E. J. N.
  • Folk by Charles Gustavus; Michael Foy. Review by M. K.

Articles from Periodicals

  • African Music Re-Examined in the Light of New Materials from the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi by A. P. Merriam; Song Texts of the Bashi by A. P. Merriam; Musical Instruments and Techniques of Performance among the Bashi by A. P. Merriam; The Use of Music in the Study of a Problem of Acculturation by A. P. Merriam. Review by F. B.
  • Songs of the Nootka Indians of Western Vancouver Island by Helen H. Roberts; Morris Swadesh. Review by F. B.
  • North American Indian Musical Styles by Bruno Nettl. Review by W. R.
  • Chippewa Sacred Songs in Religious Metamorphosis by Gertrude P. Kurath. Review by F. B.
  • Le metier de musicien au temps des Pharaons by Hans Hickmann; Die altägyptische Rassel by Hans Hickmann; Le problème de la notation musicale dans l'Egypte ancienne by Hans Hickmann; Terminologie musicale de l'Egypte ancienne by Hans Hickmann. Review by F. B.
  • Photography as an Aid in Folk-Music Research by Olav Gurvin. Review by L. E. R. P.
  • Musique populaire vocale de l'île de Batz by Cl. Marcel-Dubois; M. Andral. Review by S. B.-B.
  • Die Tanzmusik im Deutschen Mittelalter by Walter Wiora; Walter Salmen; Der Brautreigen zu Kölbigk in der Heiligen Nacht des Jahres 1020 by Walter Wiora. Review by L. L.
  • Un musicologue roumain: Constantin Braïloïu by Samuel Baud-Bovy. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Der Tanz mit der Trommel by Felix Hoerburger. Review by L. L.
  • Dérobées et Monférines en Basse-Bretagne by H. Guilcher; J.-M. Guilcher. Review by R. P.
  • "Tri generacije narodnih igara u Čačku" (Three Generations of Folk Dances in Čačak) by Lj. Janković; D. Janković; "Susreti narodne igre za narodnom melodijom" (Where Folk Dance and Folk Melody Meet) by Lj. Janković; D. Janković; "Pravilno u nepravilnome" (The Regular in the Irregular) by Lj. Janković; D. Janković. Review by E. V. de B.

Gramophone Records

  • Columbia World Library of Folk and Primitive Music by Alan Lomax. Review by C. S.
  • Eight Traditional British-American Ballads. Review by E. K. W.