International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 23 (1991)

General Editor:  Dieter Christensen

Table of Contents

Theory and Methods

  • ‘Theory and Methods in Dance Research: A European Approach to the Holistic Study of Dance’ by Anca Giurchescu and Lisbet Torp
  • ‘American Approaches to the Study of Dance’ by Adrienne L. Kaeppler
  • ‘Japanese Approaches to the Study of Dance’ by Ohtani Kimiko
  • ‘Iconography and Dance Research’ by Tilman Seebass

Ethnographic Studies

  • ‘Institutions and Ideology in the Dissemination of Morris Dances in the Northwest of England’ by Theresa Jill Buckland
  • ‘Folklor: Staged Folk Music and Folk Dance Performances of Yugoslavs in Stockholm’ by Owe Ronström
  • ‘Nak'ota mąk'oc'e: An American Indian Storytelling Performance’ by Brenda Farnell

Computers and Dance Research

  • ‘Dance Notation and Computers’ by János Fügedi
  • ‘Personal Computers and Dance Ethnology Research’ by Elsie Ivancich Dunin
  • ‘The Computer as a Tool in Dance Research’ by Egil Bakka

Book Reviews

Reviews of Books about Dance

  • Dance and the Body Politic in Northern Greece by Jane K. Cowan. Review by Irene Loutzaki
  • Hula Pahu: Hawaiian Drum Dances by Elizabeth Tatar; Adrienne L. Kaeppler; Hawaiian Drum Dance Chants: Sounds of Power in Time by Elizabeth Tatar. Review by Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman
  • Chain and round Dance Patterns. A Method for Structural Analysis and Its Application to European Material by Lisbet Torp. Review by Anca Giurchescu

Reviews of Books about Music

  • The Land Where Two Streams Flow: Music in the German-Jewish Community of Israel by Philip V. Bohlman. Review by Barbara Von Der Lühe
  • Xhosa Music; Its Techniques and Instruments, with a Collection of Songs by David J. Dargie. Review by Deirdre D. Hansen
  • Musique et Extase: l'audition mystique dans la tradition soufie by Jean During. Review by Theodore Levin
  • Music and Media in Local Life. Music Practice in a Newar Neighbourhood in Nepal by Ingemar Grandin. Review by Mireille Helffer
  • Sitar Music in Calcutta by James Sadler Hamilton. Review by Peter Manuel
  • Folkmusikvågen: The Folk Music Vogue by Birgit Kjellström; Jan Ling; Christina Mattsson; Märta Ramsten; Gunnar Ternhag; Michael Johns; Folkmusikvågen: The Folk Music Vogue. Review by Derek Schofield
  • "My Song Is My Weapon": People's Songs, American Communism, and the Politics of Culture, 1930-1950 by Robbie Lieberman. Review by Peter Goldsmith
  • Jùjú. A Social History and Ethnography of an African Popular Music by Christopher Alan Waterman. Review by Veit Erlmann

Book Notes

  • Hosha'na Rabbah in Casale Monferrato 1732: Musical Ceremony for 5-6 Voices, Strings, Oboes and Basso Continuo by Anonymous Composers by Israel Adler; [Judeo-Spanish Moroccan Songs for the Life Cycle] Cantares Judeo Españoles de Marruecos para el Ciclo de la Vida by Susana Weich-Shahak. Review by Anthony Seeger
  • Red Dust and Broadsides: A Piece of People's History in Songs, Poems and Prose by Sis Cunningham. Review by Anthony Seeger
  • "The Whorehouse Bells Were Ringing" and Other Songs Cowboys Sing by Guy Logsdon. Review by Anthony Seeger
  • The Grieg-Duncan Folk Song Collection by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw; Emily B. Lyle; Andrew R. Hunter. Review by Anthony Seeger

Record Reviews

  • Canada, Jeux Vocaux Inuit (Inuit du Caribou, Netsilik et Igloolik) by Jean-Jacques Nattiez. Review by Anthony Seeger
  • Corsica: Traditional Songs and Music by Wolfgang Laade. Review by Bernard Lortat-Jacob
  • Galicia: Derradeira Polavila. Review by Salwa El-Shawan and Dorothe Schubarth
  • Kagura: Japán sintó szertartások zenéje [Japanese Shinto Ritual Music] by János Kárpáti. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Opeka nyimbo. Musician-Composers from Southern Malaŵi by Gerhard Kubik. Review by Veit Erlmann
  • Ppuri Kip'ŭn Namu Sanjo Chŏnjip [The Deep-Rooted Tree Sanjo Collection] by Hahn Changgi; Ppuri Kip'ŭn Namu Hanbango-ŭi Sŭlp'ŭn Sori [The Deep-Rooted Tree Collection of Korean Songs of Sorrow]. Review by David Waterhouse
  • Ricerche etnomusicologiche. Archivo Sonoro 6. Gli Albanesi di Calabria: Canti Bivocali delle Comunità Arbereshe (provincia di Cosenza) by di Innocenza De Gaudio; Ricerche etnomusicologiche. Archivo Sonoro 7. Canto Narrativo al Brallo by Luisa del Giudice; Ricerche etnomusicologiche. Archivo Sonoro 8. La Tradizione dei Balli Melchiade Benni (Appennino Bolognese) by Roberto Leydi. Review by Bernard Lortat-Jacob

Film / Video Reviews

  • The Longest Trail by Alan Lomax; Forrestine Paulay. Review by Joann W. Kealiinohomoku
  • Dancing by John Blacking; Bruce Milliard. Review by Moe Dodson and Andrée Grau

Bibliography of ICTM Study Group Publications

  • ‘Publications and Activities of the ICTM Study Group on Folk Musical Instruments’ by Andreas Michel
  • ‘Publications, Studies and Activities of the ICTM Study Group on Analysis and Systematisation of Folk Music’ by Oskár Elschek and Lýdia Mikušová
  • ‘Publications and Activities of the ICTM Study Group on Historical Sources of Folk Music 1967-1988’ by Wolfgang Suppan