International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 25 (1993)

General Editor:  Dieter Christensen

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Preface’ by Dieter Christensen
  • ‘Ottoman Sources on the Development of the Taksîm’ by Walter Feldman
  • ‘Musique, Nation & Territoire en Asie Interieure’ by Jean During
  • ‘Power Structures, Culture Policy, and Traditional Music in Soviet Central Asia’ by Alexander Djumaev
  • ‘The Reterritorialization of Culture in the New Central Asian States: A Report from Uzbekistan’ by Theodore Levin
  • ‘A Traditional Musician in Modern Society: A Case Study of Turgun Alimatov's Art’ by Otanazar Matyakubov
  • ‘The Shāndōng Highwayman: Mechanisms of Inclusion and Resistance and the Predication of Cantonese Identity through Cantonese Opera’ by Daniel Ferguson
  • ‘Gondang, Gods and Ancestors. Religious Implications of Batak Ceremonial Music’ by Artur Simon
  • ‘Prelude to a Comparative Investigation of Protestant Hymnody in Polynesia’ by Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman

Country Reports

  • ‘Ethnomusicology and Folk Music Research in Denmark’ by Jens Henrik Koudal
  • ‘Folk Dance Collections and Folk Dance Research in Denmark and the Færoe Islands’ by Lisbet Torp and Anca Giurchescu
  • ‘Folk Music Research and Folk Music Collecting in Greenland’ by Michael Hauser

Book Reviews

  • Music, Gender, and Culture by Marcia Herndon; Susanne Ziegler. Review by Jane C. Sugarman
  • Music in the Dialogue of Cultures: Traditional Music and Cultural Policy by Max Peter Baumann. Review by Robert Garfias
  • Essays on Cuban Music, North American and Cuban Perspectives by Peter Manuel. Review by François Borel
  • Musical Practice and Creativity: An African Traditional Perspective by Meki Nzewi. Review by Kazadi Wa Mukuna
  • African Musicology: Current Trends, Volume II. A Festschrift Presented to J. H. Kwabena Nketia by Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje. Review by Kofi Agawu
  • I Could Speak until Tomorrow: Oríkì, Women and the Past in a Yoruba Town by Karin Barber. Review by Chris Waterman
  • African Stars: Studies in Black South African Performance by Veit Erlmann. Review by Chris Waterman
  • Al-Sub'ah al-Kibār fī al-Mūsīqá al-'Arabīyah al-Mu'āṣirah [The Seven Great Ones in Modern Arabic Music] by Fiktūr Saḥḥāb. Review by Virginia Danielson
  • Studia Ethnomusicologica Eurasiatica II by Ernst Emsheimer. Review by Bruno Nettl
  • The World of the Gorrlaus Slåtts: A Morphological Investigation of a Branch of Norwegian Fiddle Music Tradition by Morten Levy. Review by Pandora Hopkins
  • Il maggio drammatico: una tradizione di teatro in musica by Tullia Magrini. Review by Linda Barwick
  • Thumri in Historical and Stylistic Perspective by Peter Manuel. Review by Ashok D. Ranade
  • Il concetto di musica: contributi e prospettive della ricerca etnomusicologica by Francesco Giannattasio. Review by Stephen Blum

Briefly Mentioned

  • Conversazioni sulla musica: lezioni, conferenze, trasmissioni radiofoniche, 1955-1990 by Diego Carpitella; Diego Carpitella: bibliografia con un appendice nastro-disco-videofilmografica by Roberta Tucci. Review by S. B.
  • Re-Envisioning Past Musical Cultures: Ethnomusicology in the Study of Gregorian Chant by Peter Jeffery. Review by S. B.
  • Catalogue of Hungarian Folksong Types, Arranged according to Styles by László Dobszay; Janka Szendrei. Review by S. B.
  • Kürt halk türküleri (kilam û stranên kurd): inceleme-antoloji by Mehmet Bayrak. Review by S. B.
  • Dangu yinyue yanjiu [A Study of Dangu Music] by Liu Gui-teng. Review by Hsiao Hui-Fen
  • Populäre Musik in Afrika by Veit Erlmann. Review by S. B.
  • Encyclopedia of Music in Canada by Helmut Kallmann; Gilles Potvin; Kenneth Winters. Review by S. B.
  • Sounds of the South by Daniel W. Patterson. Review by S. B.
  • The Creation of Jazz. Music, Race, and Culture in Urban America by Burton W. Peretti. Review by S. B.

Record Reviews

  • Songs before Dawn: Gandrung Banyuwangi by Philip Yampolsky; Indonesian Popular Music: Kroncong, Dangdut and Langgam Jawa by Philip Yampolsky; Music from the Outskirts of Jakarta: Gambang Kromong by Philip Yampolsky. Review by Sean Williams
  • Sri Lanka. Buddhist Chant I: Maha Pirit. The Great Chant by monks of the Madangalla Privena; Wolfgang Laade. Review by Mireille Helffer
  • Taiwan: Music of the Aboriginal Tribes by Wolfgang Laade; Taiwan: The Confucius Temple Ceremony by Wolfgang Laade. Review by Schu-Chi Lee
  • Turquie: Ceremonie des derviches Kadiri by Ahmed Kudsi Erguner. Review by Walter Feldmann
  • Yikhes: Frühe Klezmer-Aufnahmen von 1907-1939. Aus der Sammlung von Prof. Martin Schwartz. Review by Uri Sharvit
  • Polyphonies de Sardaigne by Bernard Lortat-Jacob. Review by Ignazio Macchiarella
  • Traditional Music of the World 2: Folk Music of Uttar Pradesh, India by Laxmi G. Tewari. Review by Gordon Thompson
  • Tallers de Música Popular. Sound Documentation of the Traditional Music of Valencia, Spain by Consellería de Cultura and the Fonoteca de Materials. Review by Pieter Minden

Briefly Mentioned (Records)

  • Bukhara: Musical Crossroads of Asia by Ted Levin; Otanazar Matykubov. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Central Asia in Forest Hills, N. Y.: Music of the Bukharan Jewish Ensemble Shashmaqam. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Tambours de la Terre 1 (Drums of the Earth 1): Afrique, Amérique; Tambours de la Terre 2 (Drums of the Earth 2): Asie. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Anka Dia: Musique et chant du Burkina Faso (Music and Songs from Burkina Faso) by Les Freres Coulibaly. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Music of Indonesia 4: Music of Nias and North Sumatra: Hoho, Gendang Karo, Gondang Toba by Philip Yampolsky. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Caribbean Revels: Haitian Rara and Dominican Gaga by Verna Gillis. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Musiques de l'Inde en Pays Créoles by Monique Desroches; Jean Benoist. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Carnival in Pernambuco/Brasil by International Institute for Traditional Music; Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde; Tiago de Oliveira Pinto. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Bolivie: Musiques calendaires des vallées centrales. (Bolivia: Calendar Music in the Central Valleys) by Bruno Flety; Rosalía Martínez. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Music of New Mexico: Native American Traditions. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Navajo Songs by Laura Boulton. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Plains Chippewa/Metis Music from Turtle Mountain: Native Drums, Fiddles, Chansons and Rock and Roll by Nicholas Churchin Peterson Vrooman. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Drums of Defiance: Maroon Music from the Earliest Free Black Communities of Jamaica by Kenneth Bilby. Review by Linda Fujie
  • [Oman: Traditional Arts of the Sultanate of Oman] Oman: Arts traditionnels du Sultanat d'Oman by Dieter Christensen. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Samullori: A Selection of Korean Classical Music by Samullori Group of the Korean Traditional Performing Arts Centre. Review by Linda Fujie
  • Cambodge: Musiques de l'exil [Cambodia: Music of the Exile] by The Orchestra of the Khmer Classical Dance Troupe. Review by Linda Fujie
  • [Poland: Dances] Pologne: Danses. Review by Linda Fujie