International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 27 (1995)

General Editor:  Dieter Christensen

Table of Contents

  • ‘Not All Hula Songs Are Created Equal: Reading the Historical Nature of Repertoire in Polynesia’ by Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman.
  • ‘Music-Making and the Concept of henua in an Atoll Environment’ by Helen Reeves Lawrence.
  • ‘Continuities in Fijian Music: Meke and Same’ by David Goldsworthy.
  • ‘The yin and yang of Chinese Music Historiography: The Case of Confucian Ceremonial Music’ by Joseph S. C. Lam.
  • ‘Styles of the Śahnāī in Recent Decades: From naubat to gāyakī ang’ by Reis Flora.
  • ‘Contemporary Manifestations of Yemeni-Derived Song and Dance in Indonesia’ by Charles Capwell.
  • ‘Kefi and Meraki in Rebetika Music of Adelaide: Cultural Constructions of Passion and Expression and Their Link with the Homeland’ by Demeter Tsounis.

Country Report

  • ‘Italian Ethnomusicology’ by Giovanni Giuriati.

Book Reviews

  • Musiques en fête: Maroc, Sardaigne, Roumanie by Bernard Lortat-Jacob. Review by Francesco Giannattasio.
  • Le réenchantement de la montagne: Aspects du folklore musical en Haute-Gruyère by Sylvie Bolle-Zemp. Review by Philip V. Bohlman.
  • Flamenco Deep Song by Timothy Mitchell. Review by Peter Manuel.
  • [Anthology: Jewish Folk Songs] Antologiya evreyskaya narodnaya pesnya by M. D. Gol'din; I. I. Zemtsovsky; L. M. Pecherskaya. Review by Mark Slobin.
  • Theory of African Music by Gerhard Kubik. Review by Katharine Cartwright Oppenheim.
  • In the Time of Cannibals. The Word Music of South Africa's Basotho Migrants by David B. Coplan. Review by Veit Erlmann.
  • Cassette Culture: Popular Music and Technology in North India by Peter Manuel. Review by Kirin Narayan.
  • Solo Tabla Drumming of North India: Its Repertoire, Styles, and Performance Practices by Robert S. Gottlieb. Review by Gordon Thompson.
  • Variation in Central Javanese Gamelan Music: Dynamics of a Steady State by R. Anderson Sutton. Review by Aline Scott-Maxwell.
  • Música, danzas y máscaras en los Andes by Raúl R. Romero. Review by John M. Schechter.
  • War Dance: Plains Indian Musical Performance by William K. Powers. Review by Robert Witmer.
  • Cuba canta y baila: discografía de la música cubana. Vol. I, 1898 a 1925 by Cristóbal Díaz Ayala. Review by Peter Manuel.
  • The Land Where the Blues Began by Alan Lomax. Review by Rob Van Der Bliek.
  • Thinking in Jazz: The Infinite Art of Improvisation by Paul Berliner. Review by Robert Witmer.
  • Musical Aesthetics and Multiculturalism in Los Angeles by Steven Loza. Review by Adelaida Reyes Schramm.

Briefly Mentioned

  • Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Allgemeine Enzyklopädie der Musik. Sachteil by Ludwig Finscher. Review by S. B.
  • Studies in Musicology II: 1929-1979 by Charles Seeger; Ann M. Pescatello. Review by S. B.
  • Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles, Vol. VII: Esthétiques by Laurent Aubert. Review by S. B.
  • Music and Musicians in Ancient Greece by Warren D. Anderson; Ancient Greek Music by M. L. West. Review by S. B.
  • Quelque chose se passe: le sens de la tradition dans l'Orient musical by Jean During. Review by S. B..
  • Sonnat va bigânegi-ye farhangi dar musiqi-ye Irân [Tradition and Culture Alienation in the Music of Iran] by Mohammad Reza Darvishi. Review by S. B.
  • Themes and Variations: Writings on Music in Honor of Rulan Chao Pian by Bell Yung; Joseph S. C. Lam. Review by S. B.

Record Reviews

  • Musik aus dem Bergland West-Neuguinea (Irian Jaya): Eine Klangdokumentation untergehender Musikkulturen der Eipo und ihrer Nachbarn Music from the Mountainous Region of Western New Guinea (Irian Jaya): A Documentation in sound of the Vanishing Music Cultures of the Eipo and Their Neighbours by Artur Simon; Ekkehart Royl. Review by Don Niles.
  • Eternal Voices: Traditional Vietnamese Music in the United States by Phong Th. Ngugen; Terry E. Miller; Cithare Vietnamienne/Vietnamese Zither: Trân Quang Hai by Mary Pardoe. Review by Mercedes M. Dujunco.
  • Mountain Music of Peru by John Cohen; Thomas Turino. Review by Raul R. Romero.
  • Borderlands: From Conjunto to Chicken Scratch. Music from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and Southern Arizona by Cathy Ragland; Pat Jasper; Américo Paredes; Manuel Peña; James S. Griffith. Review by Janet Sturman.
  • Songs of the Navajo by Kee Kinlechene; Yátzá; Mark S. Cass. Review by Rudolf Conrad.
  • Tondokumente zur Volksmusik in Österreich, Vol. 4: Romanusik 1. Amare gila. Unsere Lieder. Review by Irén Kertész Wilkinson.
  • Les festes de Santa Tecla, Tarragona by Jordi Bertran; Cançons i tonades tradicionals de la comarca d'Osona by Xavier Roviró; Ignasí Roviró; Juame Aiats. Review by Pieter Minden.
  • Azerbaïdjan: Anthologie du Mugam. Review by Ursula Reinhard.
  • Maroc. Musique Berbère du Haut-Atlas et de l'Anti-Atlas. (Morocco. Berber Music from the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas.) by Miriam Olsen. Review by Philip D. Schuyler.
  • Jüdische Lebenswelten: Patterns of Jewish Life. Highlights from the Concert Series "Traditional and Popular Jewish Music," Berlin 1992. Review by Walter Feldman.

Briefly Mentioned: Records

  • Cisco Houston: The Folkway Years, 1944-1961 by Guy Logsdon. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Woody Guthrie: Long Ways to Travel. The Unreleased Folkways Masters, 1944-1949 by Jeff Place; Guy Logsdon; Moses Asch. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • The Original Folkways Recordings of Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley: 1960-1962 by Ralph Rinzler; Jeff Place; Matt Walters. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Traditional Music from Cape Breton Island. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Yaomen Qin Music by Yao Gong-bai; Yao Gong-jing; Yao Bing-yan. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Music of Micronesia: Guam, Northern Marianas, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands by Hikaru Koide. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Nan-Kouan. Chants Courtois de la Chine du Sud by Kristofer Schipper. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Buddhist Music of Tianjin by Tianjin Buddhist Music Ensemble. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Voyage Musical Chine. Les 18 provinces [Musical Travel China. The 18 Provinces] by François Picard. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Mongolie. Chamanes et Lamas by Alain Desjacques. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Tajima Keiko: Her World of Syamisen by Tajima Keiko. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Turquie. Musiques villageoises d'Anatolie [Turkey. Anatolian Village Music] by Ursula Reinhard; Wolf Dietrich; Kurt Reinhard. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Bulgaria: Gaida Orchestra. Bagpipe Music from the Rhodope Mountains by Tsutomu Oohashi. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • The Balkans and Its Musical Roots. Serbian Folk Music. Varia by Bane Lokner. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Alte Volksmusik in der Schweiz by Tritonus. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Die schönsten Schweizer Volkslieder/Nos plus belles Chansons populaires. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Der Zitherhändler. Vielsaitige Zithermusik by Lorenz Mühlemann; Paolo Imola; Fabian Müller. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Huayno Music of Peru, Vol. 2. The Discos Smith Recordings (1960-1975). Review by Linda Fujie.