International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 28 (1996)

Articles for the 1996 Yearbook for Traditional Music focus on themes from ICTM's 33rd World Conference, held in Canberra, Australia, in January 1995. The issues is completed by an obituary, reviews of books, records, and films.

General Editor:  Dieter Christensen

Table of Contents


  • Catherine Ellis (1935-1996)


  • ‘Pygmy POP. A Genealogy of Schizophonic Mimesis’ by Steven Feld.
  • ‘The/An Ethnomusicologist and the Record Business’ by Hugo Zemp.
  • ‘Indigenous Music and the Law: An Analysis of National and International Legislation’ by Sherylle Mills.
  • ‘Ethnomusicologists, Archives, Professional Organizations, and the Shifting Ethics of Intellectual Property’ by Anthony Seeger.
  • ‘The Idea of Tradition Examined in the Light of Two Australian Musical Studies’ by Barry McDonald.
  • ‘Soldier-Musicians in an Australian Army Band: Understanding the Lived Experience of Gender’ by Roland Bannister.
  • ‘Using Tests of Sound Perception in Fieldwork’ by John Baily.
  • ‘Selected Audiography of Traditional Music of Aboriginal Australia’ by Linda Barwick and Allan Marett.

Book Reviews

  • Music in the Jewish Community of Palestine 1880-1948. A Social History by Jehoash Hirshberg. Review by Barbara Von Der Lühe.
  • Nightsong: Performance, Power, and Practice in South Africa by Veit Erlmann. Review by Angela Impey.
  • For Gerhard Kubik. Festschrift on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday by August Schmidhofer; Dietrich Schüller. Review by Daniel Avorgbedor.
  • Un roi africain et sa musique de cour. Chants et danses du palais à Porto-Novo sous le règne de Gbèfa (1948-1976) by Gilbert Rouget. Review by Gerard Béhague.
  • African Rhythm, a Northern Ewe Perspective by Kofi Agawu. Review by Daniel Avorgbedor.
  • Écoute le bambou qui pleure: Récits de quatre musiciens mélanésiens ('Aré'aré, Îles Salomon). Textes de 'Irisipau, Warousu, Namohani'ai, Tahuniwapu by Hugo Zemp. Review by Raymond Ammann.
  • An Annotated Bibliography of Oceanic Music and Dance by Mervyn E. McLean. Review by Peter Russell Crowe.
  • Gamelan: Cultural Interaction and Musical Development in Central Java by Sumarsam. Review by Roger Vetter.
  • Satsumabiwa. Die Laute der Samurai und ihre instrumentalen Spielstücke danpô. Untersuchungen zur Musikkultur Japans by Heinz-Eberhard Schmitz. Review by Sylvain Guignard.
  • Folk Music of China: Living Instrumental Traditions by Stephen Jones. Review by Frederick Lau.
  • "Silk and Bamboo" Music in Shanghai. The Jiangnan Sizhu Instrumental Ensemble Tradition by J. Lawrence Witzleben. Review by Helen Rees.
  • Mchod-rol: Les instruments de la musique tibétaine by Mireille Helffer. Review by Dag Tidemalm.
  • Perspektiven der Musikethnologie. Documentationstechniken und interkulturelle Beziehungen. Beiträge des Internationalen Symposiums in Budapest (22.-26. April 1990) by Bruno R. Reuer; Lujza Tari. Review by Stephen Erdely.
  • Music in the World of Islam: A Socio-Cultural Study by Amnon Shiloah. Review by Stephen Blum.

Briefly Mentioned

  • The Study of Jewish Music: A Bibliographical Guide by Israel Adler. Review by S. B..
  • EM: Annuario degli Archivi di Etnomusicologia dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. Review by S. B..
  • The Essence of Singing and the Substance of Song. Recent Responses to the Aboriginal Performing Arts and Other Essays in Honour of Catherine Ellis by Linda Barwick; Allan Marett; Guy Tunstill. Review by S. B..
  • The sound of the Dove: Singing in Appalachian Primitive Baptist Churches by Beverly Bush Patterson. Review by S. B..
  • Cancionero sefardí by Alberto Hemsi; Edwin Seroussi; Paloma Díaz-Mas; José Manuel Pedrosa; Elena Romero. Review by S. B..
  • Music of Southslavic Epics from the Bihać Region of Bosnia by Stephen Erdely. Review by S. B..
  • Volksmusikinstrumente und instrumentale Volksmusik in Russland by Ulrich Morgenstern. Review by S. B..
  • Musik in Japan. Aufsätze zu Aspekten der Musik im heutigen Japan by Sylvain Guignard. Review by S. B..
  • Musica e sociologia: una breve storia by Marcello Sorce Keller. Review by S. B..
  • The Social Theory of Practices: Tradition, Tacit Knowledge, and Presuppositions by Stephen Turner. Review by S. B.

Record Reviews

  • Song Creators in Eastern Turkey by Ursula Reinhard; Volker Reinhard; International Institute for Traditional Music. Review by Ralf Martin Jäger.
  • Old Believers: Songs of the Nekrasov Cossaks by Margarita Mazo. Review by Carl Rahkonen.
  • Anthologie musicale de la péninsule arabique [A Musical Anthology of the Arabian Peninsula] by Simon Jargy; Poul Rovsing Olsen. Review by Habib Hassan Touma.
  • Centrafrique: Musique pour sanza en pays gbaya [Central Africa: Sanza Music in the Land of the Gbaya] by Vincent Dehoux. Review by Jos Gansemans.
  • Musical Traditions of St. Lucia, West Indies. Dances and Songs from a Caribbean Island by Jocelyn Guilbault; Embert Charles; Manfred Kremser. Review by Krister Malm.
  • Le maqâm irakien. Tradition de Bagdad. Hommage à Yusuf Omar (1918-1987) by Schéhérazade Qassim Hassan. Review by Ulrich Wegner.
  • Ritual Music of the Kayapó-Xikrin, Brazil by Max Peter Baumann; International Institute for Traditional Music. Review by Rafael José De Menezes Bastos .

Briefly Mentioned

  • Pologne. Chansons et dances populaires [Poland. Folk Songs and Dances] by Radio Polonaise. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women by Rayne Green; Howard Bass. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Bunggridj-bunggridj: Wangga Songs by Alan Maralung, North Australia by Allan Marett; International Institute for Traditional Music. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Côte d'Ivoire, Sénoufo: Musique des funérailles Fodonon [Ivory Coast, Senufo: Music for Fodonon Funerals] by Michel de Lannoy. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Vanuato (Nouvelles-Hébrides): Musiques coutumières [Vanuatu (New Hebrides): Custom Music] by Peter Crowe. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Turquie: Musique soufie. Ilâhî et nefes par Nezih Uzel et Kudsi Erguner. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Syrie. Musique des derviches tourneurs de Damas by Shayhk Hamza Shakkûr; l'Ensemble Al-Kindî. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Sicily. Music of the Holy Week by Elsa Guggino; Girolamo Garofalo. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • La lira in Calabria by Coop "RLS." Research; E. Castagua; S. DiGiorgio; C. Idone; S. Megna; G. Plastino; E. Rinaldo; L. Scalamadré. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Hebrew Songs from Israel and the Orient by Ora Sittner; Youval Micenmacher. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Table Songs: Georgian Folksongs II by Rustavi Choir; Ansor Erkomaishvili. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Es wird nicht untergehen. Jüdisch-liturgische Gesänge aus Berlin. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • The Kenyah of Kalimantan (Indonesia) by Virginia Kathlene Gorlinski. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • China. Fanbai. Chant liturgique bouddhique. Leçon du matin à Shanghai. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Biwa, the World of Tsuruta Kinshi by Tsuruta Kinshi. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Namibie: Bushmen et Himba. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Musique à la croisèe des cultures [Music at the Crossroads] by Laurent Aubert. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Le Monde des musique traditionnelles [The World of Traditional Music]. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Harvest Song: Music from around the World as Inspired by Working the Land by Larry Blumfeld. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • ‘[Recordings from Madagascar Recently Published or Reissued]’ by Linda Fujie.
  • Fiesta de La Candelaria, Tlacotalpan, Veracruz [Mexico]. Review by D. C. and Linda Fujie.

Video Reviews

  • African Guitar: Solo Fingerstyle Guitar Music from Uganda, Congo/Zaïre, Central African Republic, Malawi, Namibia and Zambia, Audio-Visual Field Recordings 1966-1993 by Gerhard Kubik. Review by Leslie C. Gay, Jr..
  • Crossroads: Southern Routes. Music of the American South by Anthony Seeger; Amy Horowitz; Jon Kertzer; Microsoft Corporation. Review by John Murphy.