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Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 29 (1997)

Articles for the 1997 issue of the Yearbook for Traditional Music focus on various matters in the wide expanse of the Islamic world. Reviews of books and records complete the issue.

General Editor:  Dieter Christensen


  • ‘The Indian Sarangi: Sound of Affect, Site of Contest’ by Regula Burckhart Qureshi.
  • ‘African Winds and Muslim Djinns. Trance, Healing, and Devotion in Baluchistan’ by Jean During.
  • ‘Qat, Conversation, and Song: A Musical View of Yemeni Social Life’ by Philip D. Schuyler.
  • ‘The Forked Shawm. An Ingenious Invention’ by Jeremy Montagu.
  • ‘Music, Myth, and Liturgy at the Lingsar Temple Festival in Lombok, Indonesia’ by David Harnish.
  • ‘Folk Music Studies and Ethnomusicology in Spain’ by Josep Martí.

Book Reviews

  • Popular Music and Local Identity by Tony Mitchell; Global Pop: World Music, World Markets by Timothy D. Taylor. Review by Steven Feld.
  • Ethnomusicology Research: A Select Annotated Bibliography by Ann Briegleb Schuursma. Review by Tullia Magrini.
  • Dancing Prophets: Musical Experience in Tumbuka Healing by Steven Friedson; The Performance of Healing by Carol Laderman; Marina Roseman. Review by Carol Muller.
  • Harmony and Counterpoint: Ritual Music in Chinese Context by Bell Yung; Evelyn S. Rawski; Rubie S. Watson. Review by J. Lawrence Witzleben.
  • In Search of a Voice: Karaoke and the Construction of Identity in Chinese America by Casey Man Kong Lum. Review by Sue Tuohy.
  • Knowing Music, Making Music: Javanese Gamelan and the Theory of Musical Competence and Interaction by Benjamin Brinner. Review by Sean Williams.
  • The Didjeridu: From Arnhem Land to Internet by Karl Neuenfeldt. Review by Michael Webb.
  • Maori Music by Mervyn McLean. Review by Helen Reeves Lawrence.
  • Music of the Warao of Venezuela, Song People of the Rain Forest by Dale A. Olsen. Review by Anthony Seeger.
  • Merengue: Dominican Music and Dominican Identity by Paul Austerlitz. Review by Robin Moore.
  • The Steelband Movement: The Forging of a National Art in Trinidad and Tobago by Stephen Stuempfle. Review by Gage Averill.
  • Dancing Spirits: Rhythms and Rituals of Haitian Vodun, the Rada Rite by Gerdès Fleurant. Review by Michael Largey.
  • Jeannie Robertson. Emergent Singer, Transformative Voice by James Porter; Herschel Gower. Review by Anne Dhu McLucas.
  • May It Fill Your Soul: Experiencing Bulgarian Music by Timothy Rice. Review by Irene Markoff.
  • Muzychnyj Folklor z Poliss'ja. u zapisakh Filareta Kolessy ta Kazimira Moszyñskoho [Musical Folklore of Poliss'je. In Transcriptions of Filaret Kolessa and Kazimierz Moszyñski] by Zofia Hryca. Review by Anna Czekanowska.
  • Chassidic Tunes from Galicia by Uri Sharvit. Review by Mark Slobin.
  • Caribbean Currents: Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae by Peter Manuel; Kenneth Bilby; Michael Largey. Review by Gage Averill.

Briefly Mentioned

  • Tarjuma-i-Mānakutūhala and Risāla-i-Rāgadarpana by Faqirullāh; Shahab Sarmadee. Review by Allyn Miner.
  • Musiques Caraïbes by Isabelle Leymarie. Review by Gage Averill.

Record Reviews

  • Ireland's Whistling Ambassador. Micho Russell of Doolin, Co. Clare by Edward Haber; Bill Ochs. Review by Ann Buckley.
  • Folk Music in Sweden: Harmonica and Accordion by Märta Ramsten. Review by Maria Dunkel.
  • Dhrupadas aus Darbhanga, Nordinien by Gottfried Düren. Review by Richard Widdess.
  • Inde [India]. Tabla Solo. Hommage à Latif Ahmed Khan [A Tribute to Latif Ahmed Khan] by Jean-Luc Meylan; Paul Meyer. Review by Gregory D. Booth.
  • Chine. Ka-Lé. La cérémonie du bonheur. Musique des marionnettes à fils de Quanzhou (Fujian) [The Festival of Happiness. Music of the Quanzhou String Peppets (Fujian)] by Errol Maibach; François Picard. Review by Marianne Bröcker.
  • Fiesta de la Candelaria, Tlacotalpan, Veracruz. Review by Janet L. Sturman.
  • Bolivie: Charangos et guitarrillas du Norte Potosi [Bolivia: Charangos and Guitarrillas from Norte Potosi] by Florindo Alvis; Jean-Marc Grassler. Review by Max Peter Baumann.
  • Brésil. Enauené-Naué et Nhambiquara du Mato Grosso [Brazil. Enauené-Naué and Nhambiquara from Mato Grosso] by Luis Fernandez. Review by Tiago De Oliveira Pinto.

Briefly Mentioned

  • Die Zwanger spiel'n auf... Eine Dokumentation zum Musikantenleben in Stiwoll by Rudolf Pietsch; Institut für Volksmusikforschung an der Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna; Hermann Härtel of the Steierisches Volksliedwerk; Philip V. Bohlman. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Im steirischen Ennstal. Jodler, Lieder, Geschichten und Musik. Das Klangbild einer Landschaft. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Mei Schåtz is mei Schicksål. Klingende Kostbarkeiten aus dem Mariazellerland. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Russie. Chants polyphoniques de mariage [Russia. Polyphonic Wedding Songs] by Maison de la Radio. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Rafael Romero. Grands Cantaores du Flamenco. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Cantos de la Guerra de España [Songs of the Spanish Civil War] by Cobla de Barcelone. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Arte Flamenco, Vol. 13. Nostalgia. Los años treinta [Flamenco in the Thirties] by Angelillo; El Americano; Joselito de Cádiz; Cojo de Málaga; M. Borrull; Arte Flamenco, Vol. 14. L'Après Guerre/After the War/La Post-Guerra by Aurelio de Cádiz; El Niño de Almadén; El Chocolate. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Les Llibertats d'Orgue del Cicle de Nadal [Organ Impromptus of Christmastide] by Montserrat Torrent; Maria Ester-Sala; Josep M. Vilar; Josep Crivillé i Ramon Vilar. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Mesoraca. Vie musicale d'un village en Calabre [Musical Life in a Calabrian Village] by Antonello Ricci. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • From Sweden to America. Swedish Emigrant Songs/Amerikavisor. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • An Alter nign. Lieder der osteuropäischen Juden by Jalda Rebling. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Vie de Jésus. Chants de l'Eglise d'Orient en araméen by Jean-Alain Catz. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Music from Uganda: 1. Traditional, 2. Modern Traditional, 3. Modern Echoes of Kampala. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Puerto Rico in Washington. Caribbean Culture at the 1989 Festival of American Folklife by Pete Reiniger. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Kazakhstan. Musique d'Almatï [Music from Almatï] by Wolf Dietrich. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Indonésie, Toraja. Funérailles et Fêtes de Fécondité [Indonesia, Toraja. Funerals and Fertility Feasts] by Dana Rappoport; Serge Serafini. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Inde du Norde. Sangeet Trio en concert [North India. The Sangeet Trio in Concert.] by Radio France. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Sultan's Secret Door by Istanbul Oriental Ensemble. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • [Road of the Gypsies] L'Èpopée Tzigane by Christian Scholze; Jean Troullet; Alain Weber. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Dushá: The Soul of Bulgaria by Bulgarian All Star Orchestra. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Chine. Cheng Zhong. Musiques de Shanghai [Musics from Shanghai] by Radio France. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Algerie. Le diwân de Biskra [The diwân of Biskra] by François Dietz; Camel Zekri. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • Available sound. Darius by Hamza El Din. Review by Linda Fujie.
  • ‘[Sets of CDs Issued by Ocora/Radio France]’ by Linda Fujie.