International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 30 (1998)

Articles for the 1998 Yearbook for Traditional Music focus on themes from ICTM's 34th World Conference, held in Nitra, Slovakia, in June/July 1997. The guest editor for this issue is Wim van Zanten. Reviews of books and records complete the issue.

General Editor:  Dieter Christensen


  • ‘Arrows and Circles: An Anniversary Talk about Fifty Years of ICTM and the Study of Traditional Music’ by Bruno Nettl.
  • ‘How Beautiful Is Small? Music, Globalization and the Aesthetics of the Local’ by Veit Erlmann.
  • ‘Tales Tunes Tell: Deepening the Dialogue between "Classical" and "Non-Classical" in the Music of India’ by Matthew Harp Allen.
  • ‘Nicaraguan State Cultural Initiative and "The Unseen Made Manifest"’ by T. M. Scruggs.
  • ‘Constructing Gender in Sundanese Music’ by Sean Williams.
  • ‘The Pan-East/Southeast Asian and National Indonesian Song Bengawan Solo and Its Javanese Composer’ by Margaret Kartomi.
  • ‘The Structure of the Saeta Flamenca: An Analytical Study of Its Music’ by Corinna Kramer and Leo J. Plenckers.

Book Reviews

  • Borrowed Power: Essays on Cultural Appropriation by Bruce Ziff; Pratima V. Rao. Review by Robert C. Lancefield.
  • The Birth of Bebop: A Social and Musical History by Scott DeVeaux. Review by Alexander Stewart.
  • Kentucky Country by Charles K. Wolfe; Mountaineer Jamboree by Ivan Tribe; Prairie Nights to Neon Lights by Joe Carr; Alan Munde. Review by Richard Jones-Bamman.
  • A Day for the Hunter, a Day for the Prey: Popular Music and Power in Haiti by Gage Averill. Review by Kenneth Bilby.
  • Samba: Resistance in Motion by Barbara Browning. Review by Philip Galinsky.
  • Carnival, Canboulay and Calypso: Traditions in the Making by John Cowley. Review by Eric Charry.
  • Tango and the Political Economy of Passion by Marta E. Savigliano. Review by David F. García.
  • Searching for a Baby's Calabash: A Study of Arusha Maasai Fertility Songs as Crystallized Expression of Central Cultural Values by Doris Wagner-Glenn. Review by Akosua Obuo Addo.
  • Sehen - Hören - Verstehen. Musikinstrumente und Schallgeräte bei den Kusasi und Mamprusi in Nordost-Ghana by Michael Schlottner. Review by Åke Nor Borg.
  • Suoni di carta: Un'antologia sulla musica tradizionale in Calabria (1571-1957) by Goffredo Plastino; I "canti" di Raffaele Lombardi Satriani: La poesia cantata nella tradizione popolare calabrese by Antonello Ricci; Roberta Tucci; Strumenti giocattolo e strumenti da suono a Terranova di Sibari by Vincenzo La Vena. Review by Tullia Magrini.
  • Dziedzictwo europejskie a polska kultura muzyczna w dobie przemian (European Heritage and Polish Musical Culture at the Time of Transformations) by Anna Czekanowska; Ludowa praktyka muzyczna w komentarzach i opiniach wykonawców w Polsce (Folk Music Practice in Opinions and Commentaries of Performers in Poland) by Piotr Dahlig; Ludowe instrumenty muzyczne polskiego obszaru karpackiego. Instrumenty de,te (Folk Instruments in Polish Carpathian Mountains Region. Wind Instruments) by Alojzy Kopoczek. Review by Marlena Frackowski.
  • Retuning Culture: Musical Changes in Central and Eastern Europe by Mark Slobin. Review by Jane C. Sugarman.
  • Ṣūfyāna Mūsīqī: The Classical Music of Kashmir by Józef M. Pacholczyk. Review by Theodore Levin.
  • The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travels in Central Asia (And Queens, New York) by Theodore Levin. Review by Hiromi Lorraine Sakata.
  • The Rāgas of Early Indian Music: Modes, Melodies and Musical Notation from the Gupta Period to c. 1250 by Richard Widdess. Review by N. Ramanathan.
  • Jarigan: Muslim Epic Songs of Bangladesh by Mary Frances Dunham. Review by Charles Capwell.
  • Celestial Airs of Antiquity. Recent Researches in the Oral Traditions of Music 5 by Bell Yung. Review by Mercedes M. Dujunco.
  • Musical Creativity in Twentieth-Century China: Abing, His Music, and Its Changing Meanings by Jonathan P. J. Stock. Review by Su Zheng.
  • Gamelan Stories: Tantrism, Islam and Aesthetics in Central Java by Judith Becker. Review by Alessandra Iyer.

Record Reviews


  • Central African Republic: Music of the Former Bandia Courts by Marc Chemillier; Eric de Dampierre. Review by Michelle Kisliuk.
  • Escalay: Oud Music from Nubia, Hamza El Din by Daniel Grinstead. Review by Alexandre Tannous.
  • Madagascar: Antanosy Music by Victor Randrianary. Review by Andrew L. Kaye.
  • Madagascar: Awakening the Spirits: Music in Tromba and Bilo Trance Rituals by August Schmidhofer. Review by Ron Emoff.
  • Madagascar: Vocal Anthology by Victor Randrianary. Review by Robert C. Metil.
  • Mauritanian Griote: Aicha Mint Chighaly by Pierre Bois; Francis Comini; Dominique Vander-Heym. Review by Eric Charry.
  • Ngoma: Music from Uganda by Glendon Jones; Chris Zimmerman. Review by Peter Cooke.
  • Rhythms of Life, Songs of Wisdom: Akan Music from Ghana by Roger Vetter. Review by Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum.
  • Senegal: The Saoruba from Casamance by Vincent Zanetti; Laurent Aubert. Review by Eric Charry.
  • Uganda: Village Ensembles of Busoga by Peter Cooke. Review by Mark Stone.

North America

  • Coal Mining Women. Review by Adriana Helbig.
  • Cuba in Washington by Pete Reiniger. Review by Janet L. Sturman.
  • Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women by Rayna Green; Howard Bass; Matriarch: Iroquois Women's Songs by Tom Wasinger; Joanne Sheandoah-Tekalihwa khwa; Hearts of the Nations: Aboriginal Women's Voices in the Studio 1997 by Russell Wallace; Mi'kmaq Chants: Denny Family by Joel Denny; Mike Wadden; Rose Fredlund: Maseecho by Danny Schur. Review by Elaine Keillor.
  • Songs of the Old Regular Baptists by Jeff Titon. Review by Aaron A. Fox.
  • Wade in the Water: African American Sacred Music Traditions by National Public Radio. Review by Kyra D. Gaunt.
  • Voices of the Civil Rights Movement; Give Your Hands to Struggle: Bernice Johnson Reagon. Review by Travis A. Jackson.

Central America & the Caribbean

  • Angels in the Mirror: Vodou Music of Haiti by Mark Waldrep. Review by Maurea Landies.
  • The Bahamas: Islands of Song by Pete Reiniger. Review by Gage Averill.
  • Caribbean Island Music: Songs and Dances of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica by John Storm Roberts. Review by Maurea Landies.
  • Rhythms of Rapture: Sacred Musics of Haitian Vodou by Elizabeth McAlister. Review by Maurea Landies.

South America

  • The Discoteca Collection Missao de Pesquisas Folclóricas by Luis Saia. Review by John Murphy.
  • L. H. Corrêa de Azevedo: Music of Ceará and Minas Gerais by L. H. Corrêa de Azevedo. Review by John Murphy.
  • Peru and Bolivia: The Sounds of Evolving Traditions: Central Andean Music and Festivals by Norio Yamamoto. Review by Tom Solomon.
  • Sacred Rhythms of Cuban Santería by Centro de Investigacion y Desarollo de la Musica Cubana. Review by Steven Cornelius.
  • Traditional Music of Peru 3: Cajamarca and the Colca Valley by Raul R. Romero. Review by Tom Solomon.

East Asia

  • Baishibai: Songs of the Minority Nationalities of Yunnan by Zhang Xingrong. Review by Helen Rees.
  • The Peony Pavilion: Chinese Classical Opera Kunqu by Joel Beaudemont; Pierre Bois. Review by Daniel Ferguson.

Southeast Asia

  • Bali: Balinese Music of Lombok by David Harnish. Review by Michael Tenzer.
  • Betawi and Sundanese Music of the North Coast of Java by Philip Yampolsky. Review by Sean Williams.
  • Dream Songs and Healing Sounds in the Rainforests of Malaysia by Marina Roseman. Review by Marty Hatch.
  • Echoes from the Palace: Court Music of Cambodia by Teodor Octavio Graca. Review by Dusadee Swangviboonpong.
  • Java: Tembang Sunda by Joel Beaudemont. Review by Sean Williams.
  • Music of Biak, Irian Jaya: Wor, Church Songs, Yospan by Philip Yampolsky. Review by Artur Simon.
  • Musiques des Batak: Toba, Batak, Simalungun by Joel Beaudemont; Pierre Bois. Review by Charles Capwell.
  • Utom: Summoning the Spirit: Music in the T'boli Heartland by Manolete Mora. Review by Hans Brandeis.
  • Vietnam: Ca tru, Northern Tradition by Pierre Bois. Review by Terry E. Miller.
  • Vietnam: Music from Hue by Pierre Bois; Francis Comini; Dominique Vander Heym. Review by Terry E. Miller.
  • Vocal and Instrumental Music from East and Central Flores by Philip Yampolsky; Vocal Music from Central and West Flores by Philip Yampolsky. Review by David Harnish.

South Asia

  • India: Journey by Pere Casulleras; Philippe Brugiere; Manfred Junius; Julien Jauny; Roger Filipuzzi; Silvio Soave; Anthology of Indian Classical Music: A Tribute to Alain Danielou by Alain Danielou. Review by Peter Manuel.
  • Lotus Signatures: Dr. N. Ramani, Flute, and Trichy Sankaran, Mrdangam. Review by Joseph J. Palackal.
  • River Yamuna. Review by Stephen Mamula.
  • Tabla Tarang: Melody on Drums by Walter Quintus. Review by Laxmi G. Tewari.

Central Asia

  • Epics and Diaphonic Singing from Central Asia and Siberia by Jose Goncalves; Pierre Simonin; Pierre Bois. Review by Theodore Levin.

West Asia & North Africa

  • Tunisia: Anthology of Malouf, Nuba al-iraq by Radio Tunisienne; Tunisia: Anthology of Malouf, Nuba al-sika by Mohsen Matri. Review by Philip Schuyler.
  • Yemen: Songs from Hadramawt by Scheherazade Qassim Hassan. Review by Philip Schuyler.


  • Albania: Vocal Polyphonies from the Lab Country by Pierre Bois. Review by Suzanne Camino.
  • E Zezi. Gruppo Operaio (The Workers' Group)/Pummarola Black by Gianfranco Capitta. Review by Timothy D. Taylor.
  • Ireland: Traditional Musics of Today by Rionach Ui Ógáin. Review by Daniel N. Thompson.
  • Musical Traditions of Portugal by Max Peter Baumann; Tiago de Oliveira Pinto. Review by Josep Marti.
  • Sarband: Sephardic Songs in the Hispano-Arabic Tradition of Medieval Spain by Jochen Scheffer; Vladimir Ivanoff. Review by Israel J. Katz.
  • Voices of the Baltic Countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia by Gita Lancere; Service des Archives de la Radio Letone; Service des Archives de la Radio Lituanienne. Review by Elizabeth Tolbert.


  • Solomon Islands: 'Are'Are Panpipe Ensembles by Hugo Zemp. Review by Dieter Christensen.
  • Solomon Islands: The Sounds of Bamboo: Instrumental Music of the 'Are'are People of Malaita by Ronald Buaoka; Hisao Sekine. Review by Dieter Christensen.