International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 35 (2003)

The 2003 Yearbook for Traditional Music contains articles, reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites.

General Editor:  Stephen Aubrey Wild

Table of Contents


  • ‘Ethnomusicology With Chinese Characteristics? — A Critical Commentary’ by Yang Mu.
  • ‘Dhim, Kam, Cappu, Pottu: Timbral Discourses and Performances Among Temple Drummers in Kerala, India’ by Rolf Groesbeck.
  • ‘Melody and the Musical Articulation of Yolngu Identities’ by P.G. Toner.
  • ‘“A Crow Jumps On Rocks”: Indigenous Approaches to Composing and Performing Text in Lao Vocal Music’ by Adam Chapman.
  • ‘Transmission and Textuality in the Narrative Traditions of Blind Biwa Players’ by Hugh de Ferranti. 
  • ‘An Introduction to Dance Aesthetics’ by Adrienne L. Kaeppler.
  • ‘Dance Aesthetics in Traditional Romanian Communities’ by Anca Giurchescu.
  • ‘Tiwi Dance Aesthetics’ by Andrée Grau.
  • ‘Arabesques and Curvilinear Perimeters in the Aesthetics of Maritime-Malay Dances’ by Mohd Anis Md Nor.
  • ‘“Artistic” Theory of Dance in Fifteenth-century Italy’   by Barbara Sparti.

Book Reviews

  • Nettl, Bruno. Encounters in Ethnomusicology: a Memoir. Warren Michigan: Harmonie Park Press (Detroit Monographs in Musicology/Studies in Music, no. 36), 2002. Review by Oskár Elschek.
  • Woodfield, Ian. Music of the Raj: A Social and Economic History of Music in Late Eighteenth-Century Anglo-Indian Society. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000. Review by Charles Capwell.
  • Berlin, Gabriele and Artur Simon (editors). Music Archiving in the World: Papers Presented at the Conference on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv. Berlin: VWB–Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung, 2002.  Review by Mary Bucknum.
  • Meintjes, Louise. Sound of Africa! Making Music Zulu in a South African Studio. Durham & London: Duke University Press, 2003. Review by Lara Allen.
  • Valdivieso García, Esteban (editor). Patrimonio Musical. Artículos de Patrimonio Etnológico Musical  N.p.: Junta de Andalucía, 2002. Review by Enrique Cámara de Landa.
  • Sarkissian, Margaret. D’Albuquerque’s Children: Performing Tradition in Malaysia’s Portuguese Settlement. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 2000. Review by Mohd Anis Md Nor.
  • Yano, Christine R. Tears of Longing: Nostalgia and the Nation in Japanese Popular Song. Cambridge, Mass.: The Harvard University Asia Center (Harvard East Asian monographs no. 206), 2002. Review by Tôru Mitsui.
  • Miller, Lloyd Clifton. Music and Song in Persia: The Art of Avaz. Salt Lake City: The University of Utah Press, 1999. Review by Azin Movahed.
  • Buenconsejo, José. Songs and Gifts at the Frontier: Person and Exchange in the Agusan Manobo Possession Ritual, Philippines. New York: Routledge, 2002. Review by Theo Gonzalves.
  • Zuhur, Sherifa. Asmahan’s Secrets: Woman, War, and Song. Austin, Texas: The Center for Middle Eastern Studies, The University of Texas at Austin, 2000. Review by Kathleen Hood.
  • Buttitta, Ignazio E. and Rosario Perricone (editors). La forza dei simboli: studi sulla religiosità popolare. Palermo (Italy): Folkstudio Palermo, 2000. Review by Marcello Sorce Keller.
  • Touma, Habib Hassan. The Music of the Arabs (New Expanded Edition, translated by Laurie Schwarts). Portland and Cambridge: Amadeus Press, 2003. Review by Ann K. Rasmussen.

Audio Reviews


  • Chœurs royaux du Bénin: Fon-Gbé d’Abomey. 2003. Prophet Collection 33. Philips 472 505-2. Recorded and annotated by Charles Duvelle. Review by David Locke.
  • Maigisa: Songs of the Maasai. 2002. Ethnic Series. PAN Records 2087. Performed by the Ereto Maasai Women Group. Recorded by Jeroen Harderwijk and Jasja Zuidmeer. Annotated by Jeroen Harderwijk. Review by Stephen Hill.
  • Meenyirigi: Music of the Senufo and Minianka in Mali. 2000. Ethnic Series in collaboration with the National Museum of Mali and the International Institute for Traditional Music in Berlin. PAN Records 2082. Recorded by Edda Brandes. Annotated by Jean Yves Traoré and Edda Brandes. Review by Stephen Hill.
  • Siramori Diabaté: Griot music from Mali #3. 2002. Ethnic Series. PAN Records 2104. Recorded by Jan Jansen and John W. Johnson. Annotated by Jan Jansen. Review by Eric Charry.

Central America and the Caribbean

  • El Ciego Melquiades (the blind fiddler): San Antonio House Party. Arhoolie CD 7045. Performed by Melquiades Rodríguez. Annotated and produced by Chris Strachwitz. Las Hermanas Segovia. Puñaladas de Amor: Pioneers of Tex-Mex / Norteño Music. Las Raices de la Musica Tejana y Norteña. Arhoolie CD 9028. Performed by Las Hermanas Segovia. Reissue edited, annotated and produced by Chris Strachwitz. Review by Cathy Ragland.

North America

  • Alice Stuart. All the Good Times. 2002. Arhoolie CD 9034. Performed by Alice Stuart. Annotated and produced by Chris Strachwitz. Review by Timothy J. Cooley.
  • The Best of the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band. 2002. Arhoolie ARH CD 500. Annotated by the performers and Chris Strachwitz. Produced by Chris Strachwitz and the Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band.  Luderin Darbone’s Hackberry Ramblers. Early Recordings: 1935-1950. 2003. Arhoolie ARH CD 7050. Annotated by Ben Sandmel. Reissue edited by Chris Strachwitz. Sound restoration by George Morrow/The Old Masters. Review by Mark F. DeWitt.

South America

  • The State of Amazonas: Indigenous and Criollo Music from Venezuela. 2001. Ethnic Series.  PAN Records 2092. Recorded by Bartolomé Duysens, Terry Agerkop and José Espejo. Annotated by Bartolomé Duysens. Review by Robert Carroll.

Central Asia

  • Anthology of World Music: The Music of Azerbaijan. 2003. Rounder Records 82161-5142-2. Edited for the International Institute for Traditional Music. Recorded by Radio Baku. Annotated by Habib H. Touma. Review by Stephen Blum.
  • Hayastan: Tradition of Armenia. 1998. MW Ethnic Series. MW Records MWCD 5003. Recorded by Hubert Boone. Annotated by Margarit Broutian. Review by Jonathan Ray McCollum.
  • Ouzbékistan Maqâm Dugâh. Le Shash-maqâm ouzbek-tadjik / Uzbekistan Maqâm Dugâh. Uzbek-Tajik Shash-maqâm. 2002. INEDIT/Maison des Cultures du Monde W 260111. Performed by Nâdira Pirmatova, Mariam Sattarova and Abdurahim Hamidov. Recorded and annotated by Jean During. Review by Craig Macrae.

East Asia

  • Gagaku and Beyond. 2000. Celestial Harmonies 13179-2. Performed by Tokyo Gakuso. Annotated by Steven G. Nelson. Produced by ÔNO Tadaaki. Gagaku: “Gems from Foreign Lands.” 2002. Celestial Harmonies 13217-2. Performed by Tokyo Gakuso. Annotated by Steven G. Nelson. Produced by ÔNO Tadaaki. Gagaku Suites. 2002. Celestial Harmonies 13223-2. Performed by Reigakusha (directed by SHIBA Sukeyasu). Annotated by Steven G. Nelson, SHIBA Sukeyasu and MIYAMARU Naoko. Produced by NISHIWAKI Yoshinori. Review by Naoko TERAUCHI.
  • Yoshinori Fumon Satsumabiwa: Japan’s Noble Ballads. 2001. Celestial Harmonies 13207-2. Performed by FUMON Yoshinori. Annotated by Hugh de Ferranti and Thomas Charles Marshall. Produced by Thomas Charles. Review by Marshall Silvain Guignard.

Southeast Asia

  • Kong Nay. Un barde cambodgien: Chant et luth chapey / Kong Nay. A Cambodian bard: Singing and lute chapey. 2003. INEDIT/Maison des Cultures du Monde W 260112 / AD 090. Performed by Kong Nay. Recorded and annotated by Dunnara Meas. Produced by Pierre Bois. Review by Sean Norton.

West Asia

  • Anthology of World Music: The Music of Afghanistan. 2003. Rounder Records RND 51212. Edited for the International Institute for Traditional Music. Recorded and annotated by Alain Daniélou. Ustad Mohammad Omar: Virtuoso from Afghanistan. 2002. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW CD 40439. Performed by Ustad Mohammad Omar and Zakir Hussain. Produced and annotated by Hiromi Lorraine Sakata. Shirin Dahani / Sweet Lips: Music of Northern Afghanistan. 2001. Ethnic Series. PAN Records  2089. Performed by Rahim Takhari ensemble. Recorded and annotated by Jan van Belle. Review by John Baily.
  • Kurdistan Iranien: Les Maqam Rituels des Yarsan / Iranian Kurdistan: The Ritual Maqam of the Yarsan. 2002. INEDIT/Maison des Cultures du Monde W 260110. Performed by Ali Akbar Moradi. Recorded by Reza Askarzadeh. Annotated by Ali Akbar Moradi and Pierre Bois. Review by Winnie Lee. 
  • Soufis d’algérie: Mostaganem / Algeria: The Sufis of Mostaganem. 2003. Prophet Collection 31. Philips 472 503-2. Recorded and annotated by Charles Duvelle. Chant soufi de Syrie: Dhikr Qâdirî Khâlwatî de la Zâwiya Hilaliya, Alep / Sufi chanting from Syria: Dhikr Qâdirî Khâlwatî of the Zâwiya Hilaliya, Aleppo. 2002. INEDIT/Maison des Cultures du Monde W 260109. Recorded by Pierre Bois. Annotated by Arwad Esber. Maroc: L’art du samâ’ à Fès / Morocco: The Art of Samâ’ in Fez. 2002. Disques VDE-GALLO VDE CD-1104. Recorded by Ted Levin. Annotated by Azzeddine Kharachafi. Review by Michael Frishkopf.
  • The Yemen Tihama: Trance and Dance Music from the Red Sea Coast of Arabia. 2002. International Music Collection of the British Library National Sound Archive. Topic Records TSCD 920. Recorded and annotated by Anderson Bakewell. Review by Jean Lambert.

Australia and Oceania

  • Papua New Guinea (1904-1909): The Collections of Rudolf Pöch, Wilhelm Schmid,, and Josef Winthuis. 2000. Sound Documents from the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Recorded by Rudolf Pöch, Wilhelm Schmidt and Josef Winthuis. Re-recorded by Franz Lechleitner. Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften OEAW PHA CD 9. Comments by Don Niles. Music transcriptions by Erna Mack. Review by Robert Reigle.


  • Bulgarie: Chants de Nedelino, Tradition des Rhodopes. 2002. INEDIT/Maison des Cultures du Monde W 260108. Recorded by Pierre Bois. Annotated by Nikolai Kaufman. Review by Timothy Rice.
  • Lake Effect. 2002. Green Linnet Records, Inc. GLCD 1220. Performed by Liz Carroll. The Merry Sisters of Fate. 2001. Green Linnet Records, Inc. GLCD 1213. Performed by Lúnasa. Susana Seivane. 2000. Green Linnet Records, Inc. GLCD 3137. Performed by Susana Seivane. Celtic Music from Wales. 2002. Green Linnet Records, Inc. GLCD 1221. Performed by Ffynnon. Review by Rebecca S. Miller.
  • Italian Treasury: Puglia: The Salento. 2002. The Alan Lomax Collection. Rounder Records 82161-1805-2. Recorded by Alan Lomax and Diego Carpitella. Selected, compiled, researched, and edited by Goffredo Plastino. Annotated by Sandra Tarantino and Luisa Del Giudice. Review by Marcello Sorce Keller.
  • James Scott Skinner. The Strathspey King: Original Recordings of the Great Scottish Fiddle Maestro, 1905-1922. 2002. Temple Records COMD2084. Distributed in the US by Rounder Records. Performed by James Scott Skinner. Annotated by Bruce MacGregor and Alastair Hardie. Review by Peter Cooke.
  • Two Gentlemen of the Road: Jimmy Macbeath and Davie Stewart. 2002. The Alan Lomax Collection. Rounder Records 82161-1793-2. Performed by Jimmy Macbeath and Davie Stewart. Recorded by Alan Lomax and Hamish Henderson. Annotated by Ewan MacVicar. Review by Peter Cooke.

Video Reviews

  • Les Maîtres du balafon (Masters of the Balafon): (1/4) Fêtes funéraires (Funeral Festivities) (80’); (2/4) La joie de la jeunesse (The Joy of Youth) (70’);(3/4) Le bois et la calebasse (The Wood and the Calabash) (47’); (4/4) Ami, bonne arrivée! (Friend Well Come!) (26’). 2000-2001; English versions, 2002. Review by Andrew L. Kaye.
  • Noreg i dans og spel (Norway in dance and music). 2002. Council for Folk Music and Folk Dance, Trondheim. Instruction video with accompanying booklet. Review by Owe Ronstrom.

Website Reviews

  • Essay: Ethnomusicology and the Internet by Suzel Ana Reily.