International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 36 (2004)

Articles for the 2004 Yearbook for Traditional Music focus on themes from ICTM's 37th World Conference, held in Fuzhou & Quanzhou, China, in January 2004 and hosted by Fujian Normal University and Quanzhou Normal University. The guest editors for this issue are Don Niles and Tsao Penyeh. Reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites complete the issue.

General Editor:  Stephen Aubrey Wild

Table of Contents


  • ‘Some Implications of Local Concepts of Space in the Dance, Music, and Visual Arts of Aceh’ by Margaret Kartomi.
  • ‘Yuebu of the Tang Dynasty: Musical Transmission from the Han to the Early Tang Dynasty’ by Wang Xiaodun and Sun Xiaohui
  • ‘Improvisation in the Music of Korean Shamans: A Case of Degeneration Based on Examples from Chindo Island’ by Mikyung Park.
  • ‘From Spirit Possession to Ritual Theatre—A Potential Scenario for the Development of Japanese Kagura’ by Terence Lancashire.
  • ‘Cueing Up: Situating Power on the Tahitian Stage’ by Jane Freeman Moulin.
  • ‘Serenading the Ancestors: Chinese Qingming Festival in Honolulu’ by Frederick Lau.
  • ‘Looking Both Ways: GI Songs and Musical Exoticism in Post-World War II Japan’ by Minako Waseda.

Book Reviews

  • Rouget, Gilbert. Initiatique Vôdoun. Chants et danses initiatiques pour le culte des vôdoun au Bénin. Vol. I, Images du rituel, Vol. II, Musique du rituel. By Gerard Behague.
  • Magrini, Tullia ed. Music and Gender: Perspectives from the Mediterranean. By Katherine Hagedorn.
  • Żerańska-Kominek, Sławomira. The Tale of Crazy Harman: The Musician and the Concept of Music in the Türkmen Epic Tale, Harman Däli. By John Morgan O’Connell.
  • Johnson, Bruce. The Inaudible Music: Jazz, Gender and Australian Modernity. By Craig Macrae.
  • Sutton, R. Anderson. Calling Back the Spirit: Music, Dance and Cultural Politics in Lowland South Sulawesi. By Michael Tenzer.
  • Moisala, Pirkko and Beverley Diamond eds. Music and Gender. By Deborah Wong.
  • Castelo-Branco, Salwa El-Shawan and Jorge Freitas Branco, eds. Vozes do Povo: a Folclorização em Portugal. By Josep Martí.
  • Ramsten, Marta, ed. The Polish Dance in Scandinavia and Poland. By Paula Savaglio.

Audio Reviews

Cross-regional collections

  • The Hidden Gate: Jewish Music around the World. 2003. By Mark Slobin.


  • Bissa du Burkina Faso: musique vocal et instrumentale. By Stephen Hill.
  • The King’s Musicians: Royalist Music of Buganda—Uganda. By Lois Ann Anderson.
  • Música Chope de Moçambique / Chopi Music from Mozambique. By Stephen Hill.

Central America and the Caribbean

  • Los Campesinos de Michoacán de Salvador Baldovinos. By George Torres.

North America

  • The Carrière Brothers: Old Time Louisiana Creole Music; The Best of Clifton Chenier: The King of Zydeco and Louisiana Blues. By Mark F. DeWitt.

Central Asia

  • Asie centrale. Musique des Ouïgours: Traditions d’Ili et de Kachgar / Central Asia. Music of the Uighurs: Traditions of the Ili and Kashgar. By Craig Macrae.

East Asia

  • Nihon ongaku marukaziri. By Terence Lancashire.

South Asia

  • Anthology of World Music: The Music of Pakistan. By David Henderson.
  • Jaltarang and Santur. By David Henderson.
  • Music of the Sherpa People of Nepal, 1: Shebru Dance Songs from the Everest Region; Rai Songs and Rituals; Master Drummers of Nepal: Auspicious Drumming Traditions of Bhaktapur. By Pirkko Moisala.
  • South India. O.K. Subramaniam: Nâgaswaram in the Carnatic Tradition. By David B. Reck.

Southeast Asia

  • Bali South: Gamelan Gong Kebyar and Gamelan Angklung. By David Harnish.

West Asia

  • Afghanistan: Female Musicians of Herat / Musiciennes d’Hérat. By Hiromi Lorraine Sakata.
  • Haydar Haydar: Masters of Turkish Music. By Robert Labaree.
  • Iran – Khorassan: L’Histoire de Tāher et Zohre / Iran – Khorassan: The Tale of Tāher and Zohre. By Stephen Blum.
  • Sabâ kâr-ı nâtık, ilâhîler, Gregorian Hymns. 2001. By Robert Labaree.
  • Shabdiz (Dark as Night). By Niloofar Mina.

Australia and Oceania

  • Adeus and Aloha: The Portuguese Heritage of Hawai‘i. By Susana Sardo.
  • Admiralty Islands (Papua New Guinea): Bipi and Manus. By Robert Reigle.
  • Muo Remé: Dance of the Cassowary. Anthology of Music from West Papua, #1. By Don Niles.


  • Singing in the Streets: Scottish Children’s Songs. By Peter Cooke.

Video Reviews

  • Chulas fronteras (Beautiful borders);  Del mero corazón (Straight from the heart): Love songs of the southwest;  J’ai été au bal (I went to the dance). By Helena Simonett.

Website Reviews