International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 37 (2005)

Articles for the 2005 Yearbook for Traditional Music are divided in two sections, one concerning musical instruments and metaphor, and another devoted to musical development in Southeast Asia. Reviews of books, compact discs, and websites complete the issue.

General Editor:  Stephen Aubrey Wild

Table of Contents


Musical instruments and metaphor

  • ‘Tropes of Longing and Belonging: Nostalgia and Musical Instruments in Northeast Arnhem Land’ by P.G. Toner.
  • ‘On Metaphor and Analogy in the Concepts and Classification of Musical Instruments in Aceh’ by Margaret Kartomi.
  • ‘Symbolic and Social Transformation in the Lute Cultures of Crete: Music, Technology and the Body in a Mediterranean Society’ by Kevin Dawe.
  • ‘The Search for the Sound of the Pūtōrino: “Me te wai e utuutu ana”’ by Richard Nunns and Allan Thomas.
  • ‘Playing with Meaning: Perspectives on Culture, Commodification and Contestation around the Didjeridu’ by Fiona Magowan.

Musical developments in Southeast Asia

  • ‘Teletubbies in Paradise: Tourism, Indonesianisation and Modernisation in Balinese Music’ by David Harnish.
  • ‘“Religion Never Had It So Good”: Contemporary Nasyid and the Growth of Islamic Popular Music in Malaysia’ by Margaret Sarkissian.

Book Reviews

  • Reily, Suzel Ana. Voices of the Magi: Enchanted Journeys in Southeast Brazil. By Samuel Araújo.
  • Helen Reeves Lawrence, ed., Don Niles, technical editor. Traditionalism and Modernity in the Music and Dance of Oceania: Essays in Honour of Barbara B. Smith. By Yamaguti Osamu.
  • Guss, David M. The Festive State: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism as Cultural Performance. By Heather Diamond.
  • Lortat-Jacob, Bernard and Miriam Rovsing Olsen, eds. L’Homme: Revue française d’anthropologie, 171-172. Musique et Anthropologie. By Alessandra Ciucci.
  • Iguchi Junko, translated by Lin Qi. Zhongguo beifang nongcun de kouchuan wenhua: shuochang de shu, wenben, biaoyan (Oral Traditions of Rural Northern China: Text and Performance in Narrative Music). By Chan Sauyan.
  • Ramnarine, Tina K. Ilmatar’s Inspirations: Nationalism, Globalization and the Changing Soundscapes of Finnish Folk Music. By Carl Rahkonen.
  • Jones, Jennifer J. The Theory and Practice of the Music in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Papua New Guinea. By Brian Diettrich.

Audio Reviews


  • Cap-Vert: Batuco de L’île de Santiago/Cape-Verde: Batuco from Santiago Island. By Katherine J. Hagedorn.
  • Ghana: Traditions en mutation/Ghana: Changing Traditions. By Faith Conant.
  • Gumboot Guitar: Zulu Street Guitar Music from South Africa. By Angela Impey.
  • Lamelofones de Moçambique e Angola. By Claire Jones.

Central America and the Caribbean

  • Rastlin’ Jacob: The Music of the Spiritual Baptists of Trinidad. The 1939 Trinidad Field Recordings of Melville and Frances Herskovits. By Shannon Dudley.

North America

  • Buddy MacMaster: Cape Breton TraditionThe Dusky Meadow: Donald MacLellan with Doug MacPhee. By Jonathan Dembling.
  • The Hodge Brothers. Bogue Chitto Flingding: Old Time Mississippi Country Music. By Chris Goertzen.
  • Texas, USA. John Burrus, Cowboy Songs and Country Hymns. By Chris Goertzen.

South America

  • Tierra del Cacao: Afro-Venezuelan Music and Dance; Sabor a Cacao / The Taste of Cocoa. Son de Chuao: Afro-Caribbean Percussion Music from Venezuela’s Cocoa Coast. By Robert Carroll.

East Asia

  • Walking Shrill: The Hua Family Shawm Band. By Helen Rees.

South Asia

  • Drumming and chanting in God’s own country: the temple music of Kerala in South India. By David Reck.
  • Kerala (Inde du Sud/South India): Le chant des Pulluvan/Pulluvan Songs. By David Reck.
  • The Prince of Love: Vocal Art of North India. By Richard Widdess.
  • Qambel Māran: Syriac Chants from South India. By Richard Widdess.
  • Sidi Sufis: African Indian Mystics of Gujarat. By Peter Cooke.

Southeast Asia

  • Music of Laos: The Buddhist Tradition; Musiques du Laos: Traditions des Khmou’, Oï, Brao, Lao, Phou-noï, Kui, Lolo, Akha, Hmong et Lantene / Music of Laos: Khmou’, Oï, Brao, Lao, Phou-noï, Kui, Lolo, Akha, Hmong and Lantene Traditions. By Adam Chapman.  
  • Homrong: Classical Music from Cambodia. By Sean Norton.


  • Italian Treasury: Piemonte and Valle D’Aosta. By Marcello Sorce Keller.

Website Reviews