International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 38 (2006)

Articles for the 2006 Yearbook for Traditional Music focus on themes from ICTM's 38th World Conference, held in Sheffield, UK, in August 2005 and hosted by the University of Sheffield. The guest editors for this issue are Svanibor Pettan and Jonathan P.J. Stock. Reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites complete the issue.

General Editor:  Don Niles

Table of Contents


  • ‘Revivals on the Edge: Northumberland and Cape Breton—A Keynote’ by Burt Feintuch.
  • ‘War in Rapanui Music: A History of Cultural Representation’ by Dan Bendrups.
  • ‘Applied Ethnomusicology in the Process of the Political Recognition of a Minority: A Case Study of the Austrian Roma’ by Ursula Hemetek.
  • ‘Hardcore Muslims: Islamic Themes in Turkish Rap in Diaspora and in the Homeland’ by Thomas Solomon.
  • ‘Research on Early Notations for the History of Tōgaku and Points of Scholarly Contention in Their Interpretation’ by Allan Marett.
  • ‘The Kolijani Ritual Event on the Island of Krk, Croatia: Continuity or Revival?’ by Tvrtko Zebec.
  • ‘“He’s Not a White Man, He’s a Small Bird Like You and Me”: Learning to Dance and Becoming Human in Southern New Ireland’ by Paul Wolffram.

Book Reviews

  • McNeil, Adrian. Inventing the Sarod: A Cultural History. By James Kippen.
  • Alan Lomax. Selected Writings, 1934–1997. Edited by Ronald Cohen. By Chris Goertzen
  • Olsen, Dale. The Chrysanthemum and the Song: Music, Memory, and Identity in the South American Japanese Diaspora. By Minako Waseda.
  • Levin, Theodore, and Valentina Süzükei. Where Rivers and Mountains Sing: Sound, Music, and Nomadism in Tuva and Beyond. By Mark van Tongeren.
  • Wolf, Richard. The Black Cow’s Footprint: Time, Space, and Music in the Lives of the Kotas of South India. By Amanda Weidman.
  • Ruth Davis. Ma’lûf: Reflections on the Arab Andalusian Music of Tunis. By Jonathan Shannon.
  • Statelova, Rosemary, ed. Bulgarian Musicology 29/3: Cultural Spaces in Dialogue. By Angela Rodel.

Audio Reviews

Cross regional collections

  • The Western Sephardi Liturgical Tradition as Sung by Abraham Lopes Cardozo; The Hasidic Niggun as Sung by the Hasidim; Oh, Lovely Parrot! Jewish Women’s Songs from Kerala. By Joel E. Rubin.


  • Ewe Drumming from Ghana: The Soup Which Is Sweet Draws the Chairs in Closer. By David Locke.
  • Niger: Musique des Touaregs / Music of the Tuaregs. Vol. 1: Azawagh; Niger: Musique des Touaregs / Music of the Tuaregs. Vol. 2: In Gall. By Philip Schuyler.

Central America and the Caribbean

  • Out of Cuba: Latin American Music Takes Africa by Storm. By Katherine Hagedorn.

North America

  • Raul “El Ruco” Martínez: “Dueto Alegre” Isidiro López: 15 Original Hits.By George Torres
  • The Roots of the Narcocorrido. By Cathy Ragland.
  • Sacred Steel Instrumentals. By Jeffers Englehardt.

South America

  • Amjёkĩn: Música dos povos Timbira / Music of the Timbira Peoples; Utãpinopona Basamorĩ / Utãpinoponaye: Tuyuka Dance-songs. By Anthony Seeger.
  • Bordón Tramao: Joropos and Parrandas from Venezuela. By Robert Carroll.

Central Asia

  • Luman Seidjalilov: Legend of Crimean Tatar Music. By Craig Macrae.

West Asia

  • Anthology of World Music: Lebanon. By A. J. Racy.
  • Iran—Le dotâr du Khorassan / Iran—The Dotâr of Khorassan. By Stephen Blum.
  • Voices from the Land of Iran: An Anthology of Vocal Techniques and Styles. By  Stephen Blum.


  • The End of the Millennium in the Romanian Village; Peasant Brass Bands from Moldavia: Zece Prăjini; Outlaws of Yore (I); Outlaws of Yore (II); Romanian and Hungarian Music from Central Transylvania; Romanian, Ukrainian, and Jewish Music from Maramureş; Gypsy Music from Transylvania; Roma and Gypsies from the Village of Gratia, Teleorman; Old Music from North Moldavia. By Marin Marian-Bălaşa.
  • Viryavakay: Oh Mother, Protectress of the Forest. Song and Melodies of the Mordva. By Jeffers Englehardt.

Video Reviews

  • Faka Pasifika—The Pacific Way: Dances from the South Pacific for Children and Adults. By Jane Freeman Moulin.

Website Reviews

  • “… and the Goddess Loves Music”: Kshetram Vadyam—The Ritual and Ritual Music of Kerala, South India. Recordings and text by Rolf Killius, with assistance from Jutta Winkler. By Erin Stapleton-Corcoran.
  • The Astonishing World of Musical Instruments / Les instruments du musique: Un monde étonnant! By Hwee-San Tan.
  • The Pontic Music Home Page. Produced by Leigh Cline Cheryl. By A. Tobler and Victor A. Vicente.
  • Marimbalafon: The Most Comprehensive Reference Point for the Xylophone, Marimba, and Balafon. By  Julie Strand.
  • Holy Week in Campanha / A Semana Santa em Campanha. Produced by Suzel Ana Reily. By Mary Angela Biason.