International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 39 (2007)

The 2007 Yearbook for Traditional Music contains articles, reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites.

General Editor:  Don Niles

Table of Contents


  • ‘Musical Faces of Croatian Multiculturality’ by Naila Ceribašić.
  • ‘The Zorn Trials and the Jante Law: On Shining Musically in the Land of Moderation’ by David Kaminsky.
  • ‘“Global Folk Music” Fusions: The Reification of Transnational Relationships and the Ethics of Cross-Cultural Appropriations in Finnish Contemporary Folk Music’ by Juniper Hill.
  • ‘Déjà Vu? Folk Music, Education, and Institutionalization in Contemporary England’ by Simon Keegan-Phipps.
  • ‘Musical Multiplicity: Emerging Thoughts’ by Mark Slobin.
  • ‘The “Invisible” Dimension of Zorba’s Dance’ by Magda Zografou and Mimina Pateraki.
  • ‘Turning Points: Has Ethnomusicology Lost Its Way?’ by Mervyn McLean.
  • ‘SamulNori, Wŏn-Pang-Kak, and Cosmological Didacticism’ by Nathan Hesselink.

Book Reviews

  • Bohlman, Philip V. Focus: Music, Nationalism and the Making of the New Europe. By Marcello Sorce Keller.
  • Gilbert, Shirli. Music in the Holocaust: Confronting Life in the Nazi Ghettos and Camps. By Bruno Nettl.
  • McLean, Mervyn. Pioneers of Ethnomusicology. By Timothy Rice.
  • Ziegler, Susanne. Die Wachszylinder des Berliner Phonogramm-Archivs. By Raymond Ammann.
  • Marett, Allan. Songs, Dreamings, and Ghosts: The Wangga of North Australia. By Richard Widdess.
  • Bakhle, Janaki. Two Men and Music: Nationalism in the Making of an Indian Classical TraditionBy Gordon Thompson.
  • Hesselink, Nathan. P’ungmul: South Korean Drumming and Dance. By Joshua D. Pilzer.
  • Rossen, Jane Mink, and Uri Sharvit. A Fusion of Traditions: Liturgical Music in the Copenhagen Synagogue. By Joel E. Rubin.
  • Buonomo, Pia Srinivasan. Il raga che porta la pioggia. By           Laura Leante.

Audio Reviews

Cross-regional collection

  • The Collection of Abraham Zvi Idelsohn (1911–1913). By Joshua R. Jacobson.


  • Éthiope: Les chants de bagana / Ethiopia: Bagana Songs. By Cynthia Tse Kimberlin.
  • Nigeria. Musique Haoussa: Traditions de l’Émirat de Kano / Nigeria; Hausa Music: Traditions of the Emirate of Kano. By Bode Omojola.
  • Senegal. Nalanke Pular (A Fulbe Griot): Birame N’Diaye. By Eric Charry

Central America and the Caribbean

  • Baithak Gana Sung by Dhroeh Nankoe: Songs from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Surinam. By Peter Manuel.

North America

  • Amalia! Old Greek Songs in the New Land, 1923–1950. By Michael G. Kaloyanides.
  • Tamburitza! From the Balkans to America: 1910–1950. Hot String Band Music. By Mark Forry.

South America

  • Ilê Omolu Oxum: Cantigas e Toques Para os Orixás. By Vincenzo Cambria.
  • Jarana’s Four Aces (Los cuatro ases de la jarana): Vocal Duels from the Streets of Lima. By Michelle Bigenho.
  • Walzenaufnahmen aus Brasilien, 1911–1913 / Gravações em cilindros do Brasil, 1911–1913. By Samuel Araújo.

Central Asia

  • Turkestan chinois. Le muqam des Dolan: Musique des Ouïgours du désert de Taklamakan / Chinese Turkestan. The Muqam of the Dolan: Music of the Uighurs from the Taklamakan Desert. By Rachel Harris.

East Asia

  • Alili: Multi-Part Folksongs of Yunnan’s Ethnic Minorities, Parts 1 and 2; Nanwoka: Multi-Part Folksongs of Yunnan’s Ethnic Minorities, Parts 3 and 4. By Rachel Harris.

South Asia

  • Rivers of Babylon: Live in India! By Edwin Seroussi.
  • Sidi Goma: Live in India! By Peter Manuel.
  • Voices for Humans, Ancestors and Gods: A Musical Journey through India’s Interior (East and North-East). By David B. Reck.

Southeast Asia

  • Indonésie, Java Centre. Gamelan de Solo: Le jeu des sentiments / Indonesia, Central Java. Solonese Gamelan: A Garland of Moods. By Marc Perlman.

West Asia


  • Musique de l’époque abbaside: Le legs de Safiy a-d-Dīn al-Urmawī / Music of the Abbasid Era: The Legacy of Safiy a-d-Dīn al-Urmawī. By Owen Wright.
  • Women of Egypt, 1924–1931: Pioneers of Stardom and Fame. By Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco.


  • 1951 Edinburgh People’s Festival Ceilidh. By Peter Cooke.
  • Gaelic Songs of Scotland: Women at Work in the Western Isles. By Peter Cooke.
  • Grèce. Koumpania Xalkias: Musiciens traditionnels d’Épire / Greece. Koumpania Xalkias: Traditional Musicians of Epirus. By Michael G. Kaloyanides.
  • Serbie: Mémoire tsigane / Serbia: Romany Musical Heritage. By Mirjana Laušević.

Video Reviews

  • Googoosh, Iran’s Daughter. By Stephen Blum.
  • Koto: Praise on Strings. By Anne Prescott.
  • Marcel Khalife—Voyageur. By Kristina Nelson.
  • From Africa to India: Sidi Music in the Indian Ocean Diaspora. By Roderic Knight.
  • Sketches of Kerala. By Rolf Groesbeck.

Website Reviews

  • Sketches of Kerala. By Rolf Groesbeck.
  • Rajan P. Parrikar’s Hindustani Raga Articles. Produced by Rajan P. Parrikar. By Matthew Rahaim.
  • World History Sources. By Nicholas Poss.
  • Follow the Drinking Gourd: A Cultural History. Produced by Joel Bresler. By Cheryl A. Tobler.
  • Paisajes sonoros de Venezuela. Produced by Carlos Suárez; Escoitar. Produced by a collective of changing personnel. By T. M. Scruggs.
  • Calypso: A World Music—An Exhibition of Photographs and Illustrations of the International History of Calypso, 1930–1970. Organized by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. By Jean Joubert Mendes.