International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 43 (2011)

The 2011 Yearbook for Traditional Music contains articles, reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites.

General Editor:  Don Niles

Table of Contents


  • ‘Music, Dance, and Behaviour in a New Form of Expressive Culture: The Romanian Manea’ by Anca Giurchescu and Speranţa Rădulescu.
  • ‘Binzasara: Music and Dance at Sensōji in Edo/Tōkyō’ by Gerald Groemer.
  • ‘Voices from “Under-the-Garland”: Singing, Christianity, and Cultural Transformations in Chuuk, Micronesia’ by Brian Diettrich.
  • ‘Musical Efficacy: Musicking to Survive—The Case of the Pygmies’ by Gilbert Rouget.
  • ‘Rethinking Musical Instrument Classification: Towards a Modular Approach to the Hornbostel-Sachs System’ by Stéphanie Weisser and Maarten Quanten.
  • ‘Uniqueness Re-examined: The Vietnamese Lute Đàn Đáy’ by Gisa Jähnichen.
  • ‘Change at the International Istanbul Music Festival’ by Leslie Hall.
  • ‘The Representation and Performance of African Music in German Popular Culture’ by Florian Carl.

Book Reviews

  • Bohlman, Philip V. Focus: Music, Nationalism and the Making of theNew Europe. By Marcello Sorce Keller.
  • Wang Ling 王玲. Yinyue tuxiangxue yu Yunnan minzu yinyue tuxiang yanjiu 乐图像学与云南民族音乐图像研究 [Music iconology and music iconography among the peoples of Yunnan]. By Xiao Mei.
  • Castelo-Branco, Salwa, ed. Enciclopédia da Música em Portugal no Século XX. By Rafael José de Menezes Bastos.
  • Alge, Barbara. Die Performance des Mouro in Nordportugal: Eine Studie von Tanzdramen in religiösen Kontexten. By August Schmidhofer.
  • Moore, Robin. Music in the Hispanic Caribbean: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture. By Rolando Antonio Pérez Fernández.
  • Mendívil, Julio. Ein musikalisches Stück Heimat: Ethnologische Beobachtungen zum deutschen Schlager. By Maurice Mengel.
  • Rowe, Nicholas. Raising Dust: A Cultural History of Dance in Palestine. By Tvrtko Zebec.
  • Wergin, Carsten. Kréol Blouz: Musikalische Inszenierungen von Identität und Kultur. By Helen Hahmann.
  • Santana, Josué, and Edis Sánchez. La música folclórica dominicana. By Angelina Tallaj.
  • Bouët, Jacques, Bernard Lortat-Jacob, and Speranța Rădulescu. À tue-tête: Chant et violon au pays de l’Oach, Roumanie and Stoichita, Victor Alexandre. Fabricants d’émotion: Musique et malice dans un village tsigane de Roumanie. By Colin Quigley.

Audio Reviews

Cross-regional collection

  • Irish Pirate Ballads and Other Songs of the Sea. By Aileen Dillane.


  • The Time of Bells 3: Musical Bells of Accra, Ghana. By Trevor Wiggins.

Central America and the Caribbean

  • Judeo-Caribbean Currents: Music of the Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue in Curaçao. By Timothy Rommen.

North America

  • The Best of Mance Lipscomb. By Jeff Todd Titon.
  • Pete Seeger: American Favorite Ballads. By Caroline Bithell.

South America

  • Maiteí América: Harps of Paraguay.. By Gregory J. Robinson.

South Asia

  • Indian Music Today: Masters of Raga and Tala Featured at the Concertgebouw. By Laura Leante.

Southeast Asia

  • Birmanie: Musique du théâtre classique / Burma: Classical Theatre Music. By Robert Garfias.
  • Indonésie: Chants des îles de Flores et Solor / Indonesia: Songs from the Islands of Flores and Solor. By Margaret Kartomi.


  • Bäuerliche Volksmusik aus Südtirol 1940–42: Originalaufnahmen zwischen NS-Ideologie und Heimatkultur / Peasant Folk Music of South Tyrol 1940–42: Original Recordings Bridging Homeland Culture and Nazi Ideology. By Philip V. Bohlman.
  • Roumanie: Musiques festives du Gorj / Romania: Festival Music from Gorj. By Marin Marian-Bălaşa.
  • Outsinging the Nightingale: Lost Treasures of Bulgarian Music: 1905–1950; The Sound of the Balkans: Remastered from Original 78s. By Irene Markoff.
  • Blodeugerdd: Song of the Flowers: An Anthology of Welsh Music and Song. By Stephen Rees.

Video Reviews

  • Hanoi Eclipse: The Music of Dai Lam Linh. By Dale A. Olsen.
  • The Feast-Day of Tamar and Lashari. By Lauren Ninoshvili.
  • Treasure of the Lisu: Ah-Cheng and His Music. By Sonja Lynn Downing.
  • Angry Drummers: A Taiko Group from Naniwa, Osaka, Japan. By Wynn Kiyama.
  • Chinese Shadows: The Amazing World of Shadow Puppetry in Rural Northwest China. By J. Lawrence Witzleben.

Website Reviews

  • Review Essay: Ethnomusicology and the Use(fulness) of the Internet in 2011. By Barbara Alge.
  • Music: Cape Breton’s Unity in Diversity. Produced by the Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University. By Katherine Brucher.
  • Open Planet of Sound (opOs). e-learning project of the University of Basel, Switzerland. By Marc-Antoine Camp.
  • Music of the Ancestors: A Study of the Traditional Instrumental Music of the Iatmul of Papua New Guinea. Multimedia disc. Written and produced by Gordon D. Spearritt.. By Kirsty Gillespie.
  • International Library of African Music (ILAM). Produced by Diane Thram and Elijah Madiba, in association with Rhodes University. By Luciano Caroso.
  • British Library Archival Sound Recordings. By Frances Wilkins.